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hello beloveds!  instead of an etsy shop help post today, i’m writing about something that i often get asked about, how do i ‘pretty up my posts’? the good news is, that there are many resources out there to help you doll up your images, posts and projects!  the bad news is, some are free and some aren’t- so i’m just going to outline a few for you today.


first things first, digital tape seems to be the biggest craze!  on the left is one of my favorite masking tapes called naked tape elements from designer digital (costs $3.50).  the 2nd set is my latest absolute favorite tape download, available for FREE from pugly pixel!

other favorite tapes are these stripey ones ($3.99) and these colorful masking tape ones (also $3.99).

tape and paper

the other thing you’ll see me occasionally do, is use ‘paper’ on my posts.  this effect could be obtained by a number of different ways (free, i’m sure), but i bought this notebook paper pack from designer digitals. all of these downloads are easy breezy to use, just download, unzip the file, and then start using them in your desired program (usually photoshop, printshop or paint).


staples are also a fun way to doll up your posts and make them look realistic.  there are a number of staples you can purchase, or download this staple set for free!

hang tags

there are also tons of hang tags you can find!  hang tags are a great way to add a little flavor to your pictures or posts.  especially great when you want to add a little statement, or make the cost of an item visible.  the first one above are journaling tags, the 2nd ones are shipping tags for FREE by pugly pixel, and the 3rd ones are from a set of these adorable hang tags.


you can also find lots of help from lovely other bloggers!  poppytalk posts free downloads from time to time, pictured above are their free labels and free hang tags.

creature comfots

creature comforts also offers many freebies and downloads, all so beautiful!  you can find them on her projects and freebies page as well as on her printables page.

design goods

finally, i just found free design goodies, a side blog that’s authored by summer of design is mine! here she posts fab freebies and downloads, yeah!

tape and fonts

finally, pretty fonts and beautiful colors are the easiest way to doll up your doings.  pictured above is kaufmann bd bt, dj fancy, luna bar, and lariatall free!

so there’s my inside scoop.  do you have any finds for prettying up your posts, pictures and projects? if so, please share with us where you found them in the comments section!


  • a few more things- these free fonts from could have endless possibilities!!

  • I enjoyed this post a lot! Thank you for spreading the love of creativity!

  • oh I am so thrilled you shared these wonderful sources, can’t wait to try them out! I wanted to pop buy and congratulate you on FP today- I spotted your gardeners paradise apron right away! :)

    • oh yeah! thank you malerie!

  • Thanks Bonnie – I’ve wondered about these things! Especially the cool tapes! Definitely going to play around with this on my next blog post:)

  • I want digital tape and hang tags now… :)

  • this is awesome! I can’t wait to check out these resources and give them a try! thanks so much for sharing!

  • What a fabulous post with full of great tips! Thank you so much for sharing this! ♥

  • thank you SO MUCH for sharing these! i have been meaning to find some notebook paper forever and you took the hard work right out of it! thanks!! :)

  • Thanks so much Bonnie, I never even thought of using any of these things on my blog before! Time for a makeover! x

  • Thank you thank you for these! Oh my gosh so much great information here :)

  • Oh forgot to add a link on how to make your own FAVICON (not mine but from another great blog)

    • oh what a great link sarah! thank you so much for sharing, i didn’t know how to do this before!!

  • I have just lost two hours happily downloading and dreaming up new ideas – all thanks to your fabulous post! I know how involving adding all the links can be, so thank you for all the work – MUCH appreciated. Claire.

    • aw, thank you claire! it did take a while, but i had tons of fun doing it! i’m so glad you found the links useful!

  • fantastic post, Bonnie! Thank you for putting so much work into this. I’m afraid half of the images are not showing up for me. I still get the idea… but thought you should know. They weren’t in my RSS or on the blog. :(

    • hi katie! oh no! they are all working for me, is anyone else having this trouble? hm, i’ll look into it, bummer!

  • Such a cool post Bonnie! Thank you! :)

  • these are so charming! now, if only i knew what to do with them if i had them!! :P

  • The images are not working for me :(

    • ok girls, can you see the photos now? i re-worked them, i hope it worked!

  • i just downloaded the set of colored staples — i’ve been looking for a such a set for ages — thank you for sharing them.

    also, thanks for sharing the link to my free tape strips. funny, i added another set today — all solids this time >>

    again, many thanks!

    • oh katrina, thank you so much! these are just as lovely, and you are so sweet do provide them. thank you!

  • Hello,

    I love these ideas, but I often though personal use didn’t mean blogs. I’ve always had to purchase a license to use them on my blog. Just wanted to know your thoughts, that’s why I’ve always stayed away. Kind of like using the digital elements in a blog design.

    Thanks for your input!

    • hi gabreial!

      my understanding has always been that ‘personal use’ includes blogs, since a blog is your personal space. i’ve always understood that it’s permissible to use things like this unless you’re reproducing or selling it. i know for sure that the free downloads from pigly pixel are ok to use, that’s what they’re there for! and the ones that you purchase (i.e. from digital scrapbooking) are surely ok to use, since you bought them and are now using them on your personal blog. just don’t offer them to anyone for free or sell them yourself, and i think you’re covered!

      anyone else have insight on this?

  • photos show up now! Thanks Bonnie.

  • Hi Bonnie!
    Congratulations on your blog! You have “grown” ever since BYW (in one way or the other, we all did, but your blog is great!)!!
    I have a doubt in using these – I was trying to use them in Paint but couldn’t manage to get rid of the white border around them, so the “masking tape” effect is not there. How do you use them? Install in some special file?
    Thanks in advance for your help! And thanks for these tips. I really wanted to get some of these!

    • hi ana! hm, i guess it depends on which program you use. i use printshop and photoshop and don’t have this issue. do you have a pc or a mac? i have a mac, and when i download the file and click on it, it opens in ‘preview’, then when i copy it from there, it removes the border and copies only the tape. brandi recently did a tutorial on how to use the tape, so maybe this will help?


  • Hi again!
    I have a PC but I just found out that I’ll really have to buy PS (the Elements version, which I think is enough, for now). I was trying to work these on Paint.
    But thanks anyway for your precious help! Have a great week!

  • Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the blog mention!

    Ana, yep, that tutorial I did is for PS Elements. I haven’t figured out a way to do it in Paint since a lot of these graphics are made as a PSD file. You’re absolute right, though, you can buy Elements over Photoshop – it’s similar, and fits well for those casual graphic design needs (plus, it’s way cheaper).

  • Oh my heavens, this is just too much…aagh! “Thanks” doesn’t even seem to cut it. I am seriously drowning in awesomeness. And really enjoying it. x

  • Oh wow…I always wondered about the cute little itty bitties people used…thanks sooo much for all the links and for this post, I am excited to push my posts that much furthur, I am going back to do some more browsing:D

  • This post was soooo helpful. I’m just learning but I made a lot of progress and used many resources from here. I cant wait to revamp my blog and start prettying up my posts.
    Thanks so much for this!

  • Hi Ms Bonnie, I’m a newbie in the blog world. And your post is really help me to make my blog prettier. I just downloaded the tape strips from but I don’t know how to apply it in my blog. Can you explain to me how I can use it? Many thanks =D

    • hi kenanga! you’ll need a photo editing program like photoshop or illustrator to use them. all you do is open the file and place the tape on whichever image you would like to use it on. :)

  • Thanks Ms Bonnie ;D

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