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etsy shop help

we’ve talked about twitter for newbies before, but today i’d like to discuss the benefits of twitter for a little more experienced user.  twitter has always been kind of funny to me, and i’m still figuring out how to best use it.  so learn with me, won’t you?

metal drawers

there are many ways you can use twitter to help drive traffic to you business or blog.  this problogger article outlines the top ten ways, and i’m going to touch on the ones i think are most important.

#1: personalize your twitter page. before you start building relationships on twitter, it’s important to brand yourself.  fill out your profile bio and give your potential followers an insight into who you are and what you do.  then, update your profile picture with either your logo or self portrait.  either way, you want your picture to look inviting, professional and clear.  lastly, change your twitter background to something that suits your business or blog.  there are many ‘default’ backgrounds you can use, but choosing something a bit more personal is a great way to connect even further with your readers.  think photographs, collages, or matching backgrounds to your existing site will get your followers intrigued.


#2: get engaged and hang in there. just because you open an account, doesn’t mean the masses will come knocking.  it’s important to show up, be consistent and engage with others using twitter.  twitter is a tiny bit like a blog, you’ll have to consistently use it (at least once a day) and hang in there for at least a few months before you begin seeing the advantages it has to offer.  for a while, you may feel that you’re speaking to no one, but hang in there.  tweet sincerely, and you’ll begin to gain the trust of your followers.  rather than push people to always support you and click over to your blog, provide advice, ask questions, and treat the masses as if they were your buddies.

vintage 1960’s golden clock book

#3: build relationships. it’s not only important to gain followers, but it’s equally important to follow others in your industry and connect to them via twitter.  you can start building useful and meaningful relationships with others, and it’s an easy way to connect to people you might otherwise never have.  i ran across this handy jpg from jessica hische the other day, and it cleared up so much about how exactly twitter works! you can click here for the full size image which is much more legible.

#4: provide useful information. many business owners use twitter to only push links to their own shops/sites/blogs.  not only can it be a tad annoying, but it doesn’t really do much for your gaining followers.  your self-promoting posts should be intertwined with other relevant info. shops you find that you love, discounts and sales you find, helpful articles, etc.  posts that are resourceful always get retweeted the most.

rainbow easter eggs- felted

#5: engage by using pictures. i don’t know about you, but when other’s tweet pictures, they are always my favorite!  by using twitpic, it’s simple to post pictures from your computer, the web or your cell phone straight to twitter, and it goes a long way to engage your readers.

7 rainbow natural seed pods

this article from crafting an mba discusses the difference between using twitter for broadcasting vs. conversational reasons.  i love the article, because it’s something i’ve struggled with for a while.  i tend to use my twitter in more of a broadcast way, thought i want to start bringing in a more conversational aspect to it. how do you feel about the difference?  what do you prefer in your own twitter?

vintage 80s red and white crested canvas skimmers 7

please read!: i’d also like to let you know that i’m switching going home to roost’s twitter account.  if you’ve been following me, please click here to follow my new account, where i’ll be posting all the relevant blog info, personal finds, handmade advice and hopefully lots of conversations with you all!

do you have a twitter account? please leave it in the comments section, so i can follow you, too!

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bees things

April 21, 2010

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bees things

{bees things}

bees things

shay and jeff, founders of bees things, love to design, illustrate and print things that make them happy, and hope to make others a bit happier, too.  i don’t know about you, but i certainly get all happy and sunshiney inside after looking at their designs!  they offer prints, apparel, snack sacks, notebooks and more, all adorned with the cutest darn designs i’ve seen in a long time.  enjoy!

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{happy birthday!!}

ok, actually i missed my blogiversary (boo) but i’m not too far off.  i wrote my very first post on april 2, 2009.  it’s been one of my most exciting years ever, but you read all about that yesterday!  over the last year:

- 390 posts


- 74,411 visits came from 139 different countries and territories

- 115,936 pageviews

- first comment ever!: “Just found you, fab blog I will put you on my daily read. Have a great weekend.” by shandells

– 3 most popular posts :: 1) holiday diy :: magazine wreath, 2) slice or organic life :: grape jam, 3) weekend diy :: animal silhouettes

how much do i love my readers? ALOT!!!

xxoo, bonnie

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pennant letter writing set

briones + co.

briones + co. just took the lead now as my favorite new shop!  it’s stocked full of lovely little things, and just opening last month, i know they’re going to have a successful future.  pennants, flags, recipe cards, bookmarks, meal planners, scrap packs and pencils are just some of the fun things you’ll find there. the pops of color, innovative design and beautiful product shots make these goodies difficult to say no to!

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tara gentile over at scoutie girl is putting together a free digital zine featuring the stories of creative biz owners who have decided to kick their own personal doors down and chase their dreams. she encourages everyone to share their personal kick-butt story here, too!  though i’ve kicked many a door down in my life, i’m going to share the most relevant and possibly meaningful one here with you today.  how i began doing what i’m doing!

i knew about 2 years ago that i wanted to start up a few esty shops and begin a blog called going home to roost.  i knew i had a lot to learn and that i didn’t want to haphazardly start, but that i wanted to put a lot of thought behind my actions, for one day i wanted to be a full time blogger and etsy shop owner.

so the research began!  i spent months and months researching etsy and reading through all of their amazing articles.  i also clicked over on every shop i loved and paid close attention to what they were doing.  i took note of the way they photographed their products and read their shop policies so that i would better understand what worked and what didn’t.  i also started reading blogs on a daily basis for the first time.  the first 4 or so blogs that i fell in love with are very dear to my heart, and have been an integral part in inspiring me to write every day.  they are scoutie girl, modish, indie fixx and creature comforts. i began pouring over each of their archives and grew such a passion for each of their missions.  it helped me begin to mold in my mind going home to roost and how i would be able to fit into this massive blogosphere.

for christmas that year (2008) i got my first ‘real’ camera.  it’s a nikon d40, and i knew that it was going to be an iportant part in accomplishing my goals.  wow, did i have a lot to learn about cameras!  i’ll probably never realize it’s full potential, but book after book i read and within a few months, felt like i could at least take somewhat decent pictures.  it’s still a work in progress.

in january, i registered my blog with and quickly began discussing a design with a web designer.  after about 4 months of planning and design revisions, i launched going home to roost in april of 2009.  around the same time, i registered my etsy shop on march 16th, 2009 and sold my first item on june 2nd.  then another on june 3rd and another on the 15th.  i couldn’t believe it!  my dreams were beginning to come true!

i won’t say ‘the rest is history’ for it’s a long process and i’m not anywhere close to being done with my dreams.  i have many goals that i’m working hard to accomplish with my etsy shop, and especially this blog.  but, it takes time to grow and to learn and i’m still in the very early stages of both.  i’ve had major milestones met even within the first year!  my mini knock the door down accomplishments include becoming a featured seller on etsy, being published in reader’s digest, and another small publication that’s still a bit too early to discuss. :)

what’s the biggest door i’ve knocked down you might ask?  march 8th was my last day at my day job.  i loved my day job because i was working with my mom at her fabric shop, but don’t forget- being a full time blogger and etsy shop owner was my biggest goal from the get-go!  so after 2 years of hard work and lots of planning, i was able to kick that door down and venture into the unknown world of being a full-time writer and artist!

so in a nut shell, that’s my story! i would love to answer questions, if you have any and would like to encourage each of you to share your story about how you kicked a door down over at scoutie girl!

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hello to a brand new week!  did you have a good weekend?  other than my raging allergies, our time spent in charlotte and charelston was simply a blast!  i’m excited to get to work on all that’s going on here this week, and want to start with on of new favorite designers:

pretty plum sugar

pretty plum sugar designs loungewear and bedding that just about defines breezy and chic. her gorgeous silhouettes are inspired by ‘garden of eden’ palettes, perfect for the garden chic wardrobe. i find myself wearing one on a warm summer day at the beach, or maybe while i fix my coffee in the morning.  my favorite wardrobe pieces are those that can be thrown on and make me feel pretty and whimsical, and these look like the perfect addition!

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my new ring

April 16, 2010

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bethy from eden photography emailed me a few weeks back because she thought these bird’s nest rings from quaint creations were right up my alley, and boy was she right! it took me all of about 60 seconds get one in my shopping cart. they’re kind of perfect, aren’t they?

{image: bonnie forkner}

and so here it is!  my shiny new bird’s nest ring!  i usually wear it on my right hand, but after many failed attempts of trying to use my camera left-handed, i quickly decided to exchange my wedding ring for the bird’s nest ring, just for the photo’s sake, of course. you really should’ve witnessed my struggle.

i could hardly decide which one i wanted, they were all so tempting!

so feminine and lovely, i thought it would be the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe. i love simple pieces that can turn a plain outfit special.

eden photography

a quick shout out to eden photography who took all of the pictures as well, isn’t her work amazing? breathtaking even.  i love the color pops many of her photos have, she has such a way of capturing beauty.  i could flip through her archives forever!

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hi dearies!  friday already, huh?  did you have a good week?  i sure enjoyed being back and think that i’m finally getting back in the swing of things!  i’m off to charlotte for a wedding tomorrow then meeting up with the hub for a night together in charleston. i haven’t been in years, so i’m really excited!  and, i have a confession to make.  i finally broke and though i had tried to not get involved, it happened.  last week i started reading twilight.  yup, that’s right, and now i can’t sleep because i can’t get my head out of these books!  i’m on page 176 of eclipse already, and my obsession is in full gear.  yes, i feel like i’m back in highschool, but boy am i loving it! ;)

onto what’s we’re really going to talk about today, a before and after project!

believe it or not, in our last house i used this table as-is for about a year.  under the tv it sat in it’s raw state.  but when we moved, i got the motivation to fix ‘er up!

my tv table after!

now, isn’t that better?  here’s what i did:

i painted all the wood with a high gloss ultra white paint (standard at the hardwood store) with a brush, and let it fully dry. then i used one of my favorite gadgets from ikea, attached it to the insides of the table and then clipped the curtain to it (fabric is also from ikea).  within an afternoon, this gal had made a complete turn around!

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