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sweet woodland wonders

January 18, 2013

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sweet woodland wonders (2)
make something good today journal by jennifer renninger – $9.95
this journal by jennifer renninger is not only beautiful but aspires to spark creativity, inspiration & the making of good things. i think we all could use a little more of that!

summer fields all natural fragrance – $18
one of my favorite things is using handmade, all natural fragrance. this one has subtle woodland and floral tones, to make you smell as if you are walking through a fresh summer field.

felt owl ornament – $25
a little owl ornament perfect for adorning a tree or placing in a more permanent spot, so you can see him all year round.

kek amsterdam forest friends – €59,95
this one is for the kids, and i love how fresh and sweet it is. these beautifully colored realistic forest friends get to watch as your little one grows!

forest animals ceramic measuring spoons - $32.95
for a more subtle way of showing your endearment for the woods, maybe this set of measuring spoons would do. just a little reminder of your forest friends as you bustle around the kitchen.

sweet woodland wonders (3)

natural histories – $50
this stunning book on natural history won’t only beautify your bookshelf, but also comes with 40 displayable prints bound in envelopes that will help bring natural science and art to life.

butterfly specimen poster – $24
slightly scientific and incredibly beautiful, i would hang this butterfly specimen poster in a study or office. i also find the color palette inspiring and would love to draw some of the muted tones from the wings.

plum & bow amelia rug – $44
full of summer flowers and bright colors, i think this rug would be beautiful in front of a sofa or the kitchen sink. perfect to bring a little of the outdoors in!

enchanted forest mural – $298
i love the muted colors of this enchanted forest mural. it depicts a place that i would love to curl up in with a good book.

woodland deer pillow – $35
i love this little guy on this accent pillow, who seems to be mildly aware of his little friend.

handpainted owl mug – $14
i can see myself sipping tea out of this sweet handpainted owl mug every morning. i love the modern folk art displayed on each!

ferm living mushroom lamp – €63,00
this little fungi lamp would be a great way to spruce up the predictable night light. great to use in a bathroom or hallway as a subtle way of bringing so flora into your home.

wild hare – $350
leaping through the forest, this rabbit bounds through underbrush of wooden rulers, chair legs and dowels. a beautiful way to bring in a woodland vibe in a modern way.

sweet woodland wonders (1)

birds wall decal – $44
i would install these feathered friends just about anywhere, but think they would particularly darling next to a cozy reading spot, by a workspace or in a nursery.

le red fox petite necklace – $32
show your affection for all things woodland with this darling fox necklace. i would pair it with skinny jeans and modern t-shirt for a casual coffee shop look.

forest animals print – $20
i’d like to think this really is what happens every night in forest. the sun goes down and the banjos come out!

ghost fawns – $28
this print reminds me of forest outings on a cold winter day, when you might just spot a couple of white woodlands fawns. with spotted backs and looks of endearment, i think these two will be friends forever.

three sisters mountain range pillow – $60
i think this mountain range pillow would be perfect to cozy up your mountain retreat, or throw it in you city dwelling to bring a little of the outdoors in!

diorama cuckoo clock – $40
with layers of trees above, and the ground floor of the forest below, this cuckoo clock depicts a perfect woodland scene. you can even see stars poking though the trees!

the rise and fall sleeping fox pillow – $29
all snuggled up, this fox pillow is calling my name for a cozy nap. throw it on a sofa or bed to bring a touch of the forest to your room.

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how to make almond milk

January 16, 2013

i made my own almond milk! i made my own almond milk! and, it was really easy. why didn’t i do it before?!

(deep breath) ok, guys. i’m super excited about this. i just learned how to make almond milk at home, and can’t believe that i’ve never done it before. it’s easy, quick and much less expensive than purchasing it in the store! it tastes really yummy, too. it has a more nutty taste to it and mine was a little thinner than regular almond milk (which i prefer). it tastes wholesome and it feels good to drink it. like, “yeah, i made this almond milk. gulp gulp”.

how to make almond milk (1)

today, i’m gonna teach you how to make it, too! you should also know that you can pretty much use any nut (cashews, macadamias, hazelnut, pistachio etc) and can also play with the flavor and consistency. like vanilla almond milk? just add a little vanilla bean!

what you’ll need:

– 1 cup of almonds
– a glass bowl (to soak them in)
– a blender
a nut milk bag (or some panty hose!)
– 4 cups purified water

how to make almond milk (2)

step 1: place 1 cup of almonds in a glass bowl, fill with water and let soak in the fridge over night (or for at least 8 hours). the step is really important, soaking your almonds is what brings out all those really great nutrients you’re looking for.

how to make almond milk (9)

step 2: give ‘em a good rinse.

how to make almond milk (8)

step 3: place in a blender and add 4 cups of purified/filtered water. this 1:4 ratio is important and stands true for any nut milk you make at home- 1 part nuts 4 parts water.

how to make almond milk (7)

step 4: blend on high for a minute or two – maybe even touch that ‘liquefy’ button for a second.

how to make almond milk (4)

step 5: place your nut milk bag in a big glass container.

how to make almond milk (3)

step 6: pour the mixture into the bag & glass container.

how to make almond milk (5)

step 7: squeeze the juice from the almond pulp.

how to make almond milk (11)

step 7: pour you a glass.

how to make almond milk (6)

step 8: gulp gulp.

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bonnie christine logo design for m.newsom photography

the titles i keep coming up with to describe what i do never cease to change (blogger, creative, entrepreneur, sewer, designer..), but one i didn’t imagine i would give myself anytime soon was brand developer. alas though, it’s happened. and it was fun.

when meghan contacted me to ask if i was interested in designing a logo for her photography business, m.newsom photography- i have to admit, i was a bit hesitant. though i knew i had the skill set, i hadn’t really put myself out their as a logo designer yet. meg and i seemed to instantly click though, so i told her i was interested in hearing her vision. when received, i knew we were a match made in heaven. she wanted something soft and sweet, but memorable too.

above is the branding board i created for meghan. it was so incredibly fun to design and though my time is limited, i really hope to be able to do some more in the future! the key for us i think was being able to see eye to eye on the vision, which made the whole experience really exciting, fun and rewarding.

here’s a little excerpt from meghan: “You’ve done such a great job translating my vision, and I’m so thankful and happy. You’ve just gone above and beyond everything I could have asked for, Bonnie. Thank you for sharing your talent with me.”

isn’t she the sweetest? visit her stunning photography blog, and be sure to hit up her facebook and pinterest pages, too!

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amy butler's fashion and travel bags (3)

another one of my most favorite gifts this year was a set of bags from amy butler’s new collection of fashion and travel bags. someone really knows me well (ahem, thanks mom!) and picked out the most perfect travel set for me. a large weekender and a hanging toiletries bag that are both so easy to zip up and toss in the car. i love them!

amy butler's fashion and travel bags (2)

convenience aside, the bags themselves are remarkable. made from heavy organic cotton and dyed with eco friendly dyes, they feel simply luxurious. they are sturdy, extremely well made and absolutely beautiful.

amy butler's fashion and travel bags (1)

head on over to amy butler’s website to view the collection, then visit kalencom to purchase.

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artifact uprising (6)

one of my favorite gifts i purchased this year was this book for david from artifact uprising. i’m constantly taking photos with my phone and as i was browsing through them one day, realized just how much they meant to me. each of them are full of memories, and remind us of the places we’ve been and things we’ve done.

artifact uprising (3)

the moment i discovered artifact uprising, i fell in love. their photo books and memoirs are sensational, and their love for preserving photography really shows through. they strive to cultivate creativity and community, and make telling our stories easy and beautiful. they believe in archiving the story for future generations, and moving our stories off our computers and into our lives.

artifact uprising (2)

when it dawned on me, i was so excited. i wanted to make a book of the most momentousus photos from 2012 and show them in chronological order. it would be a picture book of our entire year! and i plan to make one at the end of every year, so that we can start building a library of our lives through pictures.
artifact uprising (4)

i quickly downloaded all the photos i had taken and shared on instagram (i used this handy site) and since they were already in chronological order, my job was easy. delete the ones that didn’t have much meaning, and keep the ones that were special (ok, that part wasn’t actually that easy). i then used artifact uprising’s built in designer to make the book and ordered it right away.

artifact uprising (5)
It arrived just in time for christmas and it was so incredibly beautiful. the pages feel so good it really makes you feel like your holding something extra special- and to us, we’re literally flipping through the pages of our lives.

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the makers summit

January 14, 2013

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the makers summit (3) this year, one of my favorite crafty communities over here on the east coast is debuting their very first conference for creatives, the makers summit. created by the makers of the indie craft parade (my most favorite craft fair), this conference is sure to be amazing.

the makers summit (2) the makers summit, is a one-day business conference for the creative community, on saturday, feb. 2, 2013 in greenville, sc. tickets are $100, and includes breakfast, lunch, and private consultations with industry experts.

the makers summit (4)

designed to help artists and creatives start and run successful businesses, attendees will hear practical advice from industry experts, including keynote speakers from etsy and spoonflower. in addition, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in collective discussions. a variety of topics will be covered throughout the day including marketing, establishing a business identity, and expanding your market. other speakers who will participate in the event include grace kang from retail recipes, justin gammon from brains of fire, amy flurry from recipe for press, and amy ellis from mailchimp.

the makers summit (1)

after the conference, all the attendees are also invited to join the after-party, the best craft party ever. you’ll enjoy a full gourmet dinner provided by some of the best local chefs and be able to create and mingle with experts and peers alike (project stations and supplies will be provided). the craft party begins at 7 p.m., and is separate from the makers summit conference, but tickets are only $50. it’s the perfect date or night out with friends!

interested? sign up or learn more over at the makers summit.

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off to kailua-kona hawaii

January 11, 2013

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i’ve been so busy this week that it’s hard to believe we begin our journey to kailua-kona, hawaii today. it’s a work related trip for david (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to go!) and i’m so happy to be able to join him for it. we’ve been having some seriously grey days here lately, so i’m really looking forward to some sunshine, fresh pineapple and kona coffee.

though i won’t be online too much next week, i will be sharing photos on instagram as much as possible. follow me by searching for @goinghometoroost and join the journey- i’ll meet you there! i’ve also got posts scheduled for you next week so we won’t miss a beat. :)

photo: the wild side of kona hawaii

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dinner ideas 1.11.12

January 11, 2013

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vegan dinner ideas

since there’s not a whole lot in season right now, carrots, potatoes and bok choy seem to be the star in most of our meals. nicely paired with soups and stir fries, we’ve really been enjoying their rooty tones and having lots of dark green salads to go with them.

monday: yam and carrot coconut milk soup
tuesday: spaghetti with cauliflower, green olives and almonds (sans the cheese)
wednesday: creamy potato leek soup (i used vegan butter & sour cream)
thursday: bok choy skillet
friday: spciy scramble with roasted red peppers

what was on your plate this week? any favorite recipes you’d like to share?

we follow a whole foods, plant based diet. the dinner ideas posts are a way for me to log our dinners, how we make eating this way easy, and hopefully inspire you to try some new things as well. they are always meat free, dairy free and often gluten free. you can follow the posts here, and i encourage you to share your favorite recipes with us as well!

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