diy business cards

February 5, 2010

after seeing this post over at design*sponge, i couldn’t help but run out and make my own business cards!


though i absolutely love my moo minis, sometimes it’s hard for me to commit to something so permanent.   i’ve always struggled with ordering so many cards at once- i mean, what if i open a new shop, start something new, or change the name of something?


by grabbing this stamp set at my local office supply store, i can now make my own stamp, and change it up any ol’ time!  all you need after you get the stamp set is a few blank business cards  (one isle over from the stamps!) and your all set to go.  you could easily make your own cards too by stamping your ‘card’ on scrap paper and especially your outgoing envelopes.  think about all the people who handle your mail before it reaches it’s destination- this is a great (free!) way to advertise.


voila!  easily editable, diy, hand crafted business cards!

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and i look forward to see you back here on monday!

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