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let’s face it. though emails and e-cards are great, there’s nothing like getting a personal letter or package in the mail.  more and more cyber mail means snail mail is that much more special, right?  as an esty seller, it’s really important to dress to impress! fun, lovely or unique packages will not only be exciting to open, but will stick in the memories of all of your buyers.

pretty as a package

getting unique packages is like getting little christmas presents, everyone has fun feasting their eyes on pretty little packages made just for them!  this is your time to shine, stand out from the big box stores, and let everyone know that buying handmade has serious perks.

here are some things to think about.  try to dress up your package.  stickers, stamps, colorful tape, stitches or even markers will let your buyer know that you put extra thought into their purchase.  also, giving a few freebies, little as they may be are always a crowd pleaser- and are very memorable.

photo credit :: danielle

consider including a discount card or two with their purchase as well, and never forget your business card.  i try to always give at least two discount cards, in hopes that they will use one for themselves and give one away to a friend.  little perks and pretty packages really do make a difference and drastically increase your chances of gaining returning customers and new customers by positive word of mouth.

htr packages


here is how i do my packages for home to roost.  i have fun dolling up the outside and include a little envelope with a few freebies, my business card, a personal thank you note and their discount cards.  want to know the most beneficial discovery i’ve made? instead of buying envelopes, i head to the dreaded big box store and buy a few rolls of that recycled brown packaging paper.  one roll is about 40″ wide and 15 feet long, and it only costs $1.59!!  i cut and make all my packages from it by sewing up the sides. you could even use all those brown paper sacks from the grocery store you have (i know you try to remember your reusable ones..)!  it’s easy, quick, inexpensive and ads that extra touch of handmade goodness!

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  • Thanks for this post, it was really helpful! I’ve been trying to think of ideas for for creative packaging, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I love that you make your own, and they look really cool.

  • OH MY GOSH! Your packages are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the tips, I am definately going to take your advice!

  • Your packages are really wonderful! I’ve got to try sewing up some of my own now :)

    • WOW love all three of your blogs ladies! yes, try it and let me know how it goes! i really do think that extra minute or two it takes to sew them up is worth the savings! xoxo, bonnie

  • Your packages are the most beautiful packages I’ve seen!

  • I LOVE your packaging!! What a splendid idea! And I agree, getting something in the snail-mail box is like Christmas!

    • yes, snail mail is my favorite. :) what happen to the good old days? ha!

  • Oh Bonnie!! I’m gonna have to order something from your site just to get it in one of those adorable packages!! Great idea!! So cute!

    • hey lindsay! lol i can make yours extra special. :) so glad i finally found your blog- love it!

  • I love your craft paper packaging! I am considering doing this for my business. Have you had any complaints from the USPS or the people recieving the packages? How do they hold up in the mail?

    • hi amie! i’ve never had any complaints, and they have always showed up looking good! hope you give it a try! :)

  • oh i love these!!

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