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July 31, 2009

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more exposure oh yes! i forgot to mention.. make sure to glance at the *new advertising page for lots of good info.  more options, more perks, new rates and a whole slew of ways to get featured! let me know if you have any questions.  can’t wait to hear from you!


attila design

July 31, 2009

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hi lovelies!  thought i would leave you daydreaming about a bedroom like this for the weekend.  wouldn’t you just sleep better knowing you were underneath these whimsical apple trees? i’ve got a duvet cover that’s covered in trees, that will have to keep me going for now.  hope you all have a great weekend, and i will see you back here on monday!


grow food

July 30, 2009

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grow food art

this year has been my first attempt at a sized-for-two organic victory garden, and, other than the occasional wounded tomato due to a hungry critter- so far so good!  right now i’ve got squash, cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, green peppers and some okra.

happy homestead

we do what we can to eat and be sustainable, so even though we are technically in the city limits- we snuck in a few laying hens (shhh).  yes, they all have names and keep us quite entertained..

plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

aren’t these the cutest windowsill planters you’ve ever seen?  i love the little chalkboard surface for the name of the plant.  and, wouldn’t you just have to have these to use with them?

i’ve been needing something to *spice up my windowsill herbs- these garden markers would be just perfect.


finally, this happy garden tote was featured in real simple magazine, and is now on etsy! must have must have..

how does your garden grown?


etsy savoir faire

July 29, 2009

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etsy shop help

ok let’s face it.  even though we may not admit, we are all a bit addicted to etsy. starting this week, home to roost will feature a weekly post on etsy savior faire: that is, etsy know-how.  it’s a seemingly endless topic, and if you have specifics that you would like to learn more about- you can comment here or leave your suggestions in the comment box (i’m very proud of our latest feature- look left!).

as our first etsy savior fair post- let’s tell all those people who don’t have etsy shops (or who have never heard of etsy? gasp.) why they’re missing out.  etsy is your place to buy and sell all things handmade- seriously.. all things.  here are some quick stats for etsy’s june, 2009 marketplace:

  • $12.8 million of goods were sold
  • That represents 787,692 items sold for the month
  • 1,315,547 new items were listed in the month
  • 157,000 new members joined the etsy community in the month
  • 484,227,357 page views were recorded on the site this month

and that’s just for june- did you catch that? the little ‘ol month of june.

opening a shop on etsy is inexpensive and easy to set up- that means really low overhead.  it gives your products face time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to anyone around the world: a bit more than that 9-5 brick and mortar on the corner of main and 5th.  dealing with customers is easy and efficient, and you can even be in your pj’s while you do it.  the best part of all? it’s a like minded community of either handmade artisans or handmade supporters, who are all there to help each other out.  no one is ‘out to get you’ or give you a hard time, and it’s by far the most supportive community i’ve ever been a part of.

here’s a great article by etsy’s own blog, the storque, to help you out some more. it would even be a great one to slip on the desk of your friend who just has to get on etsy!

we’ll be meeting here, every wednesday, to dive deep into all the ways you can promote your etsy shop and increase sales.  please leave your own advice or testimonies for all the newbies out there!

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comment box

July 28, 2009

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new blog stuff

love this and hate that? i want to hear about it!  this post is where you can leave all of your comments and feedback.  of course, you can always send me an e-mail, but here you can compile all of your ideas and suggestions.  i will be keeping up with all of them and work hard to implement your ideas and answer your questions.

let me know if you would you like to see more of something, learn about anything new, or have ideas for new posts.  i want to know what you like, what you don’t like, what you want more of, and all your suggestions and thoughts. use this as your free expression wall- and hold nothing back! can’t wait to hear from you!

the comment box will be going home to roost’s ongoing project, you can post as often as you like!


new looks

July 28, 2009

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hi lovelies!  i’ve been working on some new looks for going home to roost, and i want your opinion!  i’ll be updating some things all week, and would soo love some feedback.  first off, tell what you think of these before and afters: (i promise you won’t hurt my feelings!)


hometoroost before


htr after

also, notice the new {comment box} on the left?  check back later today to find out what it is and how to use it!

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hi lovelies! did you have a good weekend? i did, but i’m a little slow this monday morning!  so, i thought i would bring you some eye candy, rather than lots of reading.. sound good?  trampoline sells vintage goodies and her photography has me in awe.  the obvious time she puts into these treasures make for what i think are simply breathtaking images.  hope you enjoy!

milk glass collection

apothecary jar

mix and match mugs

the way things were and are

vintage ringware and pottery vase

lucky number seven letterpress stamp

vintage german lab glass beaker

happy birthday banner

vintage round lab boiling beaker


thanks to the lovely Ez over at creature comforts, i discovered the new e-magazine, utterly engaged.  of course, it suits the engaged wonderfully, but i think it can be interesting and a huge source of inspiration for those of us who are pre or post the engaged stage in our life!  today, i’m bringing you a weekend diy project of these adorable napkin rings.  simple, easy and oh so classy..

napkin ring4

napkin rings 5

napking rings 2 napkin rings3

what do you think, do you like them?  make sure to leave comments and e-mail pictures if you get crafty this weekend, i would love to see and share your photos- have a lovely weekend!

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