edible sugar doilies

May 15, 2012

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sugar doilies

speaking of tea, i am absolutely in love with these sugar doilies from sweet de ja vu. they are a flexible, edible lace that have a sweet, melt on your tongue, creamy taste. though i would be happy to simply have them on hand for cups of tea, hot cocoa and coffee, you could use these sweets just about anywhere. on desserts, cakes and cookies, oh my!

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  • Anna | May 15, 2012

    I just wanted to let you know that you can buy the set and make these yourself. www dot sugarveil dot com

  • Absolutely lovely! I am such a sucker for all types of doilies. Too bad there aren’t a lot of sources where I live. Thanks for such a refreshing post! :)

  • Fantastic idea!I want these!

  • How charming!!

  • those are too sweet! I imagine they would look lovely in a mug of hot chocolate as well!

  • Oh wow – this it so unique! Very cute! :)

  • Hollie | May 15, 2012

    These are the sweetest little things, thank you for sharing!

  • oh, my – adorable!

  • Oh those are so pretty!! We have a girls’ tea every August in honor of my Granny and these would be be a great addition. :)

  • Wow! Genius!!!

    – Sarah

  • wowww is so sweety!!

  • So pretty! I have been loving all of your posts lately, Bonnie – just wonderful stuff!

  • Hope | May 15, 2012

    Wow! They are beautiful! But after looking at the website Anna sent, I was really upset to see that the etsy seller had used one of their copyrighted images. I really rely on my etsy sellers for honest pictures, not badly photoshopped copyrighted ones.

    Sad day.

  • hi hope! oh no! i only assumed it was sweet de ja vu’s photograph.. i should have done more research. i checked out sugar veil’s website and couldn’t find this photo though, can you direct me to it? if so, i’ll update this post with proper credit info. thanks for having a good eye! xox, bonnie

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