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happy monday!  how was your weekend?  ours was wonderful but quite rainy.  we enjoyed good company at a birthday part on saturday and yesterday ended up being very productive as well.  after church, david and i had a comical day filled of honey-do’s.  i was busy sewing on a new batch of aprons (viewable later today!) and watching hgtv while the mister installed deadbolts on the doors while listening to the decemberists.  with the hammering, music, sewing machine and tv on (and the occasional frustrated yell from the hub- who knew it would take 4 hours to add a lock to the door?) it was quite noisy around here!  we had fun having a totally stereotypical married couple day.

shop eco friendly

i’m excited to introduce a new shop to you today! my friend eva halkias has been working hard to open a brand new online shop where you can purchase with peace of mind.  green rainbow is stocked full of beautiful eco-friendly, recycled, homemade & vintage products.  she just opened last week so i though we could all spread the love by sharing her incredible shop with the people we know.  in addition to the products, she also features a section for eco tips and links so shopping there becomes a learning experience as well! you’ll even be able to see my pillows there soon!  by shopping green we’ll all be able to keep seeing the beautiful colors of the rainbow- so go check it out and spread the word!

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have you all been reading young house love?  if you’re looking for design, decor, diy projects and home renovation, this blog is loaded with inspiring projects, useful information and tons of the ‘can-do’ spirit!

pssst! you might want to tune in to ace of base’s ‘the sign‘ to continue with this post!

from gathered inspiration from a recent NYC trip…

the lovely sherry & john whipped these two signs up right on there home computer.  that’s right- and just printed them from their home printer on regular ol’ paper.

after some magic aging techniques and mod podge.. (check this post for step by step instructions).


voila!  two beautiful, chic, diy and totally affordable art pieces!


if you want to check out more of young house love’s delicious diy’s- visit a few of their other homemade art projects: making a magazine monogram, whipping up custom pet art, making free inspiration art, using chalk for freehand wall decor, painting pop art over old art, and creating a bunch of other cheap wall art.

have a lovely weekend!  xoxo, bonnie

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is it really friday already?  this week has flown by for me! but it has been a good one, has it been good for you?  today i’m going to spread some love by sharing a few diy projects that i found around the blogosphere this week.  i think you’ll really enjoy them!


first off is this *amazing hand made deer head from love, natalie!  i’ve been looking for just the right one to add to our home, and this has sealed the deal!  it comes from a book called dorm decor (not just for dorms!) and you can find it pretty easily (and cheaply) from amazon.  i think that my mom has this one at her sewing shop, and since i’m going in today i’ll check it out for you! hopefully i’ll be able to get back to you with an update on it later today.  meanwhile, head over to love, natalie to see how she created hers!


well bummer.  she’s out of dorm decor.  but, i’ve put a few on order so maybe we can re-visit this next week? who knows, maybe i’ll have even made one by then!

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“where the handmade world comes together to celebrate making things!

think alpine sewing.
downhill woodworking.

pairs cooking on ice!
and all of the other amazing things folks in the handmade world do + make + create every day!

oh what a wonderful handmade world we live in!“

have you all visited rikrak studio lately?  they are hosting a 2010 handmade olympics!  there are 8 fun events to enter and for each of them, you can nominate both yourself and another shop, blog or handmade item.  nominations end january 31st and after the {amazing} judges post a short list of their 10 favorites, everyone will begin to vote on february 8.  there are some amazing prizes and fun to be had, so get over to rikrak studio for all of the details and to start nominating! have fun!

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1. push 2. neva 3. twilight blue 4. untitled

is this artist not unbelievable? her work stuns me.  she’s captured each of these women so beautiful and looking at them makes me feel so pretty and feminine.  artist leigh viner started selling her work in 2003 and is now working on fashion design- oh boy!  she also has a fabulous blog, so go have fun visiting her world!

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etsy shop help

let’s talk finances! tax season is just around the corner, so i thought it time to start easing into to the money mindset.  we’ll start simple though, don’t worry!

singing in the rain umbrella

this article about business growth by amandadailyworth outlines the reasons why you should carefully separate you personal finances from you business finances.  as i did, i’m sure many of you started your etsy shop as a hobby, as a way to ‘get your toes’ wet and see how things went.  however, soon the sales start rolling in and you are now in need of a website, business cards, more supplies, and maybe you’re even some advertising around the web.

doll parts print

a simple, free and very important step to take is to open your own business bank account.  this way, you won’t be dealing with a tangled account of not really knowing what money is going where, let alone where it came from.  when it comes to tax season, it can take days to filter through one account, trying to separate it into your personal and business expenses.

happy bunny

sharing one account for your personal and business expenses will not only make taxes difficult, but will also make proving your income difficult.  when you’re revenue goes into the family account and your using a personal credit card for your business expenses, you can see how quickly confusing it can get.  and, if you’re planning on buying a new home or getting a loan from your bank- it is essential to be able to prove your income.

kitchen aid mixer felt coasters

you should know that it’s time to open a separate account when you start to loose track of how much money is going in or out.  when your budgeting gets overwhelming and you start to loose track of your receivables.  you need to run reports to see your expenses vs. your income but you can’t because the data is all mixed together.  before you get to this very frustrating and time consuming point- consider opening your own account.

two hundred two – hand sewn silk mobile

ready to get started? first visit your bank and open a free business checking account.  get a separate credit or debit card to use for only business-related expenses.  and, i think it’s a good idea to keep your paypal account separate as well.  if you don’t know how to do the bookkeeping yourself, consider hiring an accountant to manage it.  having monthly profit-&-loss statements at your fingertips is invaluable.  the first step in having a successful shop is understanding your finances and which areas are performing well.

1950 barra randonneur bike print

speaking of finances, daily worth is a free daily personal finance email for women.  they deliver practical tips, empowering ideas  and the occasional kick in the pants!  you can sign up here, and also peruse their website for a number of great articles regarding finance.


have you ever noticed that you can download your sales data, right from etsy?  go to ‘your etsy’ then ‘sold (orders)’ then scroll down to the bottom to find where you can easily download all of your sales data to help ease the task of managing your finances.

lambswool elephant – eco friendly

finally, have you heard of it’s a free website to help you manage your money.  you can divide all of your expenses into categories, budget your money, find savings, and start to understand your finances better.

what is your advice? do you have any tricks or suggestions on how to better manage your finances? please share with us in the comment section!

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1. homage to lilith fair 2. coucou…i see you… 3. the story of the ugly duckling 4. caught in stardust and wonderlust

this shop has intrigued me since the very first time i saw it.  what creatively captivating work she does.  her shop’s welcome says it all:

“The poetic beauty of each piece is well worth your time to see. I hope that they can provide a renewed sense of quietude to your heart, mind and soul. So…let your spirit take flight in the beauty and awe of your own imagination.”

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i had the pleasure of running across amber’s sweet shop, olive some day, and fell in love!  it’s full of little adornments and all of them are captured so beautifully.  she also has a fabulous blog, appropriately named, she can’t decide.  what a perfect name! i can never decided either- i jump from hobby to hobby and never know what my next creative endeavor will be.  if all of this isn’t enough, she’s got two other adorable etsy shops {funkey finds} & {it’s bella} and has even converted her husband to owning a shop! wow. p.s. don’t you love this lavender wall?

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