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*update: pssst.. check out the new roost tribe website!

hello, love birds! words can’t express how excited i am to announce this new feature of going home to roost >> the roost tribe!

roost tribe

roost tribe

join the roost tribe! >>

what is the roost tribe? the roost tribe is a membership that welcomes you to a family of creatives for just $5 a month. by joining, you’ll become a part of an incredibly inspirational community. upon signing up, members will receive a welcome packet with several informational e-books covering blog growth, pitching your products, writing product descriptions, going home to roost’s creative story and a list of top industry resources. additionally, each month members receive printables, patterns, illustrations & clipart, a vegan recipe, adoble illustrator tutorial, iphone & desktop background, special guest articles on creative topics and more all delivered right to their inbox!


how to grow your blog e-book


how to pitch to bloggers kit


making product descriptions part of your brand story


GHTR’s creative story


my list of industry resources and supplies


20% off any GHTR advertising, anytime


20% off bonnie christine etsy shop


20% off roost tribe shop (in case you missed previous material)


+ loads of exclusive premium content each month (see below)



join the roost tribe! >> (10) 2 seamless repeating patterns. to use as blog or twitter backgrounds, print them out to use as wrapping paper, patterned cards or gift tags, or in your own graphic design work, etc.


join the roost tribe! >> (9) 10 graphics to help beautify your blog, digital scrapbooks, printables or whatever! you’ll receive both the vector (.eps) and png formats. (think banners, social media buttons, arrows, etc.)


join the roost tribe! >> (8) 1 vegan recipe. i’ll be breaking down the steps to my favorite recipes with fully photographed tutorials. they’ll be plant based, full of whole foods and incredibly delicious!


join the roost tribe! >> (7) 1 adobe illustrator video tutorial. i’ll be teaching you tips & tricks that i use in my blog posts & in my career as a surface pattern designer- from creating repeating patterns to custom shapes.


join the roost tribe! >> (6) 1 set of printables that are easy to download and print. think note cards, bookmarks, party favors, gift tags and more!


join the roost tribe! >> (5) 1 iPhone and matching desktop calendar. downloadable backgrounds to help inspire, motivate and encourage you.


join the roost tribe! >> (4) a monthly round up of favorite links, resources & websites. from the most useful resources around the web to the most exciting new blogs and websites.


join the roost tribe! >> (3) 1 special topic article. an in-depth article on something particularly noteworthy. think photography tips, advice on selling handmade, sewing courses, eating healthy articles, etc often written by expert guest contributors.


join the roost tribe! >> (2) a seasonal gift guide with coupons and special offers, sent out quarterly.


join the roost tribe! >> (1) occasional diy projects or sewing projects to fuel everyone’s creativity.


join the roost tribe! >> (1) monthly simple living tips and advice on selling handmade


join the roost tribe! >> (1) occasional e-books & workbooks.


+ anything else i might feel like you might enjoy! :)

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  • love this! Just signed up :)

  • I’ve been dying to get a blog started but don’t know how! this came along at the perfect time :)

  • Sounds wonderful, Bonnie! Just joined :D

  • How exciting Bonnie! I just signed up! xo

  • yeah! so excited to watch as our family grows!! ♥

  • Exciting! I just signed up as well :)

  • this is so exciting! I just signed up SO excited to be a part of the fam/tribe! ;)

  • Woohoo! How exciting! I am all signed up!

  • Love it! Can’t wait!!

  • I’m so happy about this! Sounds like a wonderful monthly treat :)

  • Ooooh, fun! I totally signed up!

  • This is wonderful! Looking forward to it all! Thanks!

  • FUN! I just signed up and can’t wait…. you are such an inspiration Bonnie!

  • Just signed up too :)
    Can’t wait!

  • yeah! welcome welcome welcome everyone!

  • I’m so happy for you Bonnie, this is the start of something new and exiting! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • all signed up! so excited. your blog and everything you do for your shop are so beautiful. :)

  • YAY!! Just signed up, Bon! Tweeting now!

  • Very exciting! Just signed up!

  • Ummm…..I didn’t even need to finish reading through the entire post….ONLY $5?! I’m so in and will sign up tonight right when I get home….and then share it on the blog soon. :)

  • Just signed up, what a fantastic idea Bonnie – thank you :) x

  • Diana | August 31, 2012

    Wow! Looks awesome! I couldn’t help but notice how one of those seamless patterns is almost identical to the pattern in a WordPress theme by BluChic (

  • hi diana! thank you! yes, that pattern is a free pattern from subtle patterns. i am just using it as a generic piece here, but rest assured that all of the patterns i send out to the tribe will be handmade by me and original. in fact, you can grab a sneak peek of september’s right here! :)

  • all signed up! everything that’s there so far is brilliant! x

  • How do we find out whether we were in the first 100 to sign up? ^__^ I love your prints!

  • Wow. What an amazing package you’re sharing. Thank you!!

  • jen- you were!! ;)

  • so excited bonnie! i’m going to sign up right now :) i wanted to find out – will we be permitted to include the graphics in work we sell on etsy. ie. art prints etc?

    just as an idea i’d love to see roundups of tutorials – ie. how to do watercolor, home projects, the best youtube videos on such subjects etc. you have such an amazing eye and curation style and i’m super excited to see what you’ll find!

  • hi amy! awesome! :) and, great question! at this time, the graphics are for personal use only (to use on your own blog, printables etc) and not for commercial use, so not for anything that you are selling.

    also, i love your ideas! i will add a watercolor tutorial to the lineup for sure (even though i’m no pro!). keep sending ideas my way!

  • thanks bonnie! sounds good for this – i will use them as visual inspiration only for my creations :) do consider selling them individually though – as i personally pay $4-20 per piece for work that i include in designs that i sell.

  • Hi there,
    I’m totally new to blogging (on my 26th post) and I have like 0 experience with html.
    Will this monthly subscription help me do you think?
    Many thanks,

  • hey catherine! absolutely! though we don’t cover html very much, the how to grow your blog e-book will definitely help. i’m also open to suggestions on anything you would like to learn! xo

  • Hi Bonnie-
    Nice to meet you! (:
    I launched my first blog in May and then I hit so may technical and design issues so had to put the whole thing on hold. It’s now September, the designer says it will be done this weekend. (Fingers crossed). I will need support in how to grow my blog!
    I do have a question for you, what are you using to create you photo-collage sheets? Are you using photoshop? Or another program- if so what?
    My blog is called Play in Joy- Creating more Joy and Sparkle in your life!
    Love, healthy eating/living, fashion, home, party, DIY and lifestyle ideas.
    Can’t wait to share with everyone. Thanks for offering your services to help. I am excited to learn about this blog world and help others.
    For me, I find the hardest part is getting started. Once it’s rolling, I am sure it get easier. Any tips you can share for the process in the beginning?

  • Susan Williams | September 22, 2012

    Hello- I know that I signed up, but I never did get an e-mail or anything. Have the benefits started yet, or were they supposed to start when you signed up? Thanks!

  • hey susan! oh no! e-mailing you now to get it figured out. :)

  • hi caroline! good for you! i use illustrator for my photo collages, but picasa is also great for someone without adobe products. re: getting started- have you read the ‘how to grow your blog’ ebook? i think it might help get you started!

    xo, bonnie

  • Thanks Bonnie for your response. I have illustrator and photoshop but they are so complex, and I am slowly trying to learn them so I wanted to start a bit easier as I learned more about Graphic design. Who is the writer of the ‘how to grow your blog’ ebook? Is that yours? I googled that title and so many came up by different blog people. As anything I guess it’s a never ending research topic. I am finding that most of my time is going towards that and not on building my content. Question- How do you divide/use your time to manage it all? Would love to hear and learn from someone who is doing what I want to do. Thanks, you are so helpful and lovely to share with us!


  • Ok- now I see that you have that ebook on your page for members. I am a member, so how do I access those ebooks?

  • signed up a but waiting for email. Is the email automated? ;)

  • hey megan! welcome e-mails get sent out once a day in the morning, so you’ll be receiving yours shortly! welcome to the family!

  • hi caroline! you can download the books on the welcome page using the password supplied in the welcome e-mail. you’ll also find some helpful answers in my story- coming up this friday. :) e-mail me at if you have any issues finding the e-books. xo

  • I just signed up!!!! Very excited!!!!

  • This is really awesome. I have been thinking for awhile to do something like this but a different idea (just the monthly package). I love this and I am signing up now :)

    Little Pink Strawberries

  • I love this! I just signed up. Super excited. :)

  • welcome welcome welcome!!

  • Hi Bonnie!! I just signed up and I am pretty excited. I have a question though, since I completely missed September, how do I go about getting access to those?


  • hi sasha! welcome to the tribe! soon i’ll be making previous month’s available for purchase, but i’ll e-mail you shortly to work something out. :)

  • Yay! Awesome..I’ll keep an eye out for that email. :)

  • hey, im a new reader, i love this packaging your offering i just signed up, i look forward recieving it. xxxx

  • Lovely work, I signed up!

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