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ok let’s face it.  even though we may not admit, we are all a bit addicted to etsy. starting this week, home to roost will feature a weekly post on etsy savior faire: that is, etsy know-how.  it’s a seemingly endless topic, and if you have specifics that you would like to learn more about- you can comment here or leave your suggestions in the comment box (i’m very proud of our latest feature- look left!).

as our first etsy savior fair post- let’s tell all those people who don’t have etsy shops (or who have never heard of etsy? gasp.) why they’re missing out.  etsy is your place to buy and sell all things handmade- seriously.. all things.  here are some quick stats for etsy’s june, 2009 marketplace:

  • $12.8 million of goods were sold
  • That represents 787,692 items sold for the month
  • 1,315,547 new items were listed in the month
  • 157,000 new members joined the etsy community in the month
  • 484,227,357 page views were recorded on the site this month

and that’s just for june- did you catch that? the little ‘ol month of june.

opening a shop on etsy is inexpensive and easy to set up- that means really low overhead.  it gives your products face time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to anyone around the world: a bit more than that 9-5 brick and mortar on the corner of main and 5th.  dealing with customers is easy and efficient, and you can even be in your pj’s while you do it.  the best part of all? it’s a like minded community of either handmade artisans or handmade supporters, who are all there to help each other out.  no one is ‘out to get you’ or give you a hard time, and it’s by far the most supportive community i’ve ever been a part of.

here’s a great article by etsy’s own blog, the storque, to help you out some more. it would even be a great one to slip on the desk of your friend who just has to get on etsy!

we’ll be meeting here, every wednesday, to dive deep into all the ways you can promote your etsy shop and increase sales.  please leave your own advice or testimonies for all the newbies out there!


  • Hooray! As an Etsy store owner for almost 6 months now (with zero sales), I think any advice will be helpful. I’ve read almost everything on Storque and a few others blogs that have weekly features about Etsy selling … having another unique perspective on the world of Etsy is fantastic.

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