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etsy shop help

i know for many of you this isn’t the case, but for me- this will be my first holiday selling season on etsy (eeks!).  i’m not really sure what to expect, so i’ve been trying to keep ‘up to date’ on all the holiday going ons over at etsy.  in all my reading, i ran across this article and thought it was really helpful.

floppy wool skirt

november is officially here and it doesn’t seem like the big box stores can pack up their leftover halloween decor quick enough- in order to make room for the christmas ‘stuff’ (what about thanksgiving?).  yesterday they adorned every light pole in town with a glowing snowflake.  you know what that means… the holidays are coming!

grey faux suede leather handbag

early november is just about the right time to start preparing your etsy shop and sketch out your marketing plans for the holidays.  etsy has released that their merchandising focus for november will concentrate on holiday gift-giving. and, they shared with us a list of topics that they will be focusing on through the month (below).

grey romantic gloves

during the  month of november- etsy will be focusing on ::

  • dia de los muertos: bright colors, skulls, international motifs, and party decor.
  • seasonal, harvest, holiday, and winter home decor: candles, baskets, furniture, tabletop, quilts, blankets, pillows, storage solutions, rugs, windows, lighting, bedding, and bath.
  • items made from or incorporating rich and raw sturdy fabrics, fibers, and yarns: cashmere, industrial felt, silk, raw silk, wool, burlap, and canvas.
  • autumn and winter entertaining leading up to thanksgiving: creative and unique tabletop accoutrement, dinnerware, glassware and bar, table linens, food for your feast, centerpieces, invitations, menus, and hostess gifts.
  • winter fashion: warm layers, boots, bags, accessories, jewelry, legwear, and emerging industry trends.
  • autumn and winter weddings: attire, decor, invitations, favors, and gift ideas.
  • holiday gift-giving: mothers, fathers, teens, children, coworkers, friends, the person who has everything, the host or hostess, pets, personalized and custom gift options, stocking stuffers. November is your time to shine with items that would make great gifts. Plan ahead and be sure to include why your item makes a great gift and who it might be for in the item description.
  • paper goods: holiday card sets, thank you card sets, invitations, 2010 calendars, gift tags, and favors.
  • cyber Monday: Cyber Monday is a shopping occasion gaining a reputation as the best day of the year to find sales while shopping online. We’ll be hosting a special Cyber Monday promotion November 30 for sellers interested in participating. Stay tuned for details as we get closer to November including how to participate as a seller.
  • november trends: woodland, tribal, wintry motifs, metallics, winter hues of gem tones, reds, whites, silvers, greens, and blues. Vintage objects repurposed into decor and storage solutions along with eco-friendly options are topping the trends this season.
  • citrine is november’s birthstone, and november’s astrological signs are scorpio and sagittarius (october 24 – november 22: scorpio and november 23 – december 21: sagittarius).

coffee time fabric coasters

my suggestion?  if any of these fit your shop (or have the potential to)- take it and run with it!  etsy wants the artists to interpret each of the above themes in your own artistic voice.  for the ones that you can, try to relate the theme in you listing, photos, shop announcement, descriptions, tags, titles, sales promotions and any other way you can think of.  use the key words you know etsy is looking for- and they will find you!

1950s charcoal striped pencil skirt

furthermore, if you hone in on a few specific themes you know etsy is looking for, make sure to stock up on them and think about shipping deadlines etc.  whether you make some new items to fit in or already have items that fit- now it the perfect time to revamp your tags, titles & descriptions.  did i say pay attention to you tags, titles and descriptions?

lucia- leather and herringbone spats

important dates in november to prepare your shop for:

  • November is known as Real Jewelry Month, Peanut Butter Lovers Month, and Aviation History Month.
  • November 1: Dia de los Muertos
  • November 1: All Saints’ Day
  • November 11: Veterans Day
  • November 16: Button Day
  • November 20: Twilight, New Moon Movie Premiere
  • November 26: Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is October 12)
  • November 27: Black Friday
  • November 30: Cyber Monday

mum clutch grey

do any of you have holiday experience, advice or tips? please share w/ us in the comments section!  xo, bonnie

do your homework :: {november with friends and family}


  • Great Etsy finds! Thanks for highlighting the Twilight premiere, I am a hopeless fan (whos a little to old)! Now I need to get those midnight tickets….

  • This is lovely. You really pulled together some wonderful textures and designs. Great finds! And thank you!

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