how to pitch to bloggers- an article and online lab with etsy!

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how to pitch to bloggers

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hello, friends! have you ever wondered how to get more press in the blogosphere? whether you’d like to promote your shop, blog or online store, today you can read a little more about how to pitch to bloggers. i’m delighted to share that today you can find me over on etsy, talking with you about how to pitch yourself and your product to bloggers. you can also watch my online lab where i be answer all your questions about pitching to bloggers in this video interview!

how to pitch to bloggers

how to pitch to bloggers



  • I really like your Etsy post! So useful. It helps me to check if I was writing submission emails in the right way. It happens that nobody has answer me yet, so I was wondering if I´m making any mistake. But as you said, I have to keep my head up and move on. Somebody will eventually like my project to be pubished.
    Thank you! greetings from Argentina!

  • So wonderful!! Was excited to see the article on Etsy. Way to go, Bonnie :)

  • Love this! Excited for the lab tomorrow! Just RSVP’d! P.S. What a lovely photo!!

  • Oh my goodness! This post couldn’t have happened at a better time as I have LITERALLY been looking daily/weekly on pitching to bloggers. As a just-starting out Jewelry Designer it has been quite an experience approaching bloggers. What works with some doesn’t work with others, it’s all a process. Thank you so much for this post! Loved that you posted example pitches, Can’t wait to catch the lab tomorrow!

  • Absolutely loved everything about this post. There are so many good tips in here that everyone can benefit from, whether it’s your first time pitching to blogs, or someone wondering why their pitches are not successful. Thank you Bonnie and the Etsy team for this post!


  • Aww, yay Bonnnie! When my Etsy email appeared this morning with this in the header, I said, “hey, I know that name!!” So cool! Great post! :)

    • hehe! thanks so much brittany!! :)

  • Hi Bonnie! I got the chance to sit in on the online Etsy lab today thankfully to nap time syncing up with it. Thanks for all the great information! It definitely helped me figure out what my next step needs to be. :)

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