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hello!  well, i just want to say- thank you to everyone for all of your support!  i’m so excited- this has all been totally a dream come true!

for now, i’m taking a (small) break from etsy- to do what? talk about etsy!  today we’re going to discuss craft cult– have you been there? other than being totally addictive- it’s an *incredible tool for both shop owners and buyers.  the heartomatic tool is great for shop owners and the vault is a great tool for buyers- however, both can be invaluable to everyone!craft cult 4

the heartomatic feature allows anyone to put in their own (or anyone else’s) shop name and see all relevant info at a glance.  shop hearts, item hearts, time of day, sales, items, feedback- you name it, it’s there!  for shop owners, this is a great tool to see who’s hearting what and when.  then all you have to figure out is why!

craft cult-1

did you find a peculiar spike in views on a particular item?  all you have to do is head over to the ‘featured’ tab to see if you or any of your items were featured that day- on the homepage, in the gift guides, or in etsy’s blog the storque. so simple!craft-cult 3ok- moving on to the vault!  what an awesome feature- it’s s an archive of all the home page featured lists. talk about eye candy! not to mention food for the obsession- as well as endless inspiration!

craft cult-5finally, you can even draw up some graphs called heart charts to see all the activity going on in your shop- with a click of a button you can see who’s hearting- whether they’re buyers or sellers, female or male, and a whole slew of other useful information.

so shop owners: get to craft-culting and find out some great info that will help you know your buyers.  and, buyers: go check it out and get to window shopping!


  • I’ve used Craft Cult a few times & it has so much great info!

  • Can’t believe I don’t know about this! Thanks so much for sharing. I think I’ll be having some fun with this this afternoon!

  • Ditto what Melanie said- shocked I don’t already know about this site! It’s amazing. Thanks so much for posting this!

  • I’m so glad I found your blog! I just started on Etsy a few months ago and I’m trying to find all sorts of ins and outs and you seem to have them all here! Thanks for sharing this info.

  • Ohhh what an amzing site. I have been away from etsy for a while but planning a come back for this winter. I am going to be using craft cult this time around. :)

  • I check craftcult several times a day, haha, but wow! Look at all those hearts! I guess being the featured seller helps a bit huh. :P

  • I use Craft cult almost daily – it’s a big part of taking my shop’s temperature and seeing where and what parts of my business need my attention each day!

  • I had no idea this existed – yay, thanks for the tip!!

  • it’s me again…just checked it out…so super easy to use, awesome tool!

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