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hi lovelies!  today’s etsy savoir faire is kinda short- but i think really cool.  have you heard of the handmade movement? it’s a way to support indieprenuers and etsians- and who doesn’t need a little bit of support?

trees & bird

two days a week, and etsy shop with few or no sales is announced on the site.  as many people as possible then buys items from that shop- resulting in a frenzy of surprise and an etsian singing hallelujah.

natural driftwood candle holder

michael phipps who created handmade movement offers this advice: “i’m often asked how shops are chosen as “victims” of the attacks. first and foremost, no one should volunteer to be at the receiving end of a sneak attack. that’s about the best way to NOT be chosen. it wouldn’t be a “sneak attack” then, would it?! the shops need to have few or no sales, have been around for at least two weeks (preferably longer), they need to have some recent activity evident in their shops, and they need to have a good amount of quality, affordable products. we sadly pass by a lot of shops because they have blurry or dark pictures, incomplete descriptions, or nothing has been added or renewed for months.

hand printed holiday cards

since the end of september, handmade movement has sponsored 67 attacks on a total of 81 shops, resulting in 973 sales- resulting in about $6000 worth of products! you can read a few of the sneak attacked etsians stories at the bottom of this storque post.

do your homework :: {handmade movement} {sneak attacks by the handmade movement} {faqs} {past sneak attack list}


  • i am really enjoying these posts! sneak attack is just one more example of how amazingly supportive the etsy community can be. it’s so nice, :) !

    • aw thanks caroline! yes, isn’t it wonderful to be a part of such an amazing community?

  • Sneak attacks?!! I love that, a bit like guerilla gardening (where secretly I plant bulbs in public places to brighten them up, hehe). I hope one day I’m attacked!! Haha, I am the worst person in the world for advertising my photos.

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