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etsy shop help

while wholesaling your products may not be for everyone, when done correctly it can be a great benefit and wonderful experience.  today we’re going to talk about how to get you started wholesaling and some things you should consider before you do.

twitter birds decal

let’s first talk about why you might be interested in wholesaling, and the difference between that and consigning.  wholesaling your product means you fill medium to large sized orders for another company at a discounted rate and get paid up front.  consigning means you send items to a company/store and get paid only as they sell your item.  there are benefits and negatives to both but the main benefit to wholesaling is that you get paid up front which leaves out a lot of the guess work.

sweet cafe 5×5 print

now let’s talk about the 3 p’s: products, pricing and policies. first of all, it’s important to have a number of items that you can easily make multiples of.  you’ll most likely have to reproduce the items you wholesale time and time again, so make sure your materials and your processes and uphold that.  products that have mass appeal and aren’t season specific usually do the best.

easter egg lasso necklace

pricing: you’ll have to make sure that your retail prices are high enough to allow you to offer wholesale.  your wholesale cost should be discounted enough to allow your venue to make money as well as cover the costs of your materials and your time.  pricing your products will be the trickiest task.  as your prices need to remain in line with your competitors as well as make wholesaling worth your effort.  many sellers offer their products at 50% off their retail, but for handmade artists, that’s usually not feasible, especially since many of us don’t charge enough for our products in the first place. also remember, that the venue may be able up their retail price which may help both of you out.

pretty in pink -free shipping- 5×7 art

policies: it’s important to come up with a set of guidelines and policies for your wholesale accounts.  outline what you expect, your shipping policies (who pays for what) and who is responsible for damaged goods.  whether your items get lost in the mail or someone robs their shop and steals everything, it’s good to figure out who’s reliable for what from the beginning. also outline whether or not you’ll accept refunds and or exchanges and the timeline and conditions for both.

peekaboo by schmooks

putting together an order form and general wholesale packet for interested retailers is a great idea and will further your professionalism in the industry.  having an outline of what you offer and their prices that includes an easy to follow order form will help the experience run smoother.

mini cup turquoise/green

benefits of wholesale: though it may seem a bit crazy to offer large quantities of your products for less money, wholesaling definitely has it’s benefits.  first off, if you’re able to put the time in, it’s a great way to up your total sales amount and therefore, profit.  having a few continuous wholesale accounts can do wonders for keeping you afloat during hard times.  it’s also a great way to get your gain brand exposure and reach many more potential markets.  being in a cute little shop in a big city will allow a completely different set of consumers find you goods.

rowhouses – limited edition screen print

now that you know more about it, just how do you land a few wholesale accounts? often, by simply putting a statement in your shop welcome, profile and/or policies section of your shop stating that you accept wholesale orders will do the trick.  if you want to be a little more proactive, you can research a number of potential businesses and simply email them and ask!  having a professional packet of your wholesale info will be extremely beneficial.  also, try not to mass email, but rather make it personal and let them know that you’ve done your research.  along with your packet, include who you are, your credentials (homepage hits, blog features and etsy sales!) and some photos of your items, then the waiting game begins! (don’t you hate waiting on return e-mails?).

glass reflections – flowers in a bottle fine

as mentioned before, wholesaling isn’t for everyone.  it can be time consuming and may not work with your particular business, especially if you only offer one-of-a-kinds.  it can also be worth experimenting with, so everyone will have to feel it out for themselves.

pastel picture frame from barn wood

do you have any advice on wholesaling?  what’s been your experience?

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jennifer causey photography

i recently discovered this very accomplished photographer, jennifer causey.  she grew up in the south and is inspired by simplicity, the handmade, nature and organic farms.  no wonder her work spoke to me!  they each have such an elegant stillness to them, don’t you find them peaceful? you can see the entirety of her work on her website, and she offers prints, post cards and notebooks in her shop, simply photo.

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i love coffee {and honey}

March 30, 2010

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i love coffee. in fact, i’m sipping on my second cup right now.  and, i have to admit, i’m a sugar and cream kinda a gal.  the hub won’t touch my coffee as he thinks it’s nothing but a blob of sugary goo.  i’ve tried to drink it black, but i just can’t. you know i’ve been reading those beekeeping books?  there’s a point to this, i promise.

{coffee pot with wallpaper}

for now, i think the only think i got out of those (extremely) interesting books, is how good honey is for you!  i knew honey was healthy and that local honey would help your allergies but i had no idea that it had so many ‘healing’ properties.  there are all these studies showing how traditional beekeepers never get diseases like arthritis and the like, and they think it’s because of the honey and the bee’s stings.  i’m not saying go out and get stung (lol) but i am saying you should try to eat more honey!

for 1000’s of years honey has been used to help everything from skin conditions to digestion issues to diabetes and high cholesterol.  so, i thought i should get on this!

here’s what i learned:

– their are hundreds of health benefits to eating honey (here’s a start: honey)

– honey naturally contains so many vitamins and minerals!  niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid (b vitamins), calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.  whoa!

– you should always buy local honey, especially to help relieve your allergies.

– buying organic honey is important!  many beekeepers put antibiotics in the bee’s water supply, which end up in the honey.  go organic!

– the darker the honey the more antioxidants it has.

so, what’s my point?  well, i’ve started using honey in my coffee instead of sugar.  and, it’s *delicious!!

how do you drink your coffee?

p.s. since i’ve recently been converted to the amazing wonderfulness of honey, you might find me ranting about it even more with some beauty and food recipes. stay tuned!

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wicked big bibs

lisa is a stay-at-home momma of three and recently turned entrepreneur after opening her business, wicked big bibs.  she knows all about how messy little ones can be and so created the monster mess bib and the lesser messer bib.  covering from neck to knees, these are surely a mother’s best friend!  thank you lisa, for supporting ghtr!

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making it beautiful

March 29, 2010

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good morning monday!  how was your weekend? mine was quiet and relatively uneventful, so i feel ready and relaxed for the week- a nice change!

crazy sheep picture

bling bling by wild goose chase

this picture just gave me a good laugh.  it did quite a lot for lightening my mood, so i couldn’t say no to sharing it with you. i love everything about it!  i can see myself touching the curls on her chest and running my fingers down her forehead.  we’ve become quite good friends.  here is my attempted translation of this beaut!

brown, pink and green handmade finds

clockwise :: celery paper pom, 1980’s .vintage. sunglasses, 12 organic crocheted beads, doll print, seedling starter newspaper pots, glass bee catcher, dos a dos, crochet stocking

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congratulations casey, i’ll be sending you an email shortly!

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tomorrow is earth hour!

March 26, 2010

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happy friday lovelies!  don’t forget, tomorrow is earth hour!

earth hour

clockwise :: quick draw- let there be light, edison light bulbs, earth friendly artwork i will save the planet, first day of spring, light bulb reusable shopping bag, earth from above

earth hour is a worldwide act when millions of people, organizations, corporations and governments around the world come together to make a bold statement about their concern for climate change by doing something quite simple—turning off their lights for one hour. it’s tomorrow evening at 8:30 p.m.- your local time.  i’ve made a group for going home to roost readers so you can:

click here to take the earth hour pledge!

let’s set an example to show that we care about climate change and are willing to do what we can to make a difference.  i’ll join you in the dark tomorrow night at 8:30!

happy weekend!  love, bonnie

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lilac fox

corynne ware writes about diy projects, going green, handmade shops and even throws in some recipes in this new blog-on-the block lilac fox.  it’s constructed very much like a sketch book, making it all the more interesting.  join me in welcoming, lilac fox!

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