bonnie christine logo design for m.newsom photography

the titles i keep coming up with to describe what i do never cease to change (blogger, creative, entrepreneur, sewer, designer..), but one i didn’t imagine i would give myself anytime soon was brand developer. alas though, it’s happened. and it was fun.

when meghan contacted me to ask if i was interested in designing a logo for her photography business, m.newsom photography- i have to admit, i was a bit hesitant. though i knew i had the skill set, i hadn’t really put myself out their as a logo designer yet. meg and i seemed to instantly click though, so i told her i was interested in hearing her vision. when received, i knew we were a match made in heaven. she wanted something soft and sweet, but memorable too.

above is the branding board i created for meghan. it was so incredibly fun to design and though my time is limited, i really hope to be able to do some more in the future! the key for us i think was being able to see eye to eye on the vision, which made the whole experience really exciting, fun and rewarding.

here’s a little excerpt from meghan: “You’ve done such a great job translating my vision, and I’m so thankful and happy. You’ve just gone above and beyond everything I could have asked for, Bonnie. Thank you for sharing your talent with me.”

isn’t she the sweetest? visit her stunning photography blog, and be sure to hit up her facebook and pinterest pages, too!

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  • Maggie | January 15, 2013

    Bonnie, your talent is incredible! :) It looks amazing.

  • Love it! How much does brand development run?

  • i love it sweet girl:) So happy that you put yourself out there for me, and sharing it with everyone else!! Your such a talent.

  • hey bree! it depends on what exactly you’re looking for- if you’re interested shoot me an email and we’ll discuss! xo

  • This is incredible! You did an amazing job and I adore all of it. From the smallest details in the type to the pattern, it’s a great combination. I look forward to seeing more branding work :)

  • I love this! When a client asks you for a brand design, do you offer all of this? If so, I think that’s brilliant. I had someone do my first redesign, but I didn’t get any textures or fonts, and I can’t easily make things to match the look.

  • This is beautiful, Bonnie! Great job!

  • Amy Nalette | January 23, 2013

    Really lovely. You should do more brand design! :)

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