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do you ever feel like you just need your own personal squad of cheerleaders to keep you motivated?  there are so many ways that owning a small business can chip away at your motivation, and that’s often what you need the most of!  whether it’s from boredom, busyness, or stress from trying to break even- we’ll talk about some motivation boosters today.

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try to limit your time-wasters. in particular, time spent on the computer.  it’s amazing how i can sit down at my mac and not really even know what i did when my consciousness returns 3 hours later!  with everything that can ‘suck you in’ it’s important to set some boundaries for yourself.  between computers, ipods, phones, emails, convos, twitter, facebook, formspring, & flickr, there are many reasons to step. away. from. the. computer.  else, you may find yourself there all day, then stressed and unmotivated when it comes time to work.

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try something new. when you make the same things over and over again, it’s really easy to feel like you’re in a rut.  work on some new designs or try learning a new technique.  maybe take a break from your workspace and online shop to do a local craft show or trade event.  whatever it is, try to break your habits and spice things up again!  when there’s something new to look forward to, your motivation will surely begin to bounce back.

yellow warblers watercolor painting

make your space inspiring. one of the quickest ways (i’ve learned) to kill my motivation is to have a messy workspace.  sometimes i try to work through the clutter, but it never fails to effect my inspiration, and nag on my motivation. surround yourself with things that make you happy like flowers, artwork or pictures and reflect on them when you’re feeling a little bogged down.  it’s also helpful to just take a break and change the mood.  go for a walk, open the windows, fix some lemonade, or anything that will help rejuvenate your spirits.

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slow down. sometimes motivation can lack because you’re not selling enough, other times it can be because you’re selling too much.  if you’re the latter, don’t forget that you’re a one woman (or man) show!  try to slow down or find some help.  if you’re flat out selling to much to keep up with, and you can’t make-one-more-(fill in the blank), you’ve got to find a way to take it down a notch.  hire a nanny, or someone to help you with shipping.  raise your prices, don’t relist as much or just close your etsy shop for a few days until you can regroup and pick yourself up again.

those are all things that i’ve done to help boost my motivation.  what do you find works best for you?


  • Surprisingly enough, I talk things out with my husband. He owns his own business too, so inspiration just gets born between the two of us.

    And if he’s not around, I either organize my space (like you suggested) or make a list of things I want to do and get something done.

    • elizabeth, aren’t husbands the best? love it when you can inspire each other!

  • Thank you for including my warblers in your post. You advice is spot on. I think the less time spent online the better – it is a challenge for me too. I’m going to clean up my messy desk right now, per your instructions!

  • In the “try something new” vein, I find that sometimes taking the time out to make something for myself, rather than something to sell, will actually help to inspire new ideas for things I CAN make to sell. We put ourselves last a lot of times, but some of my best ideas have come when I take the time out to just make something for my own use and enjoyment.

    • oo, such great advice mallory! have you ever read burn toast by teri hatcher? it’s about how woman many times give the golden toast away and always leave the burnt toast for themselves. i say here’s to eating golden toast, and putting ourselves first from time to time!

  • Last month I took a one week “computer vacation” – all of my emails were sent to my phone so I didn’t miss orders or important messages…it was a refreshing break!

    Lately I’ve been experimenting with new product photos…that’s been fun! And, makes me want to make more stuff to photo :)

    • jes, what a great idea! i’ve been tempted to close up for a few days here and there, i think i’ll start taking my own advice, hehe!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mustard bag, didn’t see such cuteness for a while now!!! GORGEOUS!!! I can’t stop staring at it ha!

  • I try to spend at least one weekend a month making something new for me or my shop. When has to be a weekend because I work full time so can’t devote an afternoon or morning to new projects. And sometimes my weekends get crushed because of orders, chores, home or life. But I try my darnest to start something new. it is refreshing.

  • oh i love that yellow bow purse!! so pretty!!

  • you have helped to motivate me lots of times.

  • Your post make me realize that a really must start to try something new different to give more inspiration! Thanks for share!

  • I have a small shop on etsy with the jewelry I make. I am not real happy with the pictures and have no idea what to do.

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