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February 26, 2010

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we meet another friday! we’re off to greenville again this weekend- and i’ll be busy catching up on some sunshine and good reading.  i just got my ‘spring reading’ books this week and i’m so eager to get started on them!

my reading list: less is more, keeping bees, simply in season, beekeeping, the backyard homestead, fresh from the farmers market

keeping bees & beekeeping

why beekeeping? that’s a good question.  i read a snippet about it lately and next i knew i was in the beekeeping section in barnes and noble.  after that? the checkout line.

simply in season & fresh from the farmers market

i’m always looking for new in-season recipes, i’m excited to start folding some doggie ears!

the backyard homestead & less is more

i’ve heard really good things about the backyard homestead, so i planning to start with that one.  plus, i’m itching for spring and yard work so this will really get me motivated! have you heard of less is more? it’s a compilation of articles written by sustainable, positive-thinking writers.  it’s supposed to be a real pick-me-up!

have you read any of these?  what are your spring must-reads?

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what time is it? may 28th.

February 26, 2010

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may 28th

may 28th is by designer latvian and is based out of toronto.  i just love the way these watches make me feel- all urban and spring like.  wouldn’t you like to sport one this summer?  i love the feminine, retro and geometric design of them all, perfect to jazz up a comfy outfit.

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etsy shop help

today we’re going to talk about maintaining success, (or achieving it!) and some small measures that are easily-forgettable, that really do make a difference!

{side note: today’s post is inspired by spring!!}

rain drops poster print

the importance of connecting can really never be overstated.  networking both online and offline can easily provide the biggest boost of traffic and sales to your shop.  nothing spreads faster than word of mouth!

small measures:

* make it known that you welcome convos and make it a point to convo others that you like- even if it’s just to say hello!

* make a habit of tweeting, facebooking and hearting your favorite shops and items.

* participate in the forums and curate treasuries.

* be personable in your convos and in your profile, let us get to know you!

* join a team.

resources: {how to join a team} {how to make a treasury} {offline networking}

hand-printed classic white cotton napkins- spring and whimsy

ever feel like the lights are on but nobody is home?  make a point to keep your shop up to date and be pro-active with everything that goes on there.  one thing that makes etsy so different is the how ‘at home’ buyers feel.  it’s a place where you can really get to know other like-minded people, find support and build real relationships- make sure you don’t miss out!

small measures:

* make sure that your profile, shipping policies are up to date.

* make a point to reply to convos as quickly as possible.

* send an immediate thank you to any buyers and let them know you got their order and when it’s suppose to ship.

* maintain relevant info (i.e. vacation, sales,  and important announcements) up to date in your shop announcement.

resources: {making it personal with descriptions} {tell your story}

mother – archival print

make sure your shop can be easily found.  their are so many easy steps you can take to help your consumer (and etsy!) find you.

small measures:

* make sure you titles, tags and descriptions are all correctly labeled and very informative.
* think like a buyer!
* recheck your spelling and then check it again.  if something is misspelled, all chances of someone finding you through a search are lost.
* never get comfy with your shop, always look for ways to improve your info and your photos!

are you tired of hearing about photography yet? the most important thing you can do to get recognized, increase sells and get face time on blogs and etsy’s homepage is have incredible photos.

small measures:

* create a ‘theme’ and general feel to your shop. this way, you can make your buyer feel like they just walked in to a real brick and mortar.
* always use natural light and simple backgrounds.
* take a class, e-class or read a book on simple photography skills.

the tree in the summer

have the best customer service.  this is one of the best ways to encourage repeat buyers.  remember everyone likes to feel appreciated and important.

small measures:

* read this article by etsy. (that’s an easy one!)
ok… and maybe this one.

yellow rabari tea towel

become available.  your buyers want to get to know you and one of the best ways to accomplish that is to create a presence around the web.

small measures:

* create a twitter account.
* create a facebook fan page.
* start a blog.
* create a flickr account
* then, list them all in your profile!
ok, i know this last one was a doozy, but you can do it, i promise!

resources: {twitter tutorial} {creating a facebook fan page} {etsy’s guide to blogging}

protector print 8×10

how about you?  what small measures do you take to maintain your success?

xoxo, bonnie

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Ninainvorm ceramics and screen prints

ninainvorm is the featured seller over at etsy, i couldn’t help but make sure you saw her work!  the color, design and presentation all just jump out at me- and i feel like any one of her pieces would cheer up a room.  aren’t they beautiful?

nina is an interior designer & crafster from the netherlands and works with ceramics, screen printing and collages.  all are bright and happy pieces and have definitely just been added to my wish list! ;)

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away today!

February 24, 2010

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{untitled by donna}

hi lovelies!  i just wanted to pop in to say hello.  i came to asheville last night to have a girl’s night (we’re talking pjs, homemade lasagna and pictionary here!) but, they are having trouble with their internet connection today, so i haven’t been able to post the usual! we snuck away to a coffee shop so that i could at least let you know-  i was missing all of you! anyways, check back tomorrow for today’s posts as well as an etsy shop help post.  i hope you all have a lovely day!

xoxo, bonnie


diy :: thrift store frames

February 23, 2010

tdiy thrift store frames

you’ve probably gathered by now that i’ve got a thing for 1) old frames, 2) white paint & 3) diy projects.  whelp- this one combines all three!  i’ve got old frames all over my house, and i’m estimating that i didn’t spend more than $15 on all of them put together.  it’s amazing what you’ll find if you just do a little thrifting!

diy thrift store frames

i used valspar spray paint (found at most hardware stores) to turn these ol’ frames into some of my favorite pieces around the house.

here’s the how to:

1) give your frames a good cleaning (i used simple green and a dry cloth), and let dry.

2) most frames will benefit greatly if you use a primer like this one (half way down, #65054), which helps the top coat stick better, cover better and go on smoothly.

3) after the primer has dried, spray paint with a high gloss white paint (i used valspar gloss in white).  let dry completely (only takes a few hours!) and your ready to start displaying them.

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fine art photography

i happened across love . laugh . believe photography the other day, and just loved the feeling that it gave me.  she brings such a peace and loveliness to everyday items which made me look at everything a little bit differently.  her still images remind me to notice the details in life and how important it is to love, laugh and believe.

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candied fabrics

the lovely artist candy glendening is a textile artist who works exclusively with fabric she dyes herself.  the outcome? beautifully colored quilts, journals, scarves, bags, art and more!  you can read her inspirations on her blog, browse her shop and simply drool over her gallery. please join me in welcoming, candied fabrics!

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