wine box salad garden

May 19, 2011

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i stumbled across the diy for this wine box salad garden yesterday (via llh designs, found on the style files) and fell in love- what a brilliant idea! i’m a big believer in square foot gardening as it is, so using pre-made wooden boxes just makes the whole thing easier from the start. and the fact that they are wine boxes covered in french just makes them all the more lovely. i wonder where linsey got these from? were they free? maybe she’ll pop over and let us know!

just think, no weeds, fresh greens (or any veggie for that matter), and a small place to tend to. sounds like the perfect garden to me! visit llh designs for the full how to and happy gardening!

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  • This is a classic wine crate gardening picture. Thatnk you for doing this project! I’m also a fan of square foot gardening, as it’s efficient, eco-friendly and very easy to manage. Did you by any chance consider a finish for the wine crates to prevent exposure to the elements? I read that Thompson’s Water Seal may be a good and non-toxic option.

  • thanks, @winepine!! this is a project from llh designs and i believe she does discuss adding a finish for better protection. thank you for the non-toxic recommendation, it sounds perfect! you can check out her post here:

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