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we’ve talked about twitter for newbies before, but today i’d like to discuss the benefits of twitter for a little more experienced user.  twitter has always been kind of funny to me, and i’m still figuring out how to best use it.  so learn with me, won’t you?

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there are many ways you can use twitter to help drive traffic to you business or blog.  this problogger article outlines the top ten ways, and i’m going to touch on the ones i think are most important.

#1: personalize your twitter page. before you start building relationships on twitter, it’s important to brand yourself.  fill out your profile bio and give your potential followers an insight into who you are and what you do.  then, update your profile picture with either your logo or self portrait.  either way, you want your picture to look inviting, professional and clear.  lastly, change your twitter background to something that suits your business or blog.  there are many ‘default’ backgrounds you can use, but choosing something a bit more personal is a great way to connect even further with your readers.  think photographs, collages, or matching backgrounds to your existing site will get your followers intrigued.


#2: get engaged and hang in there. just because you open an account, doesn’t mean the masses will come knocking.  it’s important to show up, be consistent and engage with others using twitter.  twitter is a tiny bit like a blog, you’ll have to consistently use it (at least once a day) and hang in there for at least a few months before you begin seeing the advantages it has to offer.  for a while, you may feel that you’re speaking to no one, but hang in there.  tweet sincerely, and you’ll begin to gain the trust of your followers.  rather than push people to always support you and click over to your blog, provide advice, ask questions, and treat the masses as if they were your buddies.

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#3: build relationships. it’s not only important to gain followers, but it’s equally important to follow others in your industry and connect to them via twitter.  you can start building useful and meaningful relationships with others, and it’s an easy way to connect to people you might otherwise never have.  i ran across this handy jpg from jessica hische the other day, and it cleared up so much about how exactly twitter works! you can click here for the full size image which is much more legible.

#4: provide useful information. many business owners use twitter to only push links to their own shops/sites/blogs.  not only can it be a tad annoying, but it doesn’t really do much for your gaining followers.  your self-promoting posts should be intertwined with other relevant info. shops you find that you love, discounts and sales you find, helpful articles, etc.  posts that are resourceful always get retweeted the most.

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#5: engage by using pictures. i don’t know about you, but when other’s tweet pictures, they are always my favorite!  by using twitpic, it’s simple to post pictures from your computer, the web or your cell phone straight to twitter, and it goes a long way to engage your readers.

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this article from crafting an mba discusses the difference between using twitter for broadcasting vs. conversational reasons.  i love the article, because it’s something i’ve struggled with for a while.  i tend to use my twitter in more of a broadcast way, thought i want to start bringing in a more conversational aspect to it. how do you feel about the difference?  what do you prefer in your own twitter?

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please read!: i’d also like to let you know that i’m switching going home to roost’s twitter account.  if you’ve been following me, please click here to follow my new account, where i’ll be posting all the relevant blog info, personal finds, handmade advice and hopefully lots of conversations with you all!

do you have a twitter account? please leave it in the comments section, so i can follow you, too!

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