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roosting readers

March 25, 2010

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roosting readers

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i gathered these lovely photos from the going home to roost flickr pool. it’s so fun to see how everyone is roosting, and all in different ways!  i’ll be roosting today by tending to my garden and starting some new seedlings, also sewing a bit, cleaning house and making dinner for my sister and her beau!  so, the question is..

how do you roost?

join the going home to roost group and let us know!

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feisty elle jewelry

March 25, 2010

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i just wanted to say a quick thank you for letting me take a small break yesterday!  the weather was perfect and we had so much fun.  i read on the boat for about 5 hours and finished two very interesting beekeeping books, though they left me feeling a bit overwhelmed.  if you’re interested, you can follow the few pics a took via my twitter!

feisty elle

my dearest jena over at modish introduced me to feisty elle, and boy, am i so glad she did! feisty elle is a jewelry designer out of san francisco and uses sustainable materials including merino wool felt and bamboo ply to make these gorgeous pieces.  all of her pieces are very lightweight, giving us a weightless & comfortable break from heavier metal jewelry.  feisty elle says, “The woman that wears Feisty Elle jewelry EMBRACES bold colors and shapes, LOVES that earrings can be big and classy, and CHOOSES jewelry that is as versatile as she is.”

all roost readers can enjoy 15% off by using code ‘FALL10′ at checkout-  but, make sure to hurry, as this offer expires at the end of tomorrow (3/26)!

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i know, today is supposed to be an etsy shop help day, but i’ve decided to skip it and resume next week.  as i mentioned, today is the warmest day we’ve had in since last summer and i want to get outside and enjoy it!  the hub is going on a fly fishing float trip and invited me to join, so i’m going to seize the opportunity.  i won’t be fishing, but have a backpack ready to go with a picnic, my camera and plenty of good reads.  i won’t be fishing, but rather soaking up the sunshine.  i hope you don’t mind my foregoing the usual!

i’ve still got something great in store for you, don’t worry!

love 8×10 print

by now, you’re probably all familiar with natalie’s blog love, natalie.  have you ever wondered where her daydreamy banners come from?  you guessed it.  she paints them herself and i’m so excited to share with you that they are now available in her etsy shop!

grow 8×10 print

aren’t they so beautiful?  i ordered mine this morning!

happy (hopefully) sunshiny day!

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spring flowers & lemonade

March 24, 2010

lamonade recipe

even though it was pouring snow on monday, the high today is 72 and i’m simply sprung about spring!  yes, enough to where i even made some hand squeezed lemonade, yum.


1 cup of lemon juice

1 cup of sugar (i put a dash more, i like mine sweet!)

the squeeze of one lime

6 cups of cool water

stir until the sugar has dissolved, kick back, and relax!

today was also the first day that i was able to pick flowers from my yard, a splash of homegrown yellow goes a long way!

{photos: bonnie forkner}

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handmade writing e-course

March 23, 2010

handmade writing

i thought some of you might be interested amy spencer’s new e-course, handmade writer.  she’s a crafster herself and will take you through 6 weeks of exercises to improve your craft-inspired writing.

amy says, “this course is about exploring the world and looking for inspiration around you.  it has been inspired by the strength of craft communities as well as the impulse to transform everyday finds into something amazing.”

though i haven’t taken her course before, i think it would be a great tool for any writer or blogger that takes a handmade approach.  you can find out more about amy’s handmade writer course here!


geninne :: art + blog

March 23, 2010

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bird no.28

i finally had to make my self stop perusing the many pages that geninne has to offer, so that i could get this posted to share with YOU!  geninne has just about everything i like when it comes to art, blogs, and style.  i haven’t come across anything that didn’t make me go, ‘ooo, ahh, oh!’.


for starters, her etsy shop boasts watercolor after watercolor that are simply splendid.  with everything from shrooms and birds to owls and piles of wood- what more could i ask for?  they’re even affordable.

geninne's art blog

moving right along, geninne’s art blog is a must see. not only will the images knock you off your feet but she’s features amazing craft tutorials and you can even watch her paint.

(photo: geninne d. zlatkis)

she not only logs her art projects, but also keeps a different blog for her son’s illustrations and another one for her puppy, turbo. to say the least, there’s enough here to keep you busy day dreaming, taking notes and getting inspired for hours.  enjoy!

love, bonnie

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Chantelle Nicole Designs Giveaway

that’s right, a giveaway!  chantelle nicole is offering a $40 gift certificate to one lucky winner, and all readers can enjoy 20% off by using code ‘roostreaders’.  you’ll find handmade jewelry in a variety of styles, from simple and clean to whimsical, rustic and eclectic.

how to enter:

head on over to chantelle nicole designs and get to browsing her beautiful, one of a kind jewelry!  come back here and leave a comment about what your favorite pieces are and why.  you may leave as many comments as you like, increasing your chances of winning.  you have utnil sunday, March 28, 12:00 midnight est to enter.  a winner will be announced on monday, march 29th and will have 48 hours to claim their prize via e-mail.  enjoy, and happy shopping!

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monday, monday

March 22, 2010

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hello lovelies!  though i had a wonderful weekend, things are a bit slow this monday morning.  isn’t it tough to get back in the groove of things sometimes?

sheena lu

to brighten things up a bit, here are some beautiful images by sheena lu photography.  aren’t they fresh and uplifting?  i love her ‘shoes’ photos, they seem to make me feel like i’m ready to go somewhere!  you’ll also enjoy her life & photography blog, the little red house.

speaking of houses and homes, i had the honor to do an interview with lana from joey and lana make a house a home, it’s up this morning if you would like to take a looksie!

i’ll be back later with some fun stuff, so stay tuned! ;)

update:  ah yes, did i forget to mention?  it’s snowing here.  pouring snow.  the high on wednesday? 68.  crazy march!

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