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your about page (and profile page in your etsy shop) is usually the most visited page on your website. it’s your chance to tell your story, and give the very important first impression.  it allows you to let your readers, browsers and buyers know who you are and whether or not they can trust you.  it’s where many decisions will be made: do we have anything in common? will i purchase from you? continue reading? do you have anything of value for me?  though it’s often hard for us to write about ourselves, it’s your chance to shine and give your horn a little toot (it deserves it!).  so join me today in learning how to craft a better about page!

aicia bock

polaroid photograph – yellow and white

there’s an art to writing well and allowing people to feel comfortable in your world.  making readers of your about or profile page feel important, cared about, and well educated on you and/or your business is a great starting point on building a relationship with them.  often times the about or profile page is the first page i go to when i visit a new shop or blog.  sometimes they’re great and sometimes they need some work.  if you own a etsy shop, don’t think that people aren’t interested in or aren’t clicking on your profile.  etsy sellers and buyers (and blog authors!) are very interested in you, what you do and how you do it.  i’m always so sad when a sellers profile is left empty or only refers me to their website.  it feels cold and uncaring, and i would much rather prefer to feel warmth and love!

love pillow

yellow love pillow

so how do we write a great about page?  there are some certain answers people will be looking for.  who are you? what do you do? where do you do it? why do you do it? and how do you do it? crafty people are always interesting (weather you know it or not!) and we are all interested in learning about you and getting your fresh perspective on the world.  if you’re a seller, make sure to include:

– what do you sell

– what’s different or special about what you do?

– a little about your personal story

– anything unique to you or your products

– share on why or how you make your items

give your browsers info about your shop and your products, then give them some personal info as well.

keep calm

keep calm, recycled wood sign

if you’re a blog author, first off make sure you a) have an about page and b) it’s really easy to find.  make sure to include:

– what do you write about?

– who are you and where do you live?

– what do you do?

– what’s the easiest way to get in touch with you?

this is your chance to turn the first time visitor into a loyal reader.  tell your story, be engaging and be friendly- did you say hello?

leaf magnets

triplet leaves magnets

if you’re still having trouble coming up with what to say, try interviewing yourself, then turn your answers into your about page.  it also helps to write as though you’re writing to your best friend, most loyal blog reader or most frequent buyer.  write as though you’re writing to a friend, instead of the entire world and you’ll come across as friendly and approachable.  last but not least, don’t forget to proof read!

ready for class participation?

if you would like us to review your profile or about page leave us a link and we’ll give you some feedback. if you would like to see mine, you can check out my about page here and one of my profile pages here.  it’s not so easy to write about myself either, so feedback and criticism are always welcome!


  • i’d love some feedback! :) xo.

    • @tiny twig: what an adorable blog! can’t believe i haven’t stumbled across it before, it’s so cute!

      your about page is great! at first i thought it was hard to find, then i found it and felt dumb, haha. i love the pic of you and your husband, and you’ve done the perfect job of capturing my attention with the first paragraph. you really tell a story and take me for a ride, i wish i was with you in the car as you crossed over the indiana line! i feel like the best parts are the beginning and the very end, but i get a little lost in the middle. also, i’m left wondering a little bit about what exactly tiny twigs is about, or what i should expect if i began reading it. you’ve capture my attention, now let me know that why i have to become a daily reader!

  • Great post Bonnie, thanks for sharing it! I am always struggling with writing about myself. I love your about page & profile pages! They are informative, and I think your personally really shines through!

    Feel free to check out either my about page on my website:

    or my profile page on Etsy:

    • hi simone! thank you for sharing your links with us, what beautiful work you do!

      i love both of your pages! your about page does a really good job of giving a professional feel, and the 3rd person write up is done beautifully. it’s a little brief, though you’ve covered all the essentials, so you could either leave it as is or feel free to expand on why you do what you do etc,. it would also be nice to maybe see a picture of your workspace or you yourself at work making the jewelry?

      your etsy profile is equally as good! i really love that you talk about your history and passion for your work, and especially love that you explain the process of reticulation. it adds value and interest to each of your pieces and truly made me love them even more! it seems like (though not necessary) you could add a little about your credentials or work from a professional standpoint (like on your about page), but again i think they are both great!

      any other advice out there? :)

  • I’ve been working on adding value to my blog on the visual front, in baby steps. I just tacked on a little more info to my About Me page a couple days ago, but am sure it might be a little… wordy… as I tend to get sometimes. Thank you for the offer to critique!

    I just looked over yours and really like the addition of photos; never would have thought of that. I’m adding that one to my to-tweak list, for sure. A real-person profile pic is on the docket, too. :)

    • @scatterbox: thanks for participating! i like that your about page is witty and seems to have been written in a friend to friend manner (that’s a big accomplishment!). your first two bullets seem to have a slightly apologetic tone to them, which may or may not be the first impression you want to give(?). i also think you could delete the headers, “one line bio”, “interests” and just try to flow naturally from one topic to the next. i think the headers make it feel a little too structured. overall, great job though! can’t wait to see the pictures you add! :)

  • Lovely, Bonnie. The first thing I noticed on your “about” page was the smiley picture of you. I don’t remember that from when I first read your about page. Perfect!

    If anyone is willing, I’d love some feedback on my shop about page:

    I’ll check back to hear what everyone else has to say with their shops!

    • hi katie! thank you! the pic is new (it’s almost just as hard to post a pic of yourself than it is to write about yourself!)

      i love your about page. it shows your personality so well and you’ve done such a fantastic job at telling your story and the story of your journals. it brings such a personal aspect to your work, and truly adds meaning to each journal. my only ‘critique’ is that i would love to see more pics! maybe a bigger one of you and or your workspace, but especially one of this recycled tire house. it’s killing me, i have to see what it looks like!!

  • Yes! Refreshing my “about” pages has been on the back burner forever. Writing a profile is excruciating for me, for some reason! Feedback would be so appreciated :)
    My blog ~
    My Etsy shop profile ~
    Yours are great Bonnie, very warm and friendly, and packed full of interesting tidbits about you.

    • hi bonnie! love your about pages! they are both equally great, but so different! i think it would be great to combine them somehow to give more of the whole story of you and what you do. also, i’m a total sucker for pictures, so would love to see some of you working or the like. i also love that you use a traditional dark room, it’s interesting and captivating and more info or a pic would really grab attention (i think?). also, this is just my personal opinion, but i think you could take out your statement about the prev blog that says “but just never felt like I got it quite right”. it brings attention to a failed experience and makes the reader question the current one. does that make sense? just a thought, overall everything looks beautiful and is well written! :D

  • ha! I guess it’s rather ironic that I am telling you how much I love seeing that new photo of you on your about page, Bonnie…. then to have you telling me *I* need more of the same. You’re so right. It’s easier to describe ourselves with words than to post pictures. But the pictures are worth SO MUCH. Hmmm… maybe this is a future etsy shop article!

  • Hi Bonnie: I am new to the blogging world. I have started and I am trying to learn as much as I can. I follow your blog and think you always give such great ideas. It was because of you I found so many great fonts, etc. Could you look at my blog page and tell me how my profile sounds.


    • hi peggy! aw, thank you so much! congrats on getting a blog up and running! you’ll have so much fun. :)

      your about intro is great! now i just want to know more! i want to know why you blog and what your blog is about. your goal should be to capture one’s attention and let them know why they should stick around and come back the next day. how exactly do you go about living your life happy every day? don’t doubt that people are interested in you and want to learn about who’s behind the blog. you’ve got my attention, now expand on it all and you’ll have a great profile page! keep up the great work!

  • I had the same thoughts go through my mind as I looked for Tiny Twig’s about page. I’d love to know the meaning behind the name.

  • Thanks a bunch, Bonnie! Good suggestions. Yeah, I agree, I should take out the part about my first blog being not so great:) This is the push I needed to finally whip my various “abouts” and “profiles” into shape!

  • Hi Bonnie, thank you so much for this helpful post, as all your etsy posts are. If you have a mo and could give me your opinion on my bio page on my etsy shop I’d be really grateful. I’ve only just launched it so feedback would be very helpful. It’s at
    Thanks, Gabrielle

  • Ooooo! Thanks for the GREAT feedback! I’m going to return the favor later tonight. xo.

  • Thanks for this post!

    I don’t have a store- but I bought the yellow “love” pillow off etsy today! Woohoo!

  • Thank you so much for the feedback Bonnie! I could definitely use some expansion on my about page. I find whenever I’m trying to write about myself it sounds a bit robotic, and third person seems to come out before first person. I think all of the literary essays I had to write in university habitualized the third person style for me!

  • Hi there. I too would love feedback. I’m new on Etsy and working on expanding both my blog and etsy audience.

    Thank you so much!

    • shalet: wow, i am humbled to have just read your about pages! you just schooled us all in how to captivate your readers. you took me on an emotional rollercoaster, i was intently paying attention, and laughed out loud more than once. you have such a talent for creating a vision for your readers and so inspiring! you profile definitely made me want to buy something from you. how could i not want you to be able to continue in your favorite hobbies?! the room you create for us in your about page envelops me with warmth, love and coziness and i truly want to stay for a long while. so sorry to say that i have no critique, but you’ve made me a fan and i’ll be checking back in with you often!

      everyone make sure to read shalet’s pages!

  • Hi Bonnie!
    I’d love your feedback on my about and profile pages. It truly is hard to write about yourself!!

    thanks so much!!

    • hi amanda! thanks for leaving your links! love your pages, both are easy to read and entertaining! for you profile page, i’d def suggest leaving a link to your blog which may what readers would be most interested in. you could also expand a little on why and how you do what you do, other etsians love to read about creative processes! :)

      for you about page, i love how friendly and open it is. my only thoughts are that i like your ‘about amanda’ first paragraphs better than i like the ‘about calico & co’ opening. you could either move the ‘about calico’ down so that your personal about story comes first- (since it grabs attention and makes me want to read more) or just make your first paragraph about your blog more compelling. i generally like to know about who writes the blog before i want to know what the blog is about. what do you think? if you decide to re-write your ‘about calico’ opening, check out tiny twigs first paragraph and how she goes about really grabbing the readers attn (and pulling on their heart strings). overall, you’ve done a beautiful job!!

  • @jessica: yeah! hehe, i’m so happy you liked it, it’s beautiful!

    @simone: well you’ve done an awesome job! writing in 3rd has always been terribly hard for me- i’m not sure why! i think i need to get my mom to write it for me or something (lol).

  • Yay! Thank you!

  • Hi Bonnie, I’m not sure if my comment above got lost in the list, it took hours to come up. If you could take a look that would be fab, thank you!

  • Ooooooo, Bonnie. Your about me page is PERFECT! I love all of your VIP kind of links right there. :) Much to learn from your example. P.S.–I’m in NC, too. Though, not for too much longer hopefully. Love the state, but am excited to get back home!

  • What a great post, just found this blog and now I know I will enjoy it. Thanks for featuring my magnets, I am honor. Alona.

  • Love the love pillow! Great print too

  • Great post! I know I’m a few days late, but as a new Etsy shop owner, I would love some feedback too (if you’re still giving it)! My shop can be found here:

    Thanks so much! I never comment on blogs, but I do find yours so very useful :)

  • Hi Bonnie
    I would love some constructive criticism on my ‘about’ pages! I cuurently have an ‘about me page’ and ‘about this blog’ page but not sure if two are really necessary!

    Thanks for taking the time to look.


  • hi gabrielle! so sorry to have missed you! i love your profile page in you etsy shop. it’s intriguing, precise and nicely laid out. i love the bullets outlining the most important issues and the way in which you’ve written it, great job! your about page on your blog is a little difficult to follow, as i don’t think it flows quite as well as your etsy profile. i would consider either re-writing it and trying to be more organic with it, or just use the same one you wrote for etsy! overall, great job and cute sites!

  • hi lauren! congrats on opening your new shop! i enjoyed reading your profile- it’s concise, interesting, and gives lots of helpful info. great job including what you do and the shop you are working on. the only thing i think you could benefit from is saying a little more! who are you? why do you love doing this? what brought you to this place? if you’re comfortable with it, i’d also advise to include your name somewhere. great job!

  • hi zoe! sorry for my delay! love how you talk about why you blog, your credentials and your mission in writing. the one thing i think is lacking is telling the reader what you blog about. you’ll want to answer the question, “why do i want to ready your blog?” let the reader know what to expect and why they *need* to read your blog, does that help? also, would love to see a pic stuck in there! :)

  • I am so grateful that I found you and this post. I recently started a blog and was struggling with the about me page. As much as I want tell the world all about me, I want to hide behind a tree and give out a little peek at a time. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow a few of your ideas to use on my blog.

    • hi marianne! of course not! your little intro is sweet. it makes me want to know about what you do and about the dogs that you resuce! have you considered adding an about page? that way you could share even more about you, the dogs, and what you write about. love your ruffhaven!

  • I haven’t revised my bio in a while, and I’ve read it so many times that I don’t see it with fresh eyes anymore. I’d love to have you look it over!

  • Helpful! Just catching up on my Reader after – no joke – finishing the very task in question. Great reminder to recheck & ensure it does, in fact, sound friendly.

  • Thank you so much Bonnie for taking time to look at my blog. I will put the advice in to place later today!

  • hi betsy! aw, i love your site and your about page! perfectly balanced with info, interest, your background and your passion. i’m certainly no english major, but should it say “my grandmother’s attic” instead of “her grandmother’s attic”? i struggle with tenses, so i might be wrong, haha!

    LOVE those carrot earrings!!

  • have i missed anyone? let me know if so!

  • Hey Bonnie! I found you through Bloom posting a link to your desktop calendar & ended up here on this post. I realize it is from 2010 so your offer to review people’s “about me” pages may have expired. If you have a spare moment I would love to hear any feedback you have on my about page as I have been struggling to write it with all the important info like contact info + make it at all interesting. Thanks in advance for any time and thoughts you may have for me! I also pinned this post so I could find you again later! :)

    • hi allison! sure thing, i would love to take a gander at it! :) will do so tomorrow and promptly get back to you. :) xox

  • Thank you Bonnie! You are too sweet to take a look! :)

  • Hi Bonnie,
    I have recently jumped into a fresh surge of research. I am trying to work out some kinks and fine tune my etsy shop. I stumbled across you through etsy success browsing. You are a burst of sunshine and I would be honored to have your critique of my story on my about page. (fyi-pictures are on stand by, the ones on there are a little gooby and cropped funky by etsy)


    P.S. I adore your blog! It’s fun and has me wanting to see more :-)

    • hi chelsea, so nice to meet you! i absolutely love your about page, you’ve done a great job! the photos are beautiful and your paragraphs are really engaging. i love that you’ve shared some of your passions with us and about where you’ve come from. awesome job! xox

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