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before and after: white washed hutch (1)

in addition to the chest of drawers i refinished a while back, i also did a quick white wash on this hutch i’m using as a bear’s changing table. it was quick and easy and i’m so happy with the results! as a sidenote, i’m also pleased with how it’s working out as a changing table. there’s plenty of room and i have a spot for everything!

before and after: white washed hutch (4)

here’s my awful before picture. i forgot to take an ‘official’ before picture, but before pics are supposed to look terrible, right?! anyways, i didn’t feel like the red tone of this wood went with anything else in the nursery, but i also didn’t want to take the time to meticulously paint the entire hutch a solid color. white wash to the rescue!

before and after: white washed hutch (3)

to white wash this piece, i simply added 1/2 cup of water to 1 cup of regular latex paint (i used valspar’s no voc standard white paint). i then brushed it on in segments, and wiped it off as i went with a rag. be aware, you’ll want to toss the rag once you’re done and wearing a pair of gloves will keep you from scrubbing your hands later!

before and after: white washed hutch (2)

i was also sure to make some ‘accidental’ splatters with my brush all over the hutch which ended up giving it a very vintage, work-room type look. i love how it turned out!

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before and after: painted dresser (6)

one of my dear friends gave this vintage chest of drawers to us several years ago, and i’ve had plans for it ever since. for now, it lives in bear’s nursery and is the perfect place for all of his little things (however i can’t lie, i kind of want to use it in our own room!).

before and after: painted dresser (2)

here’s how the dresser looked before…

before and after: painted dresser (5)

and here’s the after! since it was going in the nursery, i decided to use an all natural plant based paint called vega by unearthed. the result was a soft, milky, antique white that i’m simply in love with. side note: i love this paint! you simply mix it using a kitchen mixer and apply it like normal paint. it goes on smoothly and beautifully, with no odor whatsoever. i highly recommend!

before and after: painted dresser (4)

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i knew i wanted something big for the wall behind our dining room table, and finally decided a large mirror would serve the space well and bring in lots of extra light. i had a plan, but no mirror! i started scouring craigslist for something and turns out, large mirrors are pretty expensive. i fell in love with one for $160 and just couldn’t bring myself to get it. so, attempt #2 was to visit our local thrift stores. at the first one i stopped at, i stumbled across this giant beauty. and, (drum roll please) it was marked $10. yes, please!

$10 thrifted mirror - before and after!

ok, it wasn’t such a beauty in the beginning. i’m not sure what kind of paint was on the glass, but i could tell that it would come off easily. i went home, set it up and begin peeling off the paint with a razor blade. it only took about 15 minutes, and it was all gone! i then primed the edges and topped it off with a pretty mint green paint i had matched to a notebook at the hardware store.

$10 thrifted mirror - before and after!

ta-da! finished in just a few hours and hung by the hubs when he got home. i love what it brings to the space and all the natural light it reflects back into the room. for $10 + the cost of a little sample sized paint can, i couldn’t be happier!

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hi friends! i have another before and after to share with you! i found this fella at a local thrift store for $50 a while back and took him home with some big beachy plans in mind.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

here’s the before, it has 6 very nice sliding drawers in it- but boy is it heavy. i’m sure you would have loved seeing us trying to get it set up in the lawn- but happy that you didn’t!

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers
and here’s the after! i was a little uncertain about my choice of sea-green at first, but it has really grown on me. i attached 4 wheels on the bottom since it was so heavy and have paired it with a few pillows on the bed that match perfectly to help the whole room come together.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

hanging above is my diy patchwork art and on the table is a little artwork from one of our favorite bicycle artists, chris koelle.

before and after: thrifted chest of drawers

and though i’m not sure where she got it from, my sister recently sent my this birch vase. it looks so pretty with fresh flowers in it, and i think of her every time i see it. :)

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before and after knobs

you might remember that i’ve done this same project before at our last home, and i just couldn’t resist doing it again. it’s such a simple, cheap and effective way to spruce up your kitchen! you can find these unfinished wooden knobs at your local hardware store for under 50 cents each.

before and after knobs

to achieve the look i have here, i painted the knobs white (let dry) and then put a coat of this sea green on top. after drying, i roughed up the edges with a sanding block and used a clear gloss spray paint to finish them off. what do you think? to get a more detailed outline of my instructions, you can read about the first i did this project here. now that’s what i call design on a dime!

in this photo: berry photo by wren and chickadee, color me vegan cookbook, espresso cups by ikea

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you know me, if we ever move (which we’ve been doing a lot of lately) i’ll have several projects on my to-do-list to accomplish. since we’ve arrived at our new home, i’ve been a frequent yardsaler and regular at the hardware store. while on one of my rummage expeditions i found these chairs. i snatched them up for 50¢ each- and though they were good and sturdy, they needed a thorough cleaning up.

and that’s exactly what the got! after removing the spider webs, hosing them off and peeling back what seemed to be several years of disgusting chair covers (gross), i got down to the gold.

and voila! going for that old-beachy kind of feel, i gave them a solid sanding all over and then a good white wash (following these instructions from d*s). i recovered the chairs using some brand new batting and some of my favorite prints.

before and after

before and after

what do you think? i feel pretty good about this $1.50 spent.

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before and after: telephone table
i have to admit, i was peaking through the windows into the back of the thrift store when i found this beauty.  i snagged her before anyone else even had a chance! i’ve always loved telephone tables, and the idea behind them. can’t you just see someone sitting there, chatting away? i haven’t had a land line in over 8 years!

before and after: telephone table
so this is the after! the mirror, hat, telephone booth, vase, blanket and my orange boots are all thrifted.  i’ve become quite the skilled hunter!

the ‘scarf’ is a 1/4 yard of silk that i ran across at the fabric store. i wrapped it around my neck and called it a day.

and just in case you’re ‘ooh-ing and ahh-ing’ over my beautiful bag, it’s handmade from lightnest- and it’s one of my all time favorite accessories!

before and after: telephone table
i’m using it as an entry way bench, with a place to hang our daily goodies above it, and a place for our boots underneath.

before and after: telephone table
i love all the pops of color that meet me at the entry way. it sets the tone for the house and makes me feel welcome.

before and after: telephone table
i spray painted this on using a stencil- then went over it with a stain that i quickly wiped off.

before and after: telephone table
so there you have it! yet another piece of my home.  here’s to happy hunting!

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before and after book shelf

November 8, 2010

before and after book shelf

i found this odd book shelf at the thrift store, and quickly saw the potential.  after a little wood glue and lots of paint, it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces!

before and after book shelf

ta da! there’s a lot going on here, so let’s break it down:

– mirror: thrifted and painted
– antlers: found
– cork: sticky on the back; from the hardware store

    i found deer antlers!

    yup, I FOUND THESE!! yes, i was that excited, they’re huge!  david and i went on a long trail run this weekend and at the top of this heinous hill, i looked down to find these deer antlers.  it make the whole run worth it!  i made dave carry them back the whole way, so glad he didn’t trip and poke his eye out!

    added cork board for notes

    at first, i couldn’t figure out what to do with the blank slate on front that was screaming for attention.  then i remembered i had a roll of sticky cork board!  perfect for little notes, inspiration pieces or orders to fill- it’s my favorite part of this makeover.

    framed from our nature walk

    remember all the little things i found on our nature walk? i finally figured out what to do with them!  i found this shadow box while out thrifting and gave it a coat of grey spray paint- then pinned all my little foundlings to it.

    before and after book shelf

    it even has shelves on the side, which make it the perfect craft organizer for my sewing room. everything’s neatly organized (for now) and easy to get to.

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