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January 11, 2011

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our new saeco espresso machine
you all know i’m a coffee drinker, but our latest addition has taken it up one giant notch. i gave david an espresso machine for christmas (gotta love gifts that give dual pleasure) and have been sippin’ on coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and little espressos ever since. though i have to admit that i feel badly for our since-put-away french press (i think i’ve watched toy story too many times), i’m receiving this caffeinated goodness with open arms. dave used to work at a coffee shop during college, so he knows all the tricks to making up super frothy and delicious drinks. my favorite so far? i think his specialty chocolate soy latte.

are you enjoying a gift so much, that you’re not sure how you lived without it?

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  • Hey Bonnie, what kind of espresso machine did you get your hubby? my husband wants one but i don’t drink coffee, so i’m not sure which one to get!

  • hi alaina! i got the saeco odea-go- you can see it here, but i found it for about half price at costco! so far, i highly recommend it :)

  • Darlene L | January 11, 2011

    Can you share the recipe for the chocolate soy latte? Sounds so yummy!

  • hi darlene! sure, it’s pretty simple. he takes about 1/4 cup of chocolate soy milk and steams it with ‘steamer’ until it gets really hot and frothy, then just pours it over one shot of espresso! yum.

  • yep, my favorite gift yesterday was the blanket you made for me!

  • Bonnie – this is my favorite gift, too! My husband got me an espresso machine for Christmas four years ago, and it’s hard to remember life before weekend homemade lattes. My favorite recipes are peppermint mocha and vanilla – I love experimenting:


    I’ll have to try making one using chocolate soy milk. I usually drink plain Silk, but make a chocolate syrup from scratch. Chocolate soy milk would be so much easier!

  • Love that coffee cup
    I always look at the goodwill for weird pottery mugs and just love that one
    Maybe you can post a coffee recipe for us now and then.
    Im new to drinking coffee and the stronger it is the better

  • I love this mug I will have to get one! as I love my coffee!

  • thank you, michelle! it was a gift from my dad who i think purchased it from the indie craft parade- maybe from illyria?

  • pottery pieces are always on my thrift list as well! they are so hard to come by (here anyways). i passed up a beautiful pottery casserole dish once, and have since thought of it many times. i learned my lesson!

  • oh, ashley! these sound so yummy- thank you so much for sharing!

  • That’s funny, I talked about coffee and delicious hot drinks the day before and made a drawing to illustrate my love for coffee:

    Do you grind your beans?

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