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hi lovelies!  today we’re going to talk about using bundling as a market strategy.  also, i thought i would kick off february love with this valentine’s themed post!  i meant to start feb, 1- but what do ya know, it’s already the 3rd!

ruby red cupcake liners

bundling means combining two or more of your products in one sale.  items that look great together or are otherwise compliments work great for this (think all inclusive).  it’s common to offer the bundle at a slightly lower price than if your customer had bought all of the pieces separately, but is not necessarily a must.

hand stamped kiss bookend

bundling can be used as a marketing strategy to attract a broader range of consumers.  if your buyers are looking for deals, convenience or advice on which items compliment each other, bundled pricing can help aid in your consumers decision.

tiny heart pins – reclaimed leather

as an etsian (or any other indieprenuer) bundling your goods and prices can offer lots of benefits.  you can save on shipping, showcase your items together and potentially sell more to each individual consumer that comes your way.

blue fabric bird – i carry your heart –

by offering complimentary items as a bundle, your consumer will feel like they are not only getting a great deal, but may also be more inclined to buy the bundle then if all of the items were listed seperately.  think packaged deals, gift ideas, and matching sets.

pencil hearts

bundling is also a great way to (somewhat) disguise the prices of the individual items.  separately, a consumer may feel like one item is overpriced, while the other item is reasonable or even too cheap, but since they’re bundled the final price may feel  ‘just right’.

sweetie pie greeting card

bundles are a great way to simplify consumer’s purchasing decisions, when many people may not be able to ‘see your vision’.  i’ve caught myself doing this, knowing that this apron really looks good with this tea towel, but assuming that the customer would see that, i haven’t decided to bundle.  after researching for this article though, i’m going to work on adding bundles to my shop!  it never occur ed to me that some buyers may not want to spend the time trying to mix and match items, so it’s really a service to them in making it easy to see what goes together.

love birds letterpress

i’m sure for many shops, it will be hard to try to read your buyer’s mind in picking out complimentary items.  so, i would only offer the bundle as an option, and keep the items listed separately as well.  this way, you’re not being pushy, just creating combinations that you feel will enrich your customer’s browsing and buying experience.

ship valentine

if you decide to offer some sort of discount for your bundle, it doesn’t take much to excite a potential consumer.  things like a total savings of 10% off, free shipping or $10 off will help them feel like they are making a good decision.  discounts of any kind will help them see why buying a bundle benefits them.

vintage red cardboard valentine

so, go have fun mixing, matching and photography all of your bundled goodies!

custom mini embroidered banner

if you’re already bundling (yay for you!) what’s been your experience?

xoxo, bonnie

resources :: the art of pricing: bundle up on your way to higher sales


  • Thanks for the etsy shop help.
    Your blog is really pretty!

  • Brilliant idea…hadn’t really thought of it before. I’m getting a shop started, so I’m glad I know now rather than later. Thanks! I just found your blog yesterday and already love the things I’m finding here.

    • hi elizabeth! aw, thank you- i’m so glad you like it! we would love to see your shop when it’s ready, let us know!

  • here’s what I do with bundling (in my Etsy shop):

    1) if mulitiple individually sold items coordinate I put photos of all the coordinating items in each listing as well as mention the coordinating possiblity in the description area…I really should add links as well…

    2) now that I can rearrange my shop I list all individually sold coordinating pictures and buckets, thank you notes and invitations one after the other…for those who might just scroll thru the shop – set possibilities will be more obvious

    3) I offer some set options (at a discounted rate): coordinating pictures as a set, a bucket and picture that go together, bucket and thank you notes…things like that…and have a special category called “sets” for those looking for that kind of thing

    have fun bundling :)

    • oo thanks for the advice jes! setting your shop up like that helps it flow so well, great idea!


  • I don’t have an etsy shop, but you give some great advice here and I love all the valentine links.

  • Thanks for these tips! Now I’m ready to start ‘bundling’ :)

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