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time for spring cleaning

March 19, 2010

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did you know that for the nothern hemisphere, tomorrow is the first day of spring? though i love to hibernate, i have to admit, i’m so excited for warm weather, gardening, sandals and skirts!  i had been planning to stay here this weekend to get some deep cleaning done, and when i realized it was the first day of spring, i laughed to myself.  so, here are some beautiful ways to kick off your spring cleaning! handmade goods for spring cleaning 1 :: delovely dish gloves. gardening gloves. – $16.95 2 :: dream dot ironing board cover – $24 3 :: upcycled laundry sack – $20 4 :: cotton swiffer cover – $4 5 :: natural wool dryer balls – $14.95 6 :: kitchen dish scrubber - $3 7 :: spring cleaning to do list cards – set of 20 – $10 8 :: paisley clothespin bag – $5.50 9 :: linen bucket – apple and chocolate - $30 10 :: harvest collection – set of 5 – $17 handmade goods for spring cleaning 1 :: owls naturals oatmeal soap – $3.50 2 :: room spray – rain 40z - $5.95 3 :: bellaboogie winter mint room & fabric refresher spray – $4 4 :: ultra concentrated all purpose cleaner – $10 5 :: citrus splash air freshener – $8 6 :: laundry detergent/fabric softener - $16.25 7 :: clean laundry scented laundry detergent – $6 8 :: spearmint eucalyptus olive oil soap – $4.50 9 :: fresh aromatherapy sprays – $6 happy weekend, and i look forward to seeing you back here on monday! how do you plan to start your spring season?

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it seems like friday always surprises me, is it here already?!  to kick off the weekend, i’ve got a special deal for you!

bonnie jones photography

bonnie jones is offering 20% off to all roost readers in her shop, bonnie jone’s photography, simply type ‘roost’ in the comments to seller box at checkout and she’ll refund your money via paypal.

bonnie jones photography

to make it even better, she has an amazing sale section right now, too!


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turns out, we’re going to have a farm-forward day today!  a dear friend of mine, deidre, sent this article to me yesterday from the new york times and i immediately knew i wanted to share it with you.  it’s uplifting, empowering & thought provoking, and though i encourage you to read the entire article, i’m going to highlight it for you here.

chicks with chicks :: the femivore movement

it discusses what they call the ‘femivore’s dilemma’- where highly educated women are turning away from the workforce and instead embracing a life of homemaking- without turning into betty draper.

“femivores expand those of another: feeding their families clean, flavorful food; reducing their carbon footprints; producing sustainably instead of consuming rampantly. What could be more vital, more gratifying, more morally defensible?”

now it seems that there is a new movement on the horizon.  in the past, many of us felt that we either had to prove ourselves by climbing the coorporate ladder, or that if we didn’t, we were somehow giving in to old world standards (you know, barefoot and pregnant?).

chicks with chicks :: the femivore movement

this article is empowering us to think differently:

“Conventional feminist wisdom held that two incomes were necessary to provide a family’s basic needs — not to mention to guard against job loss, catastrophic illness, divorce or the death of a spouse. Femivores suggest that knowing how to feed and clothe yourself regardless of circumstance, to turn paucity into plenty, is an equal — possibly greater — safety net. After all, who is better equipped to weather this economy, the high-earning woman who loses her job or the frugal homemaker who can count her chickens?

they encourage the idea that the femivore is transforming the definition of homemaker into one that is much more about soil than dirt, and fresh air than air freshener. a sustainable minded woman who stays at home not because she has to, but because she wants to take personal responsibility for supplying for their needs.  the promise that if everything in the world around us stopped, our household could simply keep on going gardening, collecting eggs and supplying clothes.

they leave us with a thought provoking question, “is my home the engine of materialism or a refuge from it?”

i encourage you to read the full article, the femivore’s dilemma (its not very long).  i’ll meet you in the comments section for some discussion-

what do you think of this?

{photos: bonnie forkner}

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spring green and grow

March 18, 2010

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green & grow

despite our pretty harsh winter this year, little sprouts of green are already popping up all around!  this will be our first spring living here and since my grandmother put her (very) green thumb to use while she lived here, i’m starting to get use to mysterious things popping up all around me.    i have big plans for our garden this year, and though both of my thumbs tend to be a bit brown, i’m giving it my best shot.  the weather was beautiful on tuesday so i got to start my seeds of tomatoes, onions, broccoli and brussel sprouts indoors.  next week will be eggplants and peppers- wish me luck!

and back by popular demand…


toaster has been enjoying the sunshine as well!

what will grow in your garden this year?

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etsy shop help :: logos

March 17, 2010

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etsy shop help

good wednesday!  you might be able to tell from today’s theme that the forecast is a bit gloomy and rainy today. rather than feeling blue though, i’m feeling nice and cozy here in my home.  sometimes it’s nice to have a gloomy day, isn’t it?

p.s. today’s post is helpful for any business, so stay tuned!

whales at the coast

someone had a question during the survey about logo design, so i thought i would touch base on it today.  getting a logo is often the first exciting step in embarking on a new venture, and though it’s a fun process, it can also be a little daunting at times too!  first things first, you need to start thinking about what it is that you want.  it’s a good idea to create some style files or keep links on your computer of the things you love as you come across them.  getting some basic ideas of the look and feel you’re going for will really help your designer align with your vision.

blue sea urchin

where do you start?  other than the occasional magazine clipping, i’ll share with you two of my favorite places to browse for inspiration.  first is the lovely blog, print and pattern. here you’ll find a celebration of all things surface design.  you’ll be sure to find some patterns and logos that you love!

second is one of my recent discoveries, a blog called the dieline. it’s a blog dedicated to all things packaging, and you should know, it can be addicting!  it logs only the best and latest in the package design industry and with that, comes lots and lots of logos.  a great place to start thinking about what catches your eye.

in dreams

now that you have your thoughts together on what you’re looking for, it’s time to start thinking about a designer.  there are tons of options, of which we’ll discuss two of today.  first is to visit the place that’s all close to our hearts: etsy! a simple search for logo design will give you pages and pages of designers to choose from.  you can find anything from a simple logo, to an entire branding package.  most are very affordable and many even offer unlimited revisions.  what to look for:

– a strong portfolio with designs that appeal to you

– a reasonable timeline stated upfront

– a copy of the original images and copyrights to them

– great feedback from other sellers

umbrellas in the rain

another option that i recently discovered is a website called 99 designs. have you heard of it?  on their site, you set up a “design contest”, where thousands of designers compete to create the best possible design to meet your needs. all you need is a clear idea of what you want designed and how much you’re prepared to pay for it.  after you list your design portfolio, artists post designs they think fit your portfolio.  you then have the opportunity to rate each design and leave comments, making your end result all the better.  best of all, there’s 100% money back guarantee- what can you loose?

summer, sewn print

somewhat related to logos but more importantly to branding and getting your name out there are your business cards. do you remember us talking about moo cards?  well, just in case you missed this special in etsy’s newsletter yesterday, moo is offering free business cards! an opportunity each of you should take advantage of!

sale- april showers

i would love to hear your thoughts on logo design.  where did you get yours?  what works best?  do you have any resources to share?  i’ll meet you in the comments section. :)

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starshaped press i love these simply stated cards and posters by starshaped press, a printing company located in chicago.  i was so drawn to them because of the old world, nostalgic feel combined with a modern touch.  turns out, all of their work is made the old fashioned way, using beautiful antique metal and wood typefaces and ornaments, many of which are 50 to 100 years old.  i enjoy so much seeing how someone can combine the old and the new so beautifully!

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{images: leslie shewring}

some of you may know that i recently had the absolute delight in taking part of holly becker’s  blogging your way e-course.  holly is the founder and editor of decor8 and in this e-class lends to us her advice, tips, and expertise in blogging and all of the wonderful things that accompany it.  holly does such a wonderful job at making each of us feel right at home.  she creates a comfortable and cozy place for us to learn, ask questions and get to know one another.  from overcoming writer’s block to tech help, the material we covered went above and beyond what i ever expected.

to add to all that holly shared with us, we also had weekly contributor and amazing photographer leslie shewring share her expertise.  you might remember her from her beautiful blog, a creative mint?  leslie shared with us everything from camera settings to adding text and editing images as we quickly filled out notebooks with inspirations, ideas and know-how.

all in all, i highly recommend holly becker’s e-course, blogging your way, and you’ll be happy to know that she plans to teach it again this fall.  it has been some of the most inspiring and educational 7 weeks i’ve had to date and the things we learned will go on being referenced for years and years to come.  if you have a blog or aspire to write one, i hope you will make it a point to experience this amazing class!

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nicole's homemade treats

is it too early for chocolate?  unfortunate for me, there’s never a bad time for chocolate in my book!  nicole is a full time stay at home mom, and part time candy maker where she makes all the delicious treats you’ll find in nicole’s homemade treats. she makes only natural, preservative free goodies and uses as many organic ingredients as possible.  she also uses green packaging and buys from local suppliers, making this operation roosting approved!

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want to find out more about advertising with going home to roost?

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