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making a banner for your etsy shop can be a bit of an overwhelming task at first- but after this post (hopefully!) you’ll be able to make one with ease!  before we get to the nitty gritty- let me show you some of my favorite banners first.

how to make an etsy shop banner

katy daisy does a great job here with the wheatfield by setting the tone for her shop.  her banner coordinates with the shop and gives you a sneak peek of what’s to come!

how to make an etsy shop banner

lorasea intrigues the viewer with this banner.  not giving too much information but just enough to get you curious and clicking for more!

how to make an etsy shop banner

rust belt threads gives you bold and bright- and it certainly catches the eye.

how to make an etsy shop banner

lost and fawned’s banner is straightforward and simple.  simplicity in itself can sometimes be the  most intriguing- leaving you wanting more.

how to make an etsy shop banner

be happy now gives you insight into their shop and what you can expect.  a great way to show off your best work and let the people know what’s coming!

how to make an etsy shop banner

city light photograhpy is simple. elegant. timeless.

how to make an etsy shop banner

finding a photo or scanning one in and then cropping it to fit (760 x 100 pixels) can be an easy way to get the look you want- without much hassle. {shop :: photographic artwork}

holiday etsy shop banner

the house of hearts did a wonderful job with their fun banner.  banner’s that change with the season and/or annoucnes a sale you have is eye catching, fun and a wonderful marketing technique.

pendant etsy shop banner

simply taking a picture and then cropping it to size can be a useful, easy, and fun way to get exactly what you’re looking for in a banner. {shop :: miniature rhino}

no matter how you get your banner- it can be an important step in setting up you shop.  your avatar is just as important as well- because it’s seen on every page of your shop as well in the forums, workshops and the like.  your banner is also shown on your facebook page if you use the my etsy facebook application.

here’s a quick tutorial that you can use to make an easy (and free) shop banner- as well as an avatar!

how to make an etsy shop banner

boston handmade offers this great tutorial :: ‘how to make and etsy shop banner’.

how to make an etsy shop banner

etsy for everyone offers this tutorial on how to design a banner using power point.

and a few helpful forum posts can be found here: ‘how to make a banner without a fancy program’ and here: ‘how to make a banner using picnik’

how to make an etsy shop banner

etsy offers a free banner generator– which is a great way to get started!

how to make an etsy shop banner

and, you can always use one of etsy’s free banners to help promote your sale or announce that you’re on vacation.

how to make an etsy shop banner

etsy member catherinetterings offers a few free christmas banners on her blog :: catherinetterings.

finally- here is a list of some free image editing websites:

picasa – free photo editing software from google

picnik – online photo editing service

aviary – web-based photo editing with lots of fun tools

gimp – free image editor, alternative to photoshop

last but not least!  if you still don’t feel comfortable creating your own- do a simple search for ‘etsy shop banners‘ on etsy to find tons of designers that will make one for you!

hope this helps!  please share any advice or extra links you have in the comments!

xoxo, bonnie


  • Thank you so much for including my banner in your blog post! I am going to keep my eye on your blog for sure.

  • Thank you for featuring my banner!

  • Thanks for this…my banner is just plain jane…have been wanting to play around…now I know what to do!

    By the way – I have always LOVED your banner…did you do it yourself? Noticed your cute holiday version as well!!

    • hey jes! acutally i love your banner! simple, chic and cute!

      and thanks- i did make mine! i have illustrator but usually just revert to the good ‘ol print shop to work on things since i know it better. i used a mix of clipart, my own creations (birdhouse haha), print shop and (to resize and add the mistletoe). also, love love love for fresh new fonts!

  • thanks Bonnie…I do love my logo…have felt maybe my banner needed something more…but now that you say what you said…my products are simple and cute (if I do say so myself, ha!) so maybe the banner is just right :)

    I am so impressed you did your own banner – really, impressed!!!

    and, just checked out – I am going to end up spending hours looking around that site in the near future!

  • it took me a while before getting my banner right. Now I really like it, but I think you are right when mentioning that changing banners when you have a special sale etc is an excellent marketing tool. As soon as I have enough time, I will work on that! but I guess I should focus on having more items in the shop first :p
    thanks for the post!

  • Etincelle – just took a peek at your shop…the colors you use are so lovely…the shades of pink and orange are eye catching!

    • i agree with jes etincelle! love your banner- and your shop for that matter!

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