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28 things i love

August 19, 2014

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birthday flower

today is my birthday (!) and i’m reflecting on all the things that i love so dearly. i am filling this day with friends and family, laughter and fun. (over the last few years i’ve also shared 26 things about me and 27 things i’m thankful for!)

28 things i love:

– my sweet baby bear
– a husband who brings me wildflowers
– vegetables from the garden
– a simple flower patch
– the last book i read: show you work by austin kleon
– the next book on my reading list: artisan soul by erwin mcmanus
– the color mint
– wildflowers
– creativity that flows
– a close-knit family
– creating pretty patterns
– teaching what i know
– learning new things
– a new iphone case
– inspiration for new things
– bluegrass music
– firefly nights
– eating outside
– long chats with my mom
– coffee and tea
– vegan eats
– going to bed early
– lots of pillows
– plenty of plants
– cooking every night
– baby snuggles
– friends who make me laugh
– YOU!

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a day in the life

April 22, 2014

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a day in the life

it’s a rare occasion that my husband gets to work from home, but i delight in it when he does. he creates this kind of buzz around the home that is energetic and motivating. he always has music playing (i usually work in silence) and a delicious french press brewing. we were working together last week letting bear play in between our stations and i looked up to this scene midday. i grabbed my camera quickly documented the happy moment. i love my boys so much.

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we live in a rain forest

September 17, 2013

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our micro climate rain forest (6)

we live in a rain forest. literally. pisgah national forest is actual a micro climate rain forest, and i couldn’t be more in love with living here! of course, it rains a lot. but not too terribly much. we get lots of sunshine and beautiful days but we usually get a little shower in the afternoons. i’m totally fine with that, since it keeps the temperatures cooler and makes the land incredibly lush and green. i’ve always loved the rain anyways. it gives me a good excuse to hibernate and curl up with a good book. :)

another reason i love living in the rain forest are all the breathtaking waterfalls it creates. pisgah forest is also called the ‘land of waterfalls’ with over 250 magnificent cascades within just a few miles of each other. to me, all the beauty that the rain creates is definitely worth a few showery afternoons.

our micro climate rain forest (5)

our micro climate rain forest (9)

our micro climate rain forest (8)

our micro climate rain forest (7)

our micro climate rain forest (3)


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Aug 19th // my birthday

August 19, 2013

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27 things

27 things i’m thankful for.

1) a baby on the way.
2) fresh cut flowers.
3) fireflies.
4) my sweetheart.
5) vegan cake.
6) toaster.
7) a close-knit family.
8) prenatal yoga.
9) my job.
10) sweater evenings.
11) fireplaces.
12) coffee.
13) amazing friends.
14) summer swims.
15) a good book.
16) curly hair.
17) lots of plants.
18) watermelon.
19) a good night sleep.
20) inspiring community.
21) creative juices.
22) woodland hikes.
23) fawns.
24) mossy trees.
25) handmade art.
26) another birthday.
27) you.


Aug 1 // 34 weeks

August 1, 2013

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the august break (5)

the august break (6)

counting down the days!

the august break (1)

this month, i’m excited to be participating in the august break, where i’ll be sharing photos with you from my personal life each day and taking a break from writing “regular” content for going home to roost. meanwhile, i’ll be preparing our hearts and our home for baby roost’s arrival and taking some very special time to spend with my love before we welcome our first son into the world. find out more about the august break and how to join here.

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happy birthday, going home to roost!

i can’t believe another year has come and gone and it’s time to celebrate going home to roost’s birthday once again! if i could sum up today with one word, it would be gratitude. i’m so grateful for you, this space and this community. you all have touch my life in ways that i will never be able to repay. i’m grateful that i get to do something that i love so much each and every day. this blog brings me so much joy and inspiration- i truly delight in every moment of it! and none of it would be possible without you, so thank you. thank you so much!

fun facts- since ghtr was born its had:

– 3,880,435 pageviews
– 2,316,929 visits
– 1,593,592 unique visitors
– 4,318 spam comments
– 1,833 posts
– 3,293 tags
-and 4 birthdays!

can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year! love, bonnie

image: cupcake photography by nelou

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i’m pregnant!

March 4, 2013

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i'm pregnant! coffee mug reveal (2)

hello, fellow roosters! today i get to finally share some very exciting news with you- i’m pregnant! (!!!!). if you’ve been waiting for me to start sharing some of my 2012 teases, well this is one of them. :) this september, david and i will be celebrating a new birthday, and we couldn’t be more excited!

i’m also so very excited to start sharing this experience with you. there’s been so many things i’ve wanted to share with you along the way, and now i finally can! so far, everything has been going really well and it’s been a very healthy pregnancy (yeah!). other than some wild food aversions and sleepy afternoons, i’m so thankful to have been feeling pretty good as well.

i'm pregnant! coffee mug reveal (3)

the reveal: the reveal to our parents turned out just the way i had hoped. we found out just after christmas, so we were able to tell them on new year’s eve! after falling in love with this idea, i knew i wanted to tell them by putting my secret in the bottom of a coffee mug. i had each set of parents over (on separate occasions) and served hot chocolate to everyone. the mother’s however, got served in one of these special mugs. upon sipping their last gulp, they got surprised with our big news. it was perfect! i had 3 mugs made, so each of them got to keep theirs as a keepsake (we kept one for ourselves as well).

about the mug: after searching for days, i couldn’t find anyone selling mugs with messages in them. so, i began researching some local potters, and thankfully stumbled upon kung fu clay in asheville, nc. i saw that she had some stamped ornaments and made mugs as well, so i sent her a message in hopes that she could combine the two and make a few custom mugs for me that said ‘i’m pregnant’ in the bottom of them. thankfully, she was thrilled to take on the project and was so much fun to work with! i’m also really  happy to say that since then, she’s started making ‘message me mugs’ with all kinds of sayings in the bottom, see them here!

i'm pregnant! coffee mug reveal (4)

i'm pregnant! coffee mug reveal (1)

all photos © bonnie christine, going home to roost.

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and we’re off again!

February 18, 2013

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hello, hawaii!

hey friends! somehow, we’re being blessed with a return trip to hawaii this week (you can see photos from our first trip here). it’s yet another happy work trip for my husband (and myself), and we just couldn’t be more excited to return to this dreamy place. we’ll be gone until next wednesday (2/27), so until then you may notice that things might be a little lighter around here and running on a different time zone.

i’ll be sharing photos on instagram as much as possible and would love for you to meet me there! you can find me by searching for @goinghometoroost. i’m also hoping to share a few videos on vine, where you can find me by searching for ‘bonnie christine’.

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