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December 12, 2012

hey guys! i’m so excited to welcome back the most lovely abigail page as a contributor for going home to roost! after taking a short hiatus to get hitched (you should see their wedding website!) abigail is back and will be popping in each month with a pretty printable for you. i hope you’ll enjoy these and join me in saying, welcome back abigail! we’ve missed you. :) xo, bonnie

cookie envelopes-1-4

Handmade gifts can be some of the best – especially when they’re edible! However, there just seems to be something wrong with loads of gorgeous holiday cookies that represent hours and hours of baking… on a plain paper plate with green plastic wrap. These festive cookie envelopes are the perfect way to present just the right amount of sweet to your favorite recipients.

cookie envelopes-1-7

cookie envelopes-1-3

cookie envelopes-1-5

These can be printed on any lighter color of card stock, and the liner can be made ideally from wax paper (more detailed instructions are on the printables themselves). The closure is where it can get really fun – buttons, ribbons, and washi tape are what I used but I would love to do some with yarn pom-poms, big stickers… it’s really endless. One tip – flat cookies that are less than three inches in diameter work best with these envelopes. If you try to put a very round cookie in there it might not close all the way. Four tiny cookies would also be a really cute option.

cookie envelopes-1-6

cookie envelopes-1

cookie envelopes-1-14

I used this recipe for red velvet crinkle cookies that you can find on my blog here.

printable cookie envelopes!             WED3

Have a fantastic Christmas with your families and friends! -abigail

chapter and page Abigail runs her freelance business with her husband, and when she’s not designing they love to go camping, listen to good music, and go on foodie adventures together!

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i love to give handmade gifts. it’s usually the gifts that someone has made for me that i enjoy most, too! i try to save a list of ideas for handmade gifts throughout the year, so when december comes around i’m ready and full of inspiration. this year, i’m planning to make several new project to share with you as gift ideas (coming soon!), but for today i want to dive back into the archives of going home to roost and share some of the favorite gifts i’ve made in the past. these projects are tried and true, and would make really special gifts for your friends and family.

just follow the link below each photo to visit the full tutorial!

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (4)

tutorialsoy candles

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (2)

tutorial: reversible ribbon cuffs

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (3)

tutorial: hand painted wooden spoons

  best of ghtr - christmas edition! (5)

wrapping: chalkboard wrapping

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (6)

wrapping: printable instagram gift tags

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (1)

tutorial: sweater wraps

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (7)

printable: cookie envelopes

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (8)

tutorial: planted mugs 

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (9)

tutorial: bottle brush tress

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going home to roost's best from 2012

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hey guys! i can’t believe another year is about to come to a close, can you? 2012 has been an amazing year and so much has happened! before signing off for christmas, i just wanted to give a shout-out to some of going home to roost’s most cherished posts from 2012. i hope you’ll have fun reminiscing with me, or maybe even discovering some new posts from the past!

merry christmas

i hope you all have a wonderful christmas! whatever you’ll be doing, i hope your time is filled with family, love and laughter. we’ll be traveling to see extended family this weekend, then to our hometown on monday to begin christmas festivities with both of our families. we can hardly wait!

i want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this space with me. you each mean so much to me and i’m so thankful to be able to do what i love and share it with you here. i hope all of you have a blessed rest of the year, see you in 2013! love, bonnie

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nonpareil magazine

May 4, 2010

Posted in handmade

nonpareil magazine

{pictured above :: scented soap cubes, invitation wraps, bath salts, cookie envelopes, signs for mini soaps}

are you ready for some eye candy?  if not, make sure to prepare yourself!  nonpareil magazine is the result of a beautiful collaboration between maddy hague of the inspired bride and kristen magee of paper crave. nonpareil is an online magazine focusing on weddings and special occasions, with a passion for projects and do it yourself tutorials. each magazine (there are three published already!) features page after page of beautiful inspirations.  these innovative ideas, clever projects and stunning tutorials will leave you inspired and your guests in awe.  most of their diy projects can be used for any number of occasions (not just for weddings)-and with a page dedicated to downloads, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy!

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best of ghtr christmas

December 12, 2013

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hello, friends! i thought i’d just pop in today to share with a few of ghtr’s best christmas projects and posts. i’m working on a few more diy’s and packaging posts for you today and tomorrow and hope to get them up for you in the next few days! i’m putting a little spin on this chalkboard packing with some instagram inspired gift tags that i’m especially excited to share with you. stay tuned and happy christmas-ing!

best of ghtr christmas (4)

chalkboard packaging

best of ghtr christmas (1)

bottle brush trees

best of ghtr christmas (2)

printable cookies envelopes

best of ghtr christmas (3)

planted mugs + printable tags

best of ghtr christmas (5)

printable gift list

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