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December 23, 2014

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merry christmas!

merry christmas, from our family to yours! we’re headed over the mountains and through the woods (literally!) to spend time with family over the next few weeks. this truly is the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?

one thing i love most about christmas is all of our family traditions. we’ll spend christmas eve at david’s family’s house where his sister will wake us all up at 6am. though we’re all adults, this makes us feel like kids again. we’ll gather around the fire and start opening gifts while it’s still dark outside, sipping on coffee throughout the morning. for breakfast, we’ll have homemade cinnamon rolls before we mosey on over to my parent’s house to start it all over again. here, we’ll pass out presents and laugh with each other all afternoon, taking a break for an afternoon feast of homemade goodies. i am giddy with excitement to see everyone open the gifts i have for them, it truly is more blessed to give than to receive! i’m also really looking forward to experiencing this christmas through bear’s eyes. he is old enough to see and know the wonder of this holiday now!

of course, gifts and traditions are fun and meaningful but we never forget the true meaning for christmas. celebrating Jesus’s birth is the most meaningful part of it all!

what’s next?

when we return, i should have a *BIG* surprise for you! going home to roost is getting a brand new look and we’re hoping to roll out the new site on january 6th. it’s beautiful and cozy and i think you’ll really love it!

before signing off, i also wanted to give a shout-out to some of going home to roost’s most cherished posts from 2014. i hope you’ll have fun reminiscing with me, or maybe even discovering some new posts from the past!

– try this delicious recipe for iced mint coffee.
– doll up your bed by making some cute pillow cases.
– make your own picture frames with this tutorial.
– a simple gold saying.
– a fun antler hose rack hack.
– learn how to build side tables using hairpin legs.
adorn your own screen door.
– read bear’s birth story.
– join us for a feast in the forest.
– check out the movers and makers summit retreatregistration opens december 29th!

so that’s it for me, lovelies! i’m taking off for my annual blogging break and am planning to return on tuesday, january 6th. in the meantime, i’d love to keep in touch with you over on instagram. i wish you each a beautiful christmas filled with love, laughter and lots of family. see you in the new year! love, bonnie

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Luke 2:10

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diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (2) diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (7)

one of my favorite things to do each year is choose a gift wrapping theme. one year it was recycled newspaper tied with yarn, the next was huge glittered initials for each package. the last two years i used black kraft paper to create ‘chalkboard gift wrapping(you can see them here and here). this year i decided to make speckled paper and wood burned gift tags! with some brown kraft paper and a little paint, i think they’ve turned out really cute.

here’s how i did it:

diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (3)


- brown kraft paper – beware, this is a huge roll!
white, gold or silver paint – i love the liquid metal series!
paintbrush – any old brush will do
wood edging – see notes below
wood burner pen – a must have!
alphabet branding set – oh, the possibilities!

diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (5)

to make the splatter paper:

step 1: roll out the kraft paper. i rolled mine out on a long narrow stretch we have in the woods which worked out really well! i could splatter a large amount at a time and didn’t have to worry about ‘over splatter’. outside is best, but if you protect the area well, you could also do this in smaller batches inside.

step 2: dip the ends of a paintbrush in paint and start slingin’! splatter as much or as little as you like. i did a mixture of white and metallics and fell in love with result.

step 3. let dry thoroughly and roll up. it’s now ready to use as gift wrap!

things i learned:

* be sure the paint is really dry before you roll up the paper. i had some larger paint globs that weren’t quite dry when i rolled mine up, so things got a little sticky (but it still works fine!).

* consider adding a few weights or rocks to the edges of your paper if you’re outside to keep any wind from blowing up the edges.

* consider splattering paint on the outside (instead of the inside like i did), so that when you roll out the paper to wrap with, the paint is on the correct side (i currently have to flip it over, which makes the ‘curl’ go in the wrong direction.

* this kraft paper is a bit thicker than standard wrapping paper, so it helps to use a stirdy tape (i recommend scotch gift wrap tape).

diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (6) diy speckled gift wrap + wood burned gift tags (4)

to make the wood burned gift tags:

the wood edging i used (and linked to above) comes pre-glued on the back so all you have to do is iron it down. at first, i wasn’t sure if that’s what i wanted, but in the end it worked really well! it also makes stacking gifts for traveling really easy (no damaged bowes!). if you’d rather not have a sticky back, you could always purchase plain wood veneer and cut them out yourself, and even add a hole in the top with hole punch for stringing through twine or ribbon!

step 1:  begin by cutting 2 – 3″ strips of the veneer. unscrew the standard tip on the wood burning pen and screw on the first letter you wish to use. plug the pen in to let it heat up.

step 2: in a smooth motion, press the pen straight down on the wood making sure to apply even pressure. it only takes a split second to brand the wood!

*to change letters either turn the pen off and let completely cool between each letter, or use an oven mitt to unscrew and screw on each letter. please be careful! this thing is so hot it nearly burned through my oven mitt!

step 3: once your initials are finished, cut a ‘v’ notch out of the end of either one or both sides of the strip to make a flag or banner.

step 4: place the finished wooden strip on the package and set with a hot iron. *of course, make sure you package can handle a little heat!

things i learned:

* this wood burner tool gets HOT. i mean HOT.

* when you place the branding letters down on the wood, it heats up the glue on the backside and causes it to stick down (just where the letter hits). so, just be sure to put something underneath your work area you don’t mind tossing later.

* write down the initials or words you want to make first and be sure to brand each letter all at once. i tried to rely on my brain and ended up having to go back and reattach a few letters to finish up.

that’s it! i hope you enjoy wrapping your gifts this year. if you use this tutorial, be sure to share your results with us over on instagram using hashtag #ghtrspecklepaper!

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i love to give handmade gifts. it’s usually the gifts that someone has made for me that i enjoy most, too! i try to save a list of ideas for handmade gifts throughout the year, so when december comes around i’m ready and full of inspiration. this year, i’m planning to make several new project to share with you as gift ideas (coming soon!), but for today i want to dive back into the archives of going home to roost and share some of the favorite gifts i’ve made in the past. these projects are tried and true, and would make really special gifts for your friends and family.

just follow the link below each photo to visit the full tutorial!

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (4)

tutorialsoy candles

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (2)

tutorial: reversible ribbon cuffs

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (3)

tutorial: hand painted wooden spoons

  best of ghtr - christmas edition! (5)

wrapping: chalkboard wrapping

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (6)

wrapping: printable instagram gift tags

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (1)

tutorial: sweater wraps

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (7)

printable: cookie envelopes

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (8)

tutorial: planted mugs 

best of ghtr - christmas edition! (9)

tutorial: bottle brush tress

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printable christmas gift list (4)

ho ho ho! one of my favorite things to do each december is to make a christmas gift list (you can find the last two year’s here and here). i find great joy in giving gifts, and making a list of all of them helps me keep organized and focused. it’s also a huge help in keeping all the gift-giving straight. plus, it’s fun to check off those tiny boxes!

printable christmas gift list (2)

i begin each year by jotting down the ideas i have for everyone (in pencil). then, as i purchase (or make) each item, i put a check mark in the box labeled ‘bought’. then, i check them off one more time as i wrap them just to make sure everything arrives and gets put under the tree. i also usually jot down the price next to each item, so i can keep track of what i spend each year!

>> to download & print: click here (or on the image above) to download the pdf. print and have fun, santa!

printable christmas gift list (3)

and because there’s nothing worse than having a loved one find your list, i’ve added an optional ‘side 2′ to the printable. just turn your list over and print page 2 on the back. then, when you fold your list, you’ll have a ‘no peeking’ label on both sides! no more spoiled gifts. no more excuses. :)

i hope this helps keeps your holidays organized! love, bonnie

p.s. if you find your name on this list, don’t worry. it isn’t actually what i’m getting you! wahaha.

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artifact uprising holiday card pack giveaway (6)

december is almost here, can you believe it?! this is the time of year for gathering gifts, making festive meals and sending holiday cards. i love sending our friends and family a little love note around the holidays to remind them that we’re thinking of them and wishing them all the best. this year, we’re using artifact uprising’s 3-in-1 card pack for our christmas cards!

the 3-in-1 card is stunning (as is everything that artifact uprising makes). it’s a card, a photo print and a gift tag – all in one! with perforated seams, the 100% recycled card can be repurposed by recipients. family & friends can tear away the photo print for year-round display and use the gift tag for holiday gift-giving. perfect!

today, we’re offering a giveaway, for one free pack of 25 holiday cards! fill in your email address in the form below to enter and we’ll announce a winner on december 1st. it’s as simple as that! good luck! xo, bonnie

artifact uprising holiday card pack giveaway (7)

artifact uprising holiday card pack giveaway (3) artifact uprising holiday card pack giveaway (5)

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January 15, 2014

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favorites from santa

hello, loves! as i’ve been reflecting on christmas and how much fun we had with our families, i keep thinking about how blessed we are with love so much for each other, health and lots of happiness. i’ll be the first to admit that both of our families are way too generous when it comes to gift giving. we all truly believe that it is more blessed to give then to receive- but that just means we all still end up with lots of gifts to open- haha. so, i thought i’d share a few of the things that i’ve been enjoying since christmas!

1. baxton studio rocker. i’ve needed a rocking chair for months now and this one is just perfect. it’s small (perfect for our house), super comfy and most importantly enjoyed by bear!

2. arch ring from another feather. this might be my most favorite gift from david. it’s so beautiful, light and smooth that i never take it off!

3. knit tassel throw (in yellow). a warm and cozy blanket perfect for these chilly evenings.

4. iphone 5s. i know, i know. my dad splurged big time on this. but i needed a new one badly and will cherish this one for a long time.

5. dream traveler. a beautiful carry on bag from amy butler’s collection with kalencom. made from organic canvas cotton, it is indeed dreamy!

6. full story. my favorite mascara.

7. striped leggings. comfy enough for around the house, cute enough to run to town.

8. bkr in chip. my new favorite water bottle!

9. wall bin. hung by my desk for odds and ends.

10. hand blender. how i ever lived without one, i’m not sure. (it makes pureeing smoothies and soups a cinch!)

what was your favorite gift this year?

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christmas 'chalkboard' packaging!

well, just like i predicted last year, we had so much black kraft paper left over that i’ve decided to once again have fun with a little christmas ‘chalkboard’ packaging! i usually like to switch things up each christmas, and though the packaging is generally the same as last year, i’ve been super excited to incorporate these instagram inspired gift tags into the designs.

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (7)

to make your own chalkboard packaging, the first thing you’ll need is some black craft paper. i got mine right here and it works great, but just like i warned you last year- it’s a HUGE roll! (

next you’ll need a white paint marker that will show up well on black paper. after some trial and error and visiting my local scrapbooking store, this is what i came home with:

1. tim holtz distress marker in ‘picket fence’. this one looks very ‘chalky’. it goes on clear, but quickly dries in white.

2. sakura pen-touch white. this one is easy to work with and shows up really well.

3. crayola white colored pencil. not the greatest option, but it does show up if it’s all you have.

4. painters opaque paint marker. this is another good option. the point is a bit finer so it’s great for more detailed work.

i used the sakura pen-touch last year, but since i couldn’t find it this year (haha) i used the painters opaque paint marker. i enjoyed using it and i think the end result turned out to look really nice!

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (3)

this year, i also tried to come up with some more fun doodle ideas. if you like, you can click on the image above to download this as a printable pdf (without the black) to print and use as a reference. sometimes coming up with ideas to doodle can be the hardest part!

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (4)

christmas chalkboard packaging!

christmas 'chalkboard' packaging! (1)

i know many of you have done a version of this yourselves from last year. what advice do you have to share? pen types? doodle ideas? best tape to use on black? let’s chat about your projects in the comments area- i’ll meet you there!

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printable instagram gift tags

December 13, 2013

printable instagram gift tags + template

i love looking back through all of my instagram photos, so this year i wanted to give them a little special attention. as i was pondering how to do so, the idea for gift tags popped in my head. voila! now each of our gifts will have a little snippet of our lives documented on the front. it’s a great way to personalize each gift!

printable instagram gift tags (8)

to help you do the same, i’ve created a download for you! you can either download and print the one i’ve created using some of my favorite christmas-themed snapshots, or use the template to make your own!

to download: click on the image above to download the .zip file. inside you’ll find:

– printable PDF with 12 gift tags.
– PDF blank template for you to add your own photos to.
– .PNG template with a transparent background for you to add your own photos to.
– .EPS file that you can open in photoshop and illustrator to edit.

whew! (i tried to make something for everyone!)

printable instagram gift tags (6)

a note on printing: i’ve printed mine on full page sticker paper from world label and then cut them out along the faint dotted lines. the day i was planning to print them, my printer decided to not cooperate, so i took the sticker paper to my local UPS store and had them print them there. they even cut them out for me! it’s a great, hassle-free option for you! if you don’t have sticker paper, you could also print them on heavy card stock and either tape them on, or punch a hole in the top to loop them on.

printable instagram gift tags (1)

printable instagram gift tags (2)

printable instagram gift tags (4)

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