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March 24, 2011

Hello everyone. I’m so glad being here on GHTR today to show you one of my easy project tutorials I’ve made recently.My name is Lou and I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I have a blog named Happy Serendipity which is all about crafty inspiration, handmade markets, I have a DIY tutorial each week and a free digital download as well. Being a sewing addict I have an Etsy shop – named HappySerendipity as well. Please stop by and have a look. I will donate 50% of all purchases to the German Red Cross these days to support the victims of Japan. Thank you.

Materials needed:

– Slices of birch tree (available in craft stores or flower shops, I found these at Dawanda)
– Acrylic paint or crayons or sharpies
– Printout of artwork
– Tracing paper
woodblock diy
Trace the artwork on the wood by laying the tracing paper between the draft and the wood.
Use a pencil to draw the lines.
woodblock diy
After tracing everything it should look like this.
woodblock diy
Now you can start to paint. For some I drew a black outline with a black sharpie before painting but that’s
totally up to you.
yay paint
I used either acrylic paint and crayons.
yay paint
The final result looks like this.
you can even use them as coasters!
The final result looks like this.

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  • nice idea. =) greetings, Evi

  • i’m honored to be here. thanx bonnie! :-)

  • I love this so much! Such a cute idea!

  • You can also use them to cover your drink to keep bugs out in the summertime! That way you can enjoy all the fun messages you’ve put on the top!

  • this is so so so awesome. i think they’d look great hanging on a wall too.

  • hadassah | March 25, 2011

    hi there–

    quick question: where did you find the runner (tablecloth?) in the second-to-last photo (with the pink squiggle circles)? it’s great!


  • hello hadassah, of course, it was a fabric from ikea that i bought by the meter and just sewed the hem. that was many moons ago though i think they discontinued that pattern. at least here in germany.

  • hadassah | March 25, 2011

    thanks, anyways!

  • Analeigh | January 5, 2012

    I love these, they’re so pretty! I’m definitely trying this one out :) Thank you! But I do have a question, what fonts did you use for ‘Martin’, ‘Luisa’ and ‘eat, drink, love’?

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