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so many people love buying on etsy because the buying process can be so unique and so personal.  from your shop name to your policies to your packaging, your buyers will greatly appreciate a personable you.

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your shop name may be one of the most important decisions you make.  mainly because once you create your account, there’s no turning back on your name!  your name should be personable, sensible, easily remembered and easily googled.  for instance, a name like ‘yoga bags’ is going to bring up a whole slew of other yoga results before they bring up your etsy shop.  also, when creating your account, FabricFarmersMarket reads much easier than fabricfarmersmarket- don’t you think?  capitalizing the first letter of the words helps break the name of your shop to be more easily read.

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buyers want to get to know you.  a great way to start this process is by having a personable profile, policies and shop announcement.  don’t make it too long, but make it you.  being genuine will put your buyers at ease and make them want to not only get to know you more, but also support you!

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blog blog blog. i know, it’s everywhere.  but!  having a personal blog to post about your process and share more about yourself can be an invaluable way to help your customers get to know you better.  the great thing about etsy is that people care.  they would love to learn more about you and your process.  if you don’t have time for a blog (gasp) a facebook fan page can also be a *great way to share more about you and your process! it’s like an effortless mini-blog!

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lastly, your packaging leaves the last impression. make it memorable and make it unique.  there’s nothing like a piece of adorable snail mail with a hand written thank you note included!

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