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hello love birds!  spring and summer craft shows are officially here, so today i’m telling you my top ten craft-show-booth tips!

{paperleaf at handm@de cambridge}

1. keep it simple and keep it lovely. a booth that is organized and easily navigatable will always be pleasing to your customers.  clutter will annoy some shoppers and may make others doubt your professionalism.


{christmas bazaar}

2. make a list! it’s a good idea to write a checklist and stick to it!  make sure to read this fabulous checklist that jen from indie fixx wrote recently!

katie daisy's booth

{katie daisy’s booth at the big crafty}

3. keep business cards handy. having a great business card accessible and ready to hand out is a vital part of craft shows and networking.  i’m always surprised at how many people forget to bring them!  added bonus? make it memorable.  one idea i used once was to make an ‘i’ll be back card’. when a shopper left (w/out purchasing anything) and said, “i’ll be back”, i made sure to give them an ‘i’ll be back card’ promising them 10% off if they indeed returned!

{chomp and stomp}

4. tag your goods. check to make sure that each of your items are properly tagged.  it’s important to include all of you business info as well as the price.  having to search for answers to commonly asked questions (i.e. how much is this?) will discourage some shoppers to wait around for the answer.  it’s also important that the buyer knows how to find you when they get home with your product (or where to point their friends who love it so much)!

{market stall}

5. collect info. now is a perfect time to collect some info!  if you have a newsletter, make sure to have a form out so that people can add themselves if they like.  also, if someone has their own business or is there for press, you always want to make sure to gather info about them. learning about your shoppers, browsers or interested guests is an essential part of networking.  added bonus? send a little follow up thank-you to everyone you gathered business cards from!

{eyepopart booth photos 1}

6. plan your booth. plan ahead for your booth and consider setting up a mock trial before the big event.  having a theme to your setup will help you come off as polished and cohesive. it’s also a good idea to step back from your setup, and even take a picture of it to see it as other’s will.  working with different height levels and colors will help draw shopper’s eye to your booth.


7. go beyond the table. some of the best advice i’ve heard!  try to think outside of the box, or should i say table!  anytime you can incorporate a piece that will intrigue those walking by will help them notice you.  think fabric, unique displays, and furniture items- especially vintage finds that can help doll up your booth!

{rockton show2}

8. talk, talk, talk. ok, maybe not too much, but if someone shows interest, at least introduce yourself!  i’m always sad when i get to a booth and don’t get addressed.  if someone is looking around your booth, you can bet they would like to meet you and possibly find out a little more about what you do.  of course, some shoppers like to be left alone, so don’t forget to judge their character and let ‘em be if they like!

{paper pastries set up}

9. show yourself. make yourself shine through in your booth!  most businesses have an aesthetic that they like to portray, and what better place to show this than at your booth.  let yourself, your business, your shop and any website you have portray a cohesive look that shines through to your buyers.

{renegade booth stamp your own postcard}

10. stand out. don’t be afraid to be a little different in order to catch they eye of any passer by.  bright colors, fabulous signs, a giveaway or shopper involved activity will catch attention and help you stand out from the crowd.

speaking of craft shows, have you heard of the art start craft bazaar? this much anticipated yearly event is coming up this weekend!  it’s an outdoor retail art and craft show juried by philadelphia’s art star gallery and boutique.  over 100 local & national artists have been chosen to set up shop and sell!  if you’re in the area, it’s certainly a must-see.  it will be held on may 15th and 16th in philadelphia, pa at penn’s landing great plaza.  i wish i could be there in person, but i’ll be there in spirit (and product!) at hello bluebird’s booth.  if you attend, make sure to take lots of pics to share! ;)

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