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so what’s all this talk about seo? what is seo? seo stands for ‘search engine optimization’ and their are a number of things you can do to improve your website’s optimization.  in other words, improving your seo will improve a search engine’s (think google, yahoo, etc) ability to find you on the web- which in turn directly improves the chances of other people finding you and your website!  today we’re going to talk specifically about how to improve your etsy shop’s seo.

the beatles google love

most of search engine’s seo work is done through meta data which consists of three parts: the page title, meta description and meta keywords.  the page title is what shows up at the very top of any web page (at the very tippy top of this page you’ll see ‘going home to roost’ in the header bar).  the ‘page title’ format for etsy pages is: [username] on etsy – [your shop title].  a search engine gets this information from your page title.  the page title and meta description are both visible on search engine’s results page, and though the meta keywords are not visible, they are used by search engine’s to find results.


i’ll use my shop as an example above: your shop title appears just below your shop banner and is your ‘page title’.  your shop announcement is your ‘meta description’ and your categories are used as your ‘meta keywords’.


see? if you do a google search for ‘home to roost + etsy’, my shop appears, with the page title and the first bits of my shop announcement (meta description) right in place.  therefore, you can change these to fit exactly what you would like searching shoppers to see about your shop- remember, first impressions always count!

which way to love

use your shop title wisely- make it short and sweet, and what you most likely think your customers will search for.  a brief ‘this is what i sell’ is usually the best title to catch potential shopper’s eyes.  to edit your shop title, go to ‘your etsy’ then ‘appearance’.

vintage wilson steampunk goggles

so, the first bit of your shop announcement is the most important.  you want to open here with your ‘hook’ (remember all of those thesis’s from school?).  you’ve got between 140 and 180 (depending on the search engine) characters to describe what you sell and hook the searching shopper into wanting to click on the link to see more.  to edit your shop’s announcement go to ‘your etsy’ then ‘appearance’.

i see london’s underpants

etsy automatically uses your shop sections as your website’s meta keywords.  so, if you make lots of home goods, it might be a better idea to section your shop with ‘pillows’ and ‘dog beds’ rather than with ‘for your cushy couch’ and ‘furry friends’- does that make sense?  people are more likely to search for simple words like pillows and dog beds.

blue pillow

you can also take seo to your individual shop items (woohoo!).  as you can see above, your item’s title stands for your ‘page title’.  the first few sentences (remember 140-180 characters) stands for your meta description, and your tags stand for you ‘meta keywords’. that’s not so bad is it?  you can edit all of your item’s details when you first list an item, or by going to ‘your etsy’ and then ‘edit’ on the items you wish to update.


here’s another great article by etsy on google pagerank tips, specifically for your shop. let me know if you have any questions, and get busy increasing your shop’s seo!!


  • Great article! Even having been a blogger for almost 5 years, I still get messed up on SEO at times. Having a guide just for setting up an Etsy shop is uber hepful :)

  • I’m working on my Etsy store’s SEO at the moment. Thanks for this very helpful article.

  • This is so helpful and generous of you. Thanks!

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