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roost tribe - september sneak peek!

just in case you missed the introduction to the roost tribe, or maybe you’ve been mullin’ it over- here’s a sneak peek of what members can expect during the month of september. and this isn’t even all of it! :) below you’ll find all the information you need to know about what it is and how to sign up.

join the roost tribe! >>

what is the roost tribe? in a nutshell, it’s a membership that gives you exclusive access to all things going home to roost! the tribe is a community for hand-making, home-growing birds of a feather. each new member will receive a welcome packet jam packed with insider info and tips from e-books detailing everything from how to grow your blog to my very own list of top secret industry resources and supplies. :) additionally, members receive exclusive premium content every single month, delivered right to your inbox. read on to see what will be included each month!


how to grow your blog e-book

how to pitch to bloggers kit

my list of industry resources and supplies

20% off any GHTR advertising, anytime

20% off bonnie christine etsy shop

1 8×10 bonnie christine print (1st 100 members only!)

+ loads of exclusive premium content each month (see below)


join the roost tribe! >> (10) 2 seamless repeating patterns. to use as blog or twitter backgrounds, print them out to use as wrapping paper, patterned cards or gift tags, or in your own graphic design work, etc.

join the roost tribe! >> (9) 10 graphics to help beautify your blog, digital scrapbooks, printables or whatever! you’ll receive both the vector (.eps) and png formats. (think banners, social media buttons, arrows, etc.)

join the roost tribe! >> (8) 1 adobe illustrator video tutorial. i’ll be teaching you tips & tricks that i use in my blog posts & in my career as a surface pattern designer- from creating repeating patterns to custom shapes.

join the roost tribe! >> (7) 1 guided step-by-step vegan recipe. i’ll be breaking down the steps to my favorite recipes with fully photographed tutorials. they’ll be plant based, full of whole foods and incredibly delicious!

join the roost tribe! >> (6) 1 printable greeting card with matching gift cards. never purchase another greeting card for life! :)

join the roost tribe! >> (5) a monthly round up of favorite links, resources & websites. from the most useful resources around the web to the most exciting new blogs and websites.

join the roost tribe! >> (4) 1 iPhone and matching desktop calendar. downloadable backgrounds to help inspire, motivate and encourage you.

join the roost tribe! >> (3) a monthly gift guide with coupons and special offers. plain as that! my latest favorite picks with exclusive deals, just for you.

join the roost tribe! >> (2) 1 special topic article. an in-depth article on something particularly noteworthy. think photography tips, advice on selling handmade, sewing courses, eating healthy articles, etc!

join the roost tribe! >> (1) anything else i feel like sending over. things i’ve been inspired to share with you like freebies or downloads, or you may just get a little something in the mail from time to time!

join the roost tribe! >> join the roost tribe! >>

p.s. please help me get the word out! :)

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  • hi Bonnie! my blog is brand spankin’ new as of yesterday – I think you read my mind and knew exactly what I needed. I’m so excited for this to begin! thanks for all you do.

  • Love this!! Can’t wait for September’s content! :) Especially looking forward to the Illustrator tutorial, recipe, and your story!! :) So pumped!!

  • count me in!! can’t wait. :)

  • Hi Bonnie!
    I’ve just signed up & am really looking forward to being “a part of the Roost Tribe”! So happy for your new adventure – Thank you for sharing your story, tutorials, some of your lovely prints and other stuff :-)

  • Thank you so much Bonnie!
    I’m in! I am so exited for this content. I just started my blog a few days ago, so I am really looking forward for all the help I can find here :) much love from Costa Rica! Tati.

  • Just signed up! Hope I’m one of the 1st 100 to do so, I really want a print!

  • Really excited about this, Bonnie. Just signed up! I hope that lots of others join the tribe and that this is really successful for you!

  • Signed up and I’m loving what I received so far! Can’t wait for more.

  • I ‘would like so much, but I don’t understand english so good.
    It’s a shame than in France, we haven’t this .

  • i really like your eye for design graphics! Xx

  • i have a dumb question; will the paypal charge be $5 x12 (one payment) for the year or ongoing (oepn) past 1 year? thanks! i really want to get in on this and love your style!

  • hey nicky!

    no question is a dumb one! :) the paypal subscription will charge you $5 a month for as long as you’re a member, but you can opt out at any time (it’s super easy, details are on the FAQ page). does that help answer your question?


  • I Love it! I just signed!

  • jobelle | September 17, 2012

    Hi Bonnie, Just signed up, I have been admiring your website for a while now, and it’s time to start my own. Wanted to know how you came up with the name of your blog?

  • hi jobelle! it was a combination of my love for homesteading and homemaking. i love nesting in my home and doing the things that i love- i call it roosting. :)

  • all signed up!

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