• Just signed up! I just love following your blog. Thank you for this wonderful way to connect and grow :) I am just beginning my own blog and so excited to have the help sprucing it up!! Thanks :)

  • I’m trying to purchase from the store. I don’t seem to know the code to get the Tribe discount. Help! :-)

    • hey krista! the tribe discount is listed on the member’s only welcome page. all the info on how to get to that page and the password for it were included in your welcome e-mail. please let me know if you need any further help! xo

  • Hi Bonnie,
    I have been paying for at least a couple of months now but I haven’t received anything!
    No welcome email…!
    A glitch perhaps?
    Sally :)

    • hey sally! it looks like you were sent the welcome e-mail on september 5th. in order to start receiving content, you’ll need to fill out the form inside the welcome email. can you find it? just shoot me an email and we’ll figure it out ( i’ll also send over all your missed content! xox

  • Ohhhh! I found it!

    I think it came when I was swamped and got buried!!?
    Anyway, I filled my form in now – so all good!
    Thanks soooo much Bonnie!
    Sally :)

    • hey sally! it’s no problem at all! i’ll send over everything you’ve missed. :) xo

  • P.S. I meant to apologise!!
    *sorry* :0)

  • Hello-I also have been paying and I don’t remember receiving a welcome email.

    • hi marie! i just resent your welcome email to this email address. be sure to glance in your spam folder if you don’t see it right away. you must fill out the form inside to be added to the roost tribe. shoot me an email and ill get any content you’ve missed sent over. :) xox

  • Hi Bonnie,

    I was in your wonderful class in SF at CreativeLive.
    How do I get signed up for my first gratis month?

    I loved your class!



    • hi teresa! emailing you now! :)

  • Hi Bonnie!

    I’m SEW very excited to join your Roost Tribe…I did receive my subscription confirmation email, but I haven’t received an email with the password to login to the page yet… :)

    • hi nancy! welcome to the family! you’ll receive it within 24 hours of signing up. be sure to check your spam and/or promotions tab in gmail for it as well!

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