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etsy shop help

we talked a while back about broadening our horizons, and today we’re going to talk about how to put all those creative thoughts into action, and luanch a new product line!

cow no. 2 7×8 fine art print

back in january of 2008, etsy published this article about launching a new line, let’s dive into it, ok? one of the easiest ways to freshen up your shop (and you routine) is by introducing a new product line.  if you get tired of the same ol’ same ol’ or just have an idea that you really want to put out there, i encourage you to go for it!

tea and honey 8×12 photo

maybe the easiest way to launch a new line and keep cohesion with your shop is to categorize your shop sections smartly.  try to visit your shop from an outsider’s perspective, can you find what you’re looking for via the sections?  if you offer candles, paintings and jewelry- it’s probably not the best idea to categorize by price.  i would rather be able to look for what specific item i want like ‘candles’.  if you’ve got tons of items you could break it down even further by using ‘candles – $5-$15’ and ‘candles $15-$30’, see what i mean?

barnwood frame – you are my sunshine

if you only offer photographs, then it might be a good idea to categorize by the price, or maybe the size.  it just depends on the makeup of your shop and how you think most people will prefer to browse.  if you struggle viewing your own shop like a consumer, grab someone else to do it for you, or better yet, leave us a comment and we’ll give you feedback!

retro kitchen set

if you know using your sections will help consumers navigate your shop, make them standout!  by using **characters**, CApItaL lEtTeRS and S P A C E S, you can really bring your customer’s attention to them.

for more on shop sections make sure to read this article on guiding buyers through sections.

upcycled farm organizer

introducing something new or just changing things up once in a while will keep your customers intrigued and coming back to see what’s new.  you could offer a totally new concept or even old items in new colors or packages, but something new is always exciting for your consumers.

cloverleaf dairy–antique replica porcelain milk bottles

when you’re thinking of a new line, try to vary your price points.  it’s nice to have a tiered system, so as to offer something for everyone’s price range.  if you only offer high end items or say everything in your shop is the same price, you’ll attract more customers if you give them some price options.

for more on pricing:  the art of pricing: tiered pricing

six yellow rim cups w/ saucers

finally, make sure to spread the word when you launch something new!  blogs (like me!) always love giving new lines coverage.  and, if you’ve been everywhere in the blogosphere already, a new line will keep you a relevant topic for blogs to write about. just send us a note about your line and your launching date!

for more on how to approach bloggers: promote your work

quack pillow

so, are you itching to get started? i happen to be working on a new product line myself! i’ll share that with you on friday. ;)

what’s you advice or experience?


  • Oooh, I can’t wait to hear about your new product! I am working on something too, I’m excited about it, hopefully others will be too!

    • hi julie! keep us in the know about what you have going on!!

  • fantastic post, thanks for sharing. just what i needed to get focused ;)

  • I’d love to have some feedback on my shop! I just opened last month, and still have so much to learn. Thanks for the great post!

    • hi malerie! your shop is so cute! i love the bright pops of green. you’ve done such a great job with your photographs and making your shop look cohesive- great job!

      i think your sections are definitely ‘doing the job’. i would suggest that you if you have any empty sections to just remove them so they don’t say (0). maybe there would be a way to break down your earrings even more (since you have the most of those)? maybe by price or style? but it’s certainly not a must, i think you’ve done a great job!

      also, i noticed that your header says “e a r s at postscripted’s Shop”. that’s what shows up in google and at in the browser tab so maybe you could change that to be more descriptive? possibly to “Handcrafted timeless & versatile jewelry pieces” or something using the lovely words you used below “nature, or simplistic beauty”. just make sure to include the word ‘jewelry’ or ‘earrings’. just a thought!

      here’s an article that will explain it much better!

      does that help? let me know if you have any questions!

  • Boonie, thank you so much for taking the time to look and offer your suggestions. I agree, I will delete those “0” categories.

    The article {both of them actually!} was very helpful- I wasn’t even aware of SEO before reading them tonight. When I tried googling postscripted +etsy tonight, I only saw a listing for a pair of earrings of mine, so I am confused on where you saw “e a r s,” or are you saying that is how it would look if it was ranked onto google? also, when you say tab I’m confused- because my browser tab says “modern whimsy & classic rom”

    Thanks again!

  • {p.s.} I’ve now changed my category names & header- so what I wrote above regarding wording & names probably won’t make much sense now!

    • thanks for the link malerie! i love the way you’ve categorized and cleaned everything up now! your eye falls right to where it’s supposed to and your categories are very easily understood. nice job! my browser tab says ‘nature & whimsy’ now- so you’ve fixed everything nicely. great job!

  • Thanks for the inspiration! I’m happy with the new categories- you were so right about the needed change!

  • I love these etsy help posts, it can be so daunting trying to get everything organized, its nice to have some of the really key stuff summed up. I know my shop still needs a lot of help, so all I can ask is to keep the tips coming!

  • Hi, Thank you for your tips. I have a patent on a special garment for children with feeding tubes. I think the best way to go about getting it out there is through Etsy, and make it custom. How did you get such a beautiful site on here??? I’m a senior citizen so any advice would be soooo appreciated. Kate

    • hi kate! congratulations, it sounds like you’re doing a great job! are you specifically talking about the site here, my blog? if so, i had the darling tree design it, and i highly recommend her! if you’re talking about my etsy shops, i would recommend getting someone to design you a header. does that help? best of luck!

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