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today’s post was inspired by yellow!


so i don’t know that i’ve ever admitted this… but one reason i love doing etsy savoir faire posts is that it makes me research and learn so much more about etsy!  today’s topic is one that i had never really taken the time to learn about.  weekend deals.  you know those great emails you get in your box every weekend, just how to you get included??

yellow ribbon

well, it’s easier than i thought! each weekend, etsy posts a weekend deals post on the storque.  all shops are welcome to participate so get ready!

soft birthdays

you’ve probably noticed that each weekend deals email has a bit of a theme.  either on a certain category or season like ‘scary’, ‘holidays’ etc or on a type of promotion like ‘free shipping’.  luckily, etsy makes it easy for us to find out what will be coming up for each weekend!  all the upcoming themes can be found in the promotions section of the forums by searching “weekend deals.”  each promotion thread will have a date and a theme in the title and this is where etsy shop owners should post their promotion that corresponds w/ etys’s theme and date.

midsummer night’s dreams

etsy selects all the weekend promotions from these forum threads.  you can post in as many relevant threads that you like and you can participate as often as you like!

vintage bird slip skirt

if you’re shop or product is selected, etsy will send you a convo to let you know that you will be featured.  that way you can prepare!  even if you’re not selected, etsy may include you in the weekend deals gift guide, but you’ll have to check as they don’t notify you for this.

ethnic jacquard

lastly here are some great tips straight from etsy:

  • etsy collect deals early in the week, so try to plan ahead and post your upcoming deal before the wednesday of the upcoming weekend (that’s today!).
  • pasting a link to an item included in your promotion always helps.
  • plan your sale ahead of time and show off the best promotion you are offering.
  • etsy always looks to highlight special team sales or community driven site-wide promotions in these articles, so be sure to post and let us know the details of these types of sales.
  • as with each of the curated areas on etsy, they look to highlight shops with excellent product photography (remember this post!)
  • be sure to post the details of your weekend deal in your shop announcement during the appropriate weekend so shoppers can take advantage of your sale with ease.

hope this helps! do you have any advice or experience with weekend deals?

do your homework :: {how to participate in weekend deals} {weekend deals forums}


  • your blog is so lovely, the atmosphere and the soft colors are beautiful.
    thank you for featuring my scarf , it’s an honor !!
    many thanks! linor

  • Another great post! I just submitted my first weekend deal & plan to hold them frequently from now on :)

  • I didn’t even know about this! Honestly, I’m learning so much from your posts! Thanks so much for doing this!

  • I have you to thank! After reading this post, I went and researched (using your links) the Weekend Deals on Etsy and I’ve been selected as one of the featured sellers! So I thank you over and over again for taking the time to write your Etsy Savoir Faire posts, because I’ve honestly learned so very much from them!

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