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i’m not sure what i love more: scott albrecht’s hand drawn typography or the messages that are written in it. scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (1) scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (2) scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (3) scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (4) it’s just the way we progress.

visit scott albrecht’s site to see more!

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one day, i will have a little greenhouse in my garden. it will double as a quite getaway and support all kinds of growth, both naturally and spiritually. below are a few that my dreams find especially inspiring!

garden greenhouses

garden greenhouses (1)

garden greenhouses (2)

garden greenhouses (3)

garden greenhouses (5)

garden greenhouses (7)

garden greenhouses (8)

garden greenhouses (9)

garden greenhouses (10)

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happy monday, lovelies! today i’m excited to share with you that the lovely jo klima (designer of ghtr) is offering the your darling blog workshop again! and i’m extra-excited to say that this time, i’ll be taking it!

your darling blog

your darling blog design workshop is for bloggers who want to learn how to infuse more of their personality into their online space. over the course of 7 weeks, jo teaches you how to create a blog design, infuse it with your personality and find your style.

your darling blog

if you’re interested, don’t delay! the next workshop begins june 25th and registration closes this friday, june 22nd. head on over to your darling blog to find out more about registration, see testimonials and read the FAQ’s.

i hope to see you in class!

jo klima elsewhere: workshop | blog | website | twitter | facebook

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dinner ideas 6.15.12

June 15, 2012

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hello friends! i’ve been out of town this week and eating from a sweet little cafeteria in arizona! since i haven’t been cooking, i pulled a few of my favorite dinners from the past few weeks to share with you again. if you missed them the first time, they truly are delicious, wholesome and healthy! :)

monday: vegan cobb salad in a jar!
tuesday: root veggie chowder
wednesday: black rice stir fry
thursday: tomato basil cream pasta
friday: coconut rice with lemon-agave stir fry

what was on your plate this week? any favorite recipes you’d like to share?

we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!

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point and shoot 6.15.12

June 15, 2012

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this is my week told pictorially. if you’re new to point and shoot, you can catch up here! :)

bonnie christine (4)

the prettiest beet i ever did see.

bonnie christine (1)

lazy days.

bonnie christine (3)

bonnie christine (5)


bonnie christine (6)

bonnie christine (2)

just returned from an amazing holy yoga retreat. (more on that to come!)

love, bonnie

do you have any favorite photos from your life this week?

instagram this post was made possible by the lovely iphone app, instagram. you can follow me here or find me by searching for @goinghometoroost. all photos by yours truly. :)

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she’s crafty

June 14, 2012

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she's crafty

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

just in case you want to show your crafty side (or gift someone who’s crafty!). :)

what’s your craft of choice? mine would either be no. 1 or no. 4… or both!

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June 14, 2012

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handmade brooches

i think these handmade brooches from lesalikes are so sweet, what a great way to add some pizazz to your wardrobe! i especially love this little guy.

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creative mending

June 13, 2012

creative mending

for all your patchy problems, try creative mending! i’m pretty sure i would just rip a whole in my favorite pair of jeans just to sport one of these pretties. made with a cereal box, blunt needle and yarn, these would make great projects for waiting in offices, long car rides or airplane trips. my imagination is taking me to coasters and hot pads, too!

visit karen barbe’s blog for the full step by step tutorial, and make sure to check out her shop and other tutorials while you’re at it!

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