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art gift guide

art is such a beautiful gift to give during the holidays, don’t you think? it’s one of those gifts that just keep on giving, and something that the recipient can look at and enjoy every day (and think of you!). accompanied with a repurposed frame from the thrift store, you can make a very special gift without breaking the bank, and their easy to ship, too!

row 1: succulent plants – $10 – a grand discovery – $30 | blue owl – $10

row 2: believe – $27 | do something good today – $25 | put a pretty dress on – £4.00

row 3:  september fox – $35 | tear drop drawing – $48 | dot print – $40

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ghtr gift guides: jewelry

December 2, 2011

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ghtr gift guides: jewelry simple jewelry pieces are one of my favorite things to give (and receive!), especially when they are handmade. and you know me, give it a woodland or crafty theme and i’m all over it. these would be a wonderful gift idea for a mom, sister, best friend or wife (any one of the male variety reading this??).

row 1: sterling silver chevron – $60 | artemesia – $55 | in love with nature – $80

row 2: tiny succulent garden ring – $49 | custom name necklace – $160 | fly little bird necklace* – $68

row 3: bird’s nest ring* – $15 | conroy and wilcox – $3900 | lost button necklace – $70

*these i own myself, and can personally recommend them! their quality and beauty are outstanding. :)

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gift guides cover your electronics it’s december! it’s december! it’s december! i’m already so eager for the holidays that i’m losing sleep! (like seriously y’all- this is us!)

in efforts to get the gifting goin’, i’ll be posting a gift guide each day until dec 15th. today’s is all about getting your electronics covered. an especially perfect gift if you plan to give an iphone, ipad or other device!

row 1: hedgehog iphone case  – $20 | iphone case- $16.50 | new little black book – $44.99

row 2: droid cover – 18.50 chf | ipad stand with magnetic wood - $27 | ipad case – $22.90

row 3: crochet laptop case – $50 | driftwood ipad stand – $59 | grey felt laptop sleeve – $62

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holiday gift wrap round up

November 18, 2011

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i’m already getting all jittery over christmas time, and i’m so excited to start gift shopping and getting ready for the holidays. each year i try to do something different with my wrapping paper. you know, something that’s signature. something that doesn’t even need to have a ‘from: bonnie’ sticker on it, ’cause they just know it’s from me! one year it was newspaper (embellished, of course!), another year i attached big glittery letters that represented the recipients first name. i haven’t quite decided on what i’ll do this year yet, but i’m either going to buy some beautiful handmade paper or do something diy style (see some ideas at the bottom of this post!). what about you?

holiday gift wrap round up

wrapping paper from love, mae.

holiday gift wrap round up

eco friendly wrapping paper from arboreal.

holiday gift wrap round up

wrapping paper from smock shop.

holiday gift wrap round up

ring-a-ding | chairs | daisies | chandeliers

holiday gift wrap round up

chevron flame | winterberry birds | chevron | elderberry

holiday gift wrap round up

snow forest | snowy pines | winter wind | birch luxury

holiday gift wrap round up

gift wrap from the nimbus factory.

holiday gift wrap round up

gift wrap from forma.
gift wrap

faux bois | birdhouse | peace, joy, love | candy canes

diy paper scraps + celery | paper bag gift wrap | holiday greenery | hand drawn gift wrap
and for all you do it yourselfers, here are a few more ideas! also don’t miss creature comforts super duper free printable holiday gift tag round up, it’s amazing!

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the red nosed reindeer!

November 17, 2011

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christmas handmade items

one of my favorite photographers, elle moss, recently put together this treasury, which inspired me to put together my own version of the red nosed reindeer! i couldn’t help but fall in love with the pale blues contrasted with the bold reds. the colors remind me of sitting next to a warm fire and looking out the window at a blue wintry day.

clockwise: the christmas comfort pocket box | candy caneslet it snow | felt tag card | deer tea towelwinter photography | santa’s reindeer | holiday deer | red cable knit wrist warmers

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a crafty christmas

January 4, 2011

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a crafty christmas

this year, we had a very crafty christmas (my favorite kind). we gave and received lots of art inspired gifts, and here are a few that i thought might interest you. i’ve had so much fun browsing these books and can’t wait to get started painting a bit more with my new art supplies (thanks, mom!).

1: dr. ph. martin’s radiant concentrated watercolor sets

2: martin universal design mijello glass palette

3: tabletop artist by urban outfitters

4: print and pattern by bowie style

5: the little book of letterpress by charlotte rivers

6: crafting a meaningful home by meg mateo ilasco

7: digital textile design by melanie bowles

did you  have a crafty christmas? what is your favorite artsy-inspired gift?

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our white christmas

January 3, 2011

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hello friends! haphaphappy new year!  before we get to any resolutions, i must share with you our white christmas! it’s true, though we have had no snow yet in colorado, my hometown in north carolina got more than i’ve seen in years. it started snowing around 6 am christmas morning and didn’t stop for at least 48 hours. we got 16 inches! i couldn’t believe it, and though i wasn’t sure our christmas could get any better, the snow just made it magical.

we had so much fun with our families and feel so blessed to be so close with each of them. christmas morning started with a roaring fire and pumpkin waffles at david’s parent’s house and then ended up with homemade hot chocolate and yummy mac and cheese at my parent’s house- plus lots of gift giving at each. we return today feeling incredibly blessed and thankful.

how was your christmas? was it white?

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printables, projects, patterns

December 22, 2010

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last minute handmade gifts

row 1: printable christmas gift bag, holiday deer card kit

row 2: the mibo 2011 printable calendar, printable eat more veg calendar

row 3: reversible tote bag pattern, the wild bunch (printable project)

row 4: 2011 printable calendar, printable colour pages

friends, how are you? how is the christmas season going? are all of the gifts wrapped and under the tree? we finished wrapping the very last one last night, just to find another one that i had forgotten this morning. there’s always one more, isn’t there? we will be driving some 24 hours back to our home state of n.c. tomorrow, and i think we’ll need a christmas miracle just to get all the gifts, our luggage and toaster in the car!

we have a few gifts that will surely not arrive in the mail on time, we’re somewhat worried about the weather for the trip home and are a bit stressed over getting our things together for the trip.

but you know what?

i am intentionally going to love every bit of this holiday season. after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year! i giggle at the bustling malls and laughed as i used newspaper to wrap the last few gifts last night after we ran out of wrapping paper. this season, i will enjoy every bit of christmas and everything that comes along with it. i intend to enjoy the 24 hour car ride home with my mister and soak in every ounce of time i can with our families while we’re home. i will savor every bite of scrumptious food we eat and plan to remember the look on my loved ones faces as they open my gifts for them. though there is much still to do before saturday comes, this is my way of promising myself that i will be present and filled with joy for every moment of it.

what has your week been like? how are you avoiding the natural holiday stresses?

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