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hello sweet ones!  we haven’t touched on the subject of item tags very much but we’re going to skim the surface today!  we’ll go further into the subject in the future, but i recently found this very helpful website called craftweasel, have you heard of it?

vintage chartreuse gingerbread coat

i find that tagging my items can sometimes be the hardest thing of all. i’m really good until around tag #9 then my fingers get stuck!  we’ve read  how important it is to use all 14 tags, but is it really helpful when all i can come up with is ‘yellow, yellowish & yellowy’ to finish the last 3 of the tagging task?

rise and shine jojoba sugar cube scrub

well, good news! craftweasel‘s tag finder tool is here to help!  by giving the tag finder a couple of tags to start with, it can give you a list of suggested tags that related to your original ones.  it also lets you see the average number of views per day of each suggested tag- so you can always choose the tags that produce the highest number of views! here’s just a sampling of the results you can find.  for my tags- i typed in ‘felt pillow eco applique’- and here’s what i got:

Distribution of Price

Mean price: $52.22

Median price: $47.00

this graph shows that according to my tags, this is the number of products that fall into a specific price category.  for example, there are 11 items that fit my tags in the $2-$22 range.

Graph of related tags with most views/day

i love this graph! it shows how many views specific tags get at specific price points.  for example, the tag ‘recycled’ gets around 180 views with at an average price of about $60.

craftweaselnow for the real goods- if you’re stuck on tags- check out this table.  it shows which related tags get the most views and even includes their average price.  thank you craftweasel!

have i taken you back to high school algebra yet?

lemon treasure bowl

of course, craftweasel doesn’t just stop there- they offer quite a few more resources.  they have a shop stats tool that generates a graph showing the price & views per day of your items. it also show you the price and views per day of the tags that you often use- all by typing in your shop name and clicking ‘get stats’!

solstice flat

next on the list is the personal shopper toolcraftweasel will look at your favorite items and shops to get an idea of what you like- then search through all the items that have been listed in the last day to find ones it thinks you’ll be interested in most.

Maybert COLA beverage antique 1937 label

next, is the similar item search tool. this is where you can enter up to five item ids. craftweasel then scans the tags and materials from those items and searches etsy to find similar ones. i’m thinking there are numerous ways to use this one.  not only could you use this to find items to purchase, but also to do some market research on your own items. finding similar items will help you see what you’re up against, what their price points are and what your consumers may be finding when they search for a specific set of tags.

after the rain

does this give you a few things to keep you busy?  i feel like i always struggle with tags- especially with trying to figure out what tags will really help the consumer find what they’re looking for.  craftweasel has already given me lots of ideas and will hopefully make the task of tagging easier in the future!

heart me fine art

what are your suggestions for great tags?

xoxo! bonnie


  • A lot of food for thought and directions to explore! Thank you for that and for adding my dash of yellow to this post :) Hugs, Gordana

  • What a beautiful blog! Thank you so much for including our Marbert label!

  • Wow, Bonnie, this is an incredible tool! I was focusing on effective tagging today, so it’s so timely.

    Thanks for a wonderful and fun blog! You’re one of my daily reads!
    ~ Judith

    • hi judith- thank you so much! i’m so glad you found it useful- i can’t believe i didn’t know it existed before!

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