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today we’re going to talk about maintaining success, (or achieving it!) and some small measures that are easily-forgettable, that really do make a difference!

{side note: today’s post is inspired by spring!!}

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the importance of connecting can really never be overstated.  networking both online and offline can easily provide the biggest boost of traffic and sales to your shop.  nothing spreads faster than word of mouth!

small measures:

* make it known that you welcome convos and make it a point to convo others that you like- even if it’s just to say hello!

* make a habit of tweeting, facebooking and hearting your favorite shops and items.

* participate in the forums and curate treasuries.

* be personable in your convos and in your profile, let us get to know you!

* join a team.

resources: {how to join a team} {how to make a treasury} {offline networking}

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ever feel like the lights are on but nobody is home?  make a point to keep your shop up to date and be pro-active with everything that goes on there.  one thing that makes etsy so different is the how ‘at home’ buyers feel.  it’s a place where you can really get to know other like-minded people, find support and build real relationships- make sure you don’t miss out!

small measures:

* make sure that your profile, shipping policies are up to date.

* make a point to reply to convos as quickly as possible.

* send an immediate thank you to any buyers and let them know you got their order and when it’s suppose to ship.

* maintain relevant info (i.e. vacation, sales,  and important announcements) up to date in your shop announcement.

resources: {making it personal with descriptions} {tell your story}

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make sure your shop can be easily found.  their are so many easy steps you can take to help your consumer (and etsy!) find you.

small measures:

* make sure you titles, tags and descriptions are all correctly labeled and very informative.
* think like a buyer!
* recheck your spelling and then check it again.  if something is misspelled, all chances of someone finding you through a search are lost.
* never get comfy with your shop, always look for ways to improve your info and your photos!

are you tired of hearing about photography yet? the most important thing you can do to get recognized, increase sells and get face time on blogs and etsy’s homepage is have incredible photos.

small measures:

* create a ‘theme’ and general feel to your shop. this way, you can make your buyer feel like they just walked in to a real brick and mortar.
* always use natural light and simple backgrounds.
* take a class, e-class or read a book on simple photography skills.

the tree in the summer

have the best customer service.  this is one of the best ways to encourage repeat buyers.  remember everyone likes to feel appreciated and important.

small measures:

* read this article by etsy. (that’s an easy one!)
ok… and maybe this one.

yellow rabari tea towel

become available.  your buyers want to get to know you and one of the best ways to accomplish that is to create a presence around the web.

small measures:

* create a twitter account.
* create a facebook fan page.
* start a blog.
* create a flickr account
* then, list them all in your profile!
ok, i know this last one was a doozy, but you can do it, i promise!

resources: {twitter tutorial} {creating a facebook fan page} {etsy’s guide to blogging}

protector print 8×10

how about you?  what small measures do you take to maintain your success?

xoxo, bonnie


  • Thank you for this advice! I’m going to do some convo-ing! And the artwork you chose as illustrations are gorgeous!

  • Tahnks for these great tips! :)

  • Thank you for all the great tips!!! im gonna start networking and up dateing my blog, as ive gotten lazy!!
    so every one have a look at my shop
    im sorry for being cheeky

  • These are great tips! I have been blogging a lot more lately, trying to improve my photos (just got a new camera – yay!) and networking networking networking! go check out my shop – any suggestions?? :)

  • Hi Bonnie, thank you so much for including my work here- what a lovely post- I think your tips are very valuable- I try hard to keep up my blog going almost five to six days a week. I should be putting more things in my store but I am working for a solo show and I really want to keep things back so that I can show them all together. I am also working really hard on my photos. And the truth is that I am loving it, all of it!!
    Annamaria xx

  • This is such a great post/series! I’ve been dithering on starting an Etsy shop for well over a year now. I hope to actually achieve this in the next few months, and I know I’ll be coming back here for more tips!

  • These are all great tips! Thank you for curating them all into one helpful article!

    ~ Kristen

  • bonnie . first time here so happy to have found such a helpful post ..doable..not overwhelming. I think you have a wonderful space here…adding you to my links page!

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