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interviewed by jessica swift

hey friends! toaster and i are so excited to be over on treasuring, jessica swift’s blog for a super fun interview! i was so excited when she asked me to be a part of her artists and renegades series- she’s one of my most favorite surface pattern designers and i always love to see what she’s up to! in this interview, we’re talking about dreams, mottos, embarrassing photos and playing two truths and a lie. come join the fun!

p.s. if you guess the lie, but sure to check back later today as i’ll be popping in to reveal the TRUTH!

p.s.s. if you haven’t already, be sure to check out jessica’s rainboots, jump trust repeat - the e-book for aspiring artists, and her super fun shop.

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off to kailua-kona hawaii

January 11, 2013

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i’ve been so busy this week that it’s hard to believe we begin our journey to kailua-kona, hawaii today. it’s a work related trip for david (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to go!) and i’m so happy to be able to join him for it. we’ve been having some seriously grey days here lately, so i’m really looking forward to some sunshine, fresh pineapple and kona coffee.

though i won’t be online too much next week, i will be sharing photos on instagram as much as possible. follow me by searching for @goinghometoroost and join the journey- i’ll meet you there! i’ve also got posts scheduled for you next week so we won’t miss a beat. :)

photo: the wild side of kona hawaii

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12 memories and 13 goals

January 2, 2013

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happy new year, folks! after taking a much needed break from the interwebs, i’m feeling ready and excited to be back. i feel motivated, refreshed and bursting with inspiration and creativity! my time off was spent primarily with family, with lots of relaxing, laughing and yummy food thrown in as well. to start off the new year, i’d like to talk about some favorite memories from 2012, as well as some goals the upcoming year. i hope you’ll join in and share a few of your own as well!

bye bye 2012

bye bye 2012 by

top 12 memories from 2012:

1) waking up every morning in our sweet california cottage (before we moved!)
2) frequenting the organic honor stand down the street
3) getting certified in holy yoga and attending retreat
4) spending much of the summer in aspen
5) getting to be in my sister in law’s wedding
6) attending a josh garrels concert
7) starting the roost tribe
8) attending quilt market
9) moving to north carolina
10) signing my very first freelance contract (tease)
11) having my biggest dream come true (tease tease)
12) having my 2nd biggest dream come true (tease tease tease)

welcome 2013

welcome 2013 by

13 goals for 2013:

1) read all the books i’ve ordered
2) stop renting and buy or build a permanent roost
3) design more than ever
4) become a more established surface pattern designer
5) stick to my walking routine
6) learn more about whole foods and holistic nutrition
7) start making my own almond milk
8) continue to put God first. in my time, my day, our finances, and in every way
9) do a redesign for ghtr and make a website for the roost tribe (!)
10) submit my pattern portfolio to a few companies in several new industries
11) start sewing more
12) save more, spend less
13) share all 3 of my secret favorite memories with you

what are some of your favorite memories or goals for the upcoming year?

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going home to roost

November 13, 2012

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we're moving!

the house is empty and the pod is packed,

all tied down and neatly stacked.

hugs and kisses to friends from the years,

we hold on tight and fight back the tears.

a 3 day drive until we arrive,

to the land in which we thrive.

returning to the mountains and streams,

the people and places that fill our dreams.

california we will dearly miss,

we’ll remember often and reminisce.

anxious for what is to be introduced,

we’re finally going home to roost.

- by bonnie and david (in the car).

yes, today we’re starting our 3 day drive to north carolina! and just in case you’re like ‘say, what?!’, you can catch up on our move and my thoughts on it here and here. :) we’ll be hitting up albuquerque, oklahoma city and saint louis along the way before we finally arrive at my parents house late on thursday night. my sister will be waiting as she’s already made plans to whisk us away (or rather scrape us up from off the ground) to attend the opening of twilight. haha. friday we’ll be swinging by our storage unit and grabbing some things we need before we drive to brevard and check out our new home. i can hardly wait! we’ll have about a week to start settling in before our pod arrives and the craziness of unpacking ensues.

follow our trip on instagram! i’ll be instagramming (and tweeting) as much as possible, and would love for you to join us on our journey! you can find me by searching for @goinghometoroost or follow along on my web profile. see you soon!

p.s. i’ve got posts scheduled here for you all week, so you shouldn’t notice much of a change. xo

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thoughts through letters

November 8, 2012

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as i shared earlier this week, david and i will be packing up and moving cross country next week (eee!). i have a lot of feelings wrapped up in the move and about these two states, of which i’ll to try to express today with letters to each.

dear california,

oh how i have loved living here among your rolling hills and brilliant blooms. i will miss dearly your perfect weather, sunshine and lack of humidity. i will never forget running through your vineyards and letting your sunrises and sunsets take my breath away. it has been wonderful to let the outdoors in year round with no need for heat or air conditioning. our little vine covered cottage has been more than a home, it’s been a source of peace, inspiration and renewal. the ability to cut your fresh roses all year has been addictive, and i’m not sure what i’ll do without it. you’ve introduced me to neighbors and friends that will live in my heart forever.

your farm stands, markets and gardens have sustained us. i have never experienced a more vibrant land full of nutrition and wholesomeness. we will never forget the names of our favorite farmers and bee keepers who live here. january just won’t be the same without your juicy tangerines. the growth that we have experienced here has been monumental and life changing.

on the contrary, i won’t miss your increased living expenses, taxes and strict beach regulations. i will be gladly give up my fear of  earthquakes, great whites and tarantulas in our home. i will happily leave your dry land and sprinkler systems behind and will be overjoyed to dramatically decrease the distance between us and our families.

dear north carolina,

oh how i long to return to your mountains, green fields and beautiful trees. i can feel the mossy grass between my toes right now. i will welcome your seasons as i have missed attaching the cycles of my life to the cycles of your weather. i cannot wait to dig in your rich soil and sink my teeth into a juicy watermelon come summer. i have missed your streams, rivers and warm lakes. everything is always so green and full of life- it begs to be frolicked upon. i’m eager to return to your bluegrass music, amazing food and tilted barns. community thrives in your land and everyone feels like family.

i can’t wait to pull out my boots, sweaters and knitted goods as i will be glad to again be able to hibernate. i love nothing more than sipping tea by the fire as i watch your sky pour a blanket of white snow on the ground. you feel cozy and warm and snuggly in my mind. i am eager to return to this land where i was born, raised and fell in love. where our families and grandparents still reside. i will be so happy to never again miss a holiday, birthday or family reunion with my loved ones.

on the contrary, i am not so thrilled to be returning to your humidity, mosquitoes and general bugginess. it will be heart breaking to wake up and think about the people i love who i left in california. the ocean will now be a disspointing distance away from us, though i do look forward to returning to your shell filled sandy beaches again. though the mountains are my favorite source of beauty, i’m already dreading the essential curvy roads that make me sick.

in closing,

no state is perfect, but these two states have been perfect for us. i welcome the negatives because the pluses fill me with such joy. getting tossed to and fro the last few years has been a learning experience, a great adventure for us. but it has also left us feeling a little unsettled and we long to grow our roots. in closing, we’re finally going home to roost.

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mountains are calling by bonnie christine
i’ve been wanting to share this news for a while and the time has finally come. the mountains are calling us home and we’re moving back to north carolina!

we have absolutely loved living in california for the last year and a half and though it will be hard to leave, it will be equally exciting for us to move back home. in short, my husband had the opportunity to transfer to an office in brevard, nc- one of our favorite places on earth (and only 20 mins from asheville)! to top it off, it’s only about an hour from where all four of our parents and both of our sisters live. it’s perfect!

we’ve already found our new home and it fell into our laps similar to how the last one did. we feel incredibly blessed to have discovered a sweet mountain retreat backed up right to the pisgah national forest. it has large windows, a vaulted ceiling and plenty of room to spread our wings (you’ll start seeing bits and pieces of it soon, i’m sure!).

so we’re packing up this weekend and plan to begin our cross country journey a week from today. after 3 days of travel we’ll arrive at our new humble abode and be greeted with warm hugs from family and friends.

living in california has been a dream and something we will never forget. to be honest, it feels like we’ve been on vacation for the last 18 months! somehow though, it just never felt like home. mostly because our families aren’t here, but also because it’s just not familiar territory. i have a lot of feelings wrapped up in these two states, both of which i plan to share with you in the next few days.

until then, bonnie (photograph by me)

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my day to day routine

November 5, 2012

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*i would like to first say this morning that my sincere thoughts and prayers are with everyone who are dealing with the aftereffects of storm sandy. i hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound!

i’ve always loved learning about other people’s routines. the way we each go about our day to day activities is so interesting to me and i love getting inspired by other’s customs, schedules and format to their day.

my day to day routine

i especially enjoy learning about the routines of people that are self employed, creative or work from home. working from home is definitely a blessing, but it also comes with an immense amount of freedom, which means it requires a huge amount of discipline. at times, it can be really hard to stay focused, motivated and productive!

so today i thought i would share with you my normal day to day routine. i am definitely a creature of habit (so is david), so my daily do’s stay pretty consistent.

6:30am: david wakes up and i begin to rustle. i usually stay in bed while i can hear him showering. the first thing i lay my eyes on is the ‘verse of the day’ on my youversion bible app. then i take 15 minutes or so to wake up, glance at my e-mails and see what’s going on in the universe (still in bed).

6:45: feet hit the floor and the first thing i do is have some water and an emergen-c (just a daily habit) while i fix my first cup of coffee.

6:45-7:15: take time to sip on my cup of coffee (fixed with local honey and coconut creamer) while i read my daily bible plan, again on the youversion app. starting my day with some reading really grounds and inspires me, and gives me a fresh beginning each morning!

my day to day routine

7:15-7:45: feed and walk toaster, do a few odd jobs around the house, and help david get out the door for work.

7:45-8:00: take david to work (we’re a one car family). even toaster comes along for the ride!

8:00-9:30: check on the day’s scheduled posts and share them via social media. play catch up on comments etc and start working on the next day’s posts.

my day to day routine

9:30: 2nd cup of coffee.

9:45-11:00: finish up and schedule the next day’s posts and start answering e-mails for the day. i don’t get them all answered every day, but i try to respond to each of them within 2-4 days-ish.

11:00-1:00: 2 or 3 days a week a friend and i get together for a run that usually lasts about an hour and a half. on days that we don’t run, i use this time to get creative, photograph projects and edit the photos.

1:00-3:00: i usually set a part this time to work on things related to designing. this includes sketching, photographing inspirations and working with patterns directly in illustrator.

3:00: fix a smoothie to sip on for the afternoon. my favorite combo is carrot juice, coconut water, frozen berries and a scoop of amazing grass.

my day to day routine

3:15-5:00: check in on the day’s blog posts and answer any comments or questions regarding it. answer any urgent emails and use the remaining time to work on the materials and newsletter going out that friday for the roost tribe, which usually takes about 7-10 hours a week.

5:00-5:30: clean up the house and get dinner started.

5:30: grab toaster and go pick up david from work (unless he’s ridden his bike home!).

6:00: eat dinner (yes, we eat this early!)

my day to day routine

7:00-9:00: computer is off and we use this time to focus on each other. it’s time usually just spent on the sofa, but it’s sacred and special, even if we’re just curled up watching a movie together.

9:00: bedtime. (i know, we’re old!)

do you have a favorite part of your day? if so, what is it?

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i love you california

August 21, 2012

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i love california

today, i return home to california. after being away from over a month, i’m anxious to get back. not only to my home, my things and my normal routine but also to the sunshine, flowers and sweet aroma. time spent with family and friends over the last few weeks have filled me with joy and given me unforgettable memories, but i’ll be happy to unpack and root down for a bit. i’m feeling a bit jostled and tired but thankful for the opportunity to travel. since i’ve been in both colorado and north carolina, i know my internal clock (and all my electronics) will be excited to return to a single time zone. a full day of travel is ahead, but freshly farmed veggies, pink roses and my own soft bed awaits me. you can follow my travels over on instagram, i’ll meet you there!

photo: i love you, california (1913 cover illustration for sheet music) via besotted brand

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