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have you joined an etsy team yet? joining an etsy team provides so many benefits and is a great way to become more active in the community.  it allows you to meet other etsyites, collaborate, and increase your opportunities to network and promote your shop.

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by joining a team, you’ll be able to share your skills and expand your social circle.  you’ll be able to work together with other etsy sellers- and, the possibilities are endless when so many creative minds come together!

red heart cuff links

ok, so you might be interested, but how do you know which one to join? here’s a list of all of the active teams, and yes, there’s a bunch! so grab a cup of tea and enjoy browsing.  once you find a few you’re interestd in, you can check their team’s pages (usually off-etsy). some teams have open membership, and others have selection criteria or a juried process for admitting members.

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many teams are very specific, so once you read through them you’ll most likely only have a few that spark your interest.  you can then click on the team and get info about requirements, how to join and what’s expected.  that will narrow your options down some more and when you’ve got a few that you’re really interested, you can contact the leader and see about joining.  there’s nothing wrong with shopping around for the right team!  you’ll need to find one that fits you, your goals, and your schedule.

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there are over 150 etsy teams and etsians are forming new ones all the time.   if you can’t find a team that suits your needs, you can always start an etsy team yourself!  we won’t dive into that today, but here’s a great article if you’re interested in starting one.

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some teams require more involement than others, so it’s important to look into what’s expected.  the key to benefiting from a team is being an active member, so when you decided to join, make sure you have the time to commit.  being active in a team will certainly pay off and can be a very fulfilling!

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etsy has so many great articles on teams, but here’s a quick list of helpful information for team newbies:

how to join an etsy team

all about esty faq series: getting to know the etsy teams

etsy team guides

etsy teams

etsy teams frequently asked questions

etsy team’s articles

list of teams

valentine’s hearts ipod case

are you a part of a team?  we would love to hear your experience and advice!

xoxo, bonnie


  • Yes. I joined a team, but I can never get to work properly so I have no idea when the events take place. So sad! I am in love with each one of these heart products. Thanks for the post!

  • excellent heart finds!! I am smitten with the first heart, the gigantic one. Wish I had a mantel…


  • thanks for this info, i’m definitely will look for a team. Loving the ipod case so cute :)

    • @redbirdstyle: hey! i’m not familiar with does anyone know it well enough to help?


  • You know, I’ve been wanting to do this since I first joined Etsy a few years ago, and you’ve reminded me. I’m off to inquire, right now!

  • Thank you for the great info! I joined an Etsy team, but I was bombarded
    each day with 50-60 emails between the members. Every post was sent to me, and you couldn’t tell what the question was. I got so frustrated that I resigned my membership. There were no guidelines, no explanations of how to navigate within the team. As you can tell, I am computer challenged. Do all the street teams assume you can figure out the workings on your own?

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