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today’s post is going to take you on a little trip!  i’m guest posting for tara over at scoutie girl on how to nourish your creativity, and that’s where i’m going to send you for today’s etsy shop help article! it’s all about the things i do to nourish, embrace and support my creativity, and i encourage you to share the ways that you feed your creative side as well.  head over to scoutie girl to read nourish your creativity and share with us all the things you do that keep your creative side inspired!


  • I read your guest post on scoutiegirl but wanted to shout out my love here :) it’s nice to be able to relate to someone’s creative process. I’ve recently started blogging and had just discovered pinterest (love it) and I’m also trying to implement using evernote into my daily routine instead of trying to keep track of hundreds of bookmarks. Thanks for the inspirations!


    PS. love the new blog design!

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