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vote for kind over matter!

November 5, 2010

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the kind over matter project : help us help you! from kind over matter on vimeo.

focusing heavily on the handmade community, kind over matter is dedicated to kind acts, inspirational art, kind projects and feel good nouns. a while back, i was able to write a little post for them, and the more and more i’ve learned about their project, the more i’ve fallen in love with it.  please, take a moment to learn about the kind over matter project and what you can do to help them continue spreading the love!

kind over matter was born in february 2009. they began encouraging others to ‘card drop‘ — an act of kindness in which you leave an inspirational card in a random location for a loved one or stranger to find.  they found and shared inspirational photographs, art, handmade items, bloggers, websites, diy freebies and etsy shops, all with the sole intention of bringing a little hope and light into your day.  they want to inspire people to live better lives, be kinder, connect, and gain perspective and peace of mind.

their goal is to help independent artists in the handmade community achieve their dreams by awarding micro-grants to polish off their businesses. their hope is to turn kind over matter into a non-profit and start selling merchandise that promotes kindness and positivity. they will be using donations and a percentage of the proceeds to fund the grants. these grants will not be awarded by professional curators they will be appointed by YOU! after initiating website upgrades and design changes, they plan to use an interactive voting system so that members of the handmade community will be able to vote for their peers. now called the kind over matter project, they are trying to take it to the next level.

but they can’t do this without you – they need our help!

they are in the running for the pepsi refresh project. pepsi is giving away millions of dollars to fund great ideas, and they could be one of them! from november 1st to december 1st you can vote for the project- and you can vote for it every day! you can go directly to their page to vote, either by creating an account on pepsi refresh or by logging into facebook.

you could also help them by spreading the word!  here are some easy ways to do that:

you could share their announcement post, where they explain what the project is all about. or if you have facebook or twitter you can share this link: with your friends and ask them to vote for them!

here are some sample text for twitter, to make things a little easier: Vote for @kindovermatter to win a $25K grant in #pepsirefresh! Helping artists & promoting kindness — vote here:

you can also sign up for daily e-mail reminders to vote: Click here to sign up! and, when you sign up, you get a little something special as their way of saying thank you!

this is about spreading optimism, donating, and changing lives. it’s about the community pulling together to nurture individual wealth in order for our collective wealth to grow. so let’s vote!

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hello lovelies!  someone very dear to my heart has started a blog that has become one of my addictions daily reads.  jo klima is always my go-to-gal for design work.  that’s right- she designed going home to roost and selling the handmade way! after all these years of designing blogs and websites for other people, jo has finally been able to start her very own blog, august empress.

august empress by jo klima

and it’s to die for!!

as you can only imagine a designer’s website would be, august empress is smart, beautiful, and full of to-die-for goodies.  she posts design elements and backgrounds free for you to download (notice the backdrop to this post?), patterns, inspirations, home decor ideas and more.  really, you must see for yourself!

>> meet jo – the designer of ghtr and selling the handmade way!

>> check out her free downloads

>> enter the giveaway to win a copy of print & pattern and creative, inc (by 11/15)

on another note: are you looking for a graphic designer? i can’t say enough wonderful things about jo klima & her web design business, the darling tree. jo’s design sense is like no other i’ve come across & the way she combines feminine whimsy with business smarts & branding identity is unmatched. she’s timely, affordable & an absolute dream to work with!

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latest font finds

October 7, 2010

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font finds yes, i spent the better part of this morning totally consumed by finding fonts- isn’t it addicting?  i couldn’t help but share them you, maybe it will save you some time (or get you hooked, either one). best of all, they are all free downloads available from!  i also got caught up on all of pugly pixel’s fabulous {free} downloads, see my vintage fabric deco tape?  hope you enjoy, and share some of you own favorite finds!

sweetie pieall hail julia | cursive | give you glory | halo handletter | jb jursive | hand writing mutlu | written on his hands | learning curve | little days | lullaby | shelter me | verchery

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a big thank you!

October 4, 2010

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good morning lovelies! well, we made it! i will now be writing to you from colorado springs and sharing with you all the beauty and loveliness that comes from the rocky mountains! last week was a whirlwind, and while i’m planning to share it with you, i first have to thank each of the amazing guest bloggers that helped so much by writing guest posts here on ghtr last week!

rachel from lovely clusters

amy from handmade evolution

nancy from wolf and willow

tara from scoutie girl

irene from imaginative bloom

mallory from miss malaprop

melissa from melissa loves

each of these gals have beautiful blogs with inspiring content and i was so excited to have them share with you last week. they bring a little added joy to my life every day, so i hope you’ll have fun visiting them as well!

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good morning lovelies! did you have a good labor day weekend? ours was busied with lawn mowing and sewing, but it was wonderful to be at home! today i wanted to share with you one of my latest favorite finds, 17 dove street.

17 dove street

erin godbey authors 17 dove street and though she’s only been blogging for six months, her content is that of a pro’s!  she is a craftster, cook, party planner and lover of all things handmade.  through her amazing photography, she shares diy projects, recipes, party pics, art and so much more- you’re sure to be inspired by the time you leave.  plus, she’s heading up the fabulous indie craft parade coming up this weekend! what does she not do?

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fun with foliage fonts

June 15, 2010

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flower fonts

so, i’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of dingbats and vector graphics!  who would have thunk all the possibilities?  these flower silhouettes are a free vector image download, and by changing the color and transparency of them, i was able to come up with this!

leaf font

these leaf images are dingbat fonts, i used a mixture of arboris folium and wm leaves- both free from

we love nature font

this we love nature flower font is the first one i found that really sparked my inspiration.  isn’t it stunning?  unfortunately, i can’t find it anywhere for free, but you can purchase it right here.

gardening font

i bet you’ll never think of fonts the same way again.  this one is called gardening font with sue, it’s free and full of little gardening characters!

flower fonts

kalosca flowers is another free download and has a different flower top for each letter of the alphabet.  if you browse the dingbat section on dafont i’m sure you’ll be able to come up with tons of your own inspirations.  let me know what your favorites are!

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as we’re all making ourselves at home in our new space, the timing for my pin it forward post couldn’t be more perfect!  pin it forward comes from victoria over at sfgirlbybay and is a great way of connecting hundreds of bloggers!  she teamed up with my favorite new web tool, pinterest, to bring this times theme of ‘what home means to me’.  how perfect!  if someone asked me what going home to roost was about, i think i’d pretty much sum it up by saying, ‘it’s about what home means to me’.  melissa passed the torch to me in her post yesterday and i’m pinning it forward to sam over at good measure for tomorrow! so without further adieu, this is what my home (and appropriately, blog) means to me!

the biggest thing that home means to me, is living in the mountains.  if fact, that’s exactly why i went home to roost.  i was tired of living in a big city while i went to school, and new it was seriously time for me to go home to roost.  so i journeyed back to my favorite place on earth, the smoky mountains.  yes, it’s a small town and i have to drive an hour to get to target (3 hours to get to trader joes) but how could i give up all this beauty?  all these pics were taken from around my area, and i couldn’t live without seeing the beauty that surrounds me.  the mountains, lakes and all the wildlife gives me inspiration and spirit (as long as i’m viewing the bears from behind the safety of my car windows!).

pins from: rod the rabid rodent, deb campbell, mharoldsewell, abennett23, a selfmade view

the second thing that makes my home is cozy comfy places to curl up to nap, read, blog, or sip tea.  i’m a serious lover of all things comfortable, and for a place to feel like home, it’s got to be cozy, soft and warm.

pins from: the little green, dede p., sfgirlbybay, ivy style33, bonnieforkner

something i’ve learned (rather recently) is that there is nothing that makes my home feel more home-y than having fresh flowers around.  there’s something about bringing the beauty from the outside in.  if i’m stressed, tired or having brain farts and writing blocks- all i have to do is go pick some flowers and arrange them in a vase to start feeling rejuvenated!

pins from: carrie m. becker, yoshiko314, bonnieforkner, *mayxxx*, ara133 photography, a creative mint

my home wouldn’t be home if i didn’t have a healthy mix of old and new.  i love putting some found item from a thrift store beside a brand new ikea lamp.  i love the dimension created by mixing textures and eras, and have an interesting nostalgia for a time i never lived in!  bringing old items in and around helps my home have a story, and how fun it is to think about what different items have seen or been through!

pins from: bonnieforkner, solveig flittiglisene, gloryof 80s, bricolagelife

finally, what is a home without a little bit of homesteading?  i’ll always remember the first tomato i ate from my garden, and the first egg i found laid by my hens (i ran around the yard screaming, while i held it up in the air).  eating from the land (or from a front porch potted basil plant) brings home a little closer to the heart.  i like to think that even if the whole world stopped around me, david and i could still go on at our tiny home, eating eggs and picking apples.

pins from: bonnieforkner, honey & jam photography, the bear foot shaman

so there you have it!  that’s what home means to me.  what does it mean to you? you can view all my pinboards (with more photo details) on pinterest. you can also find out more about the pin it forward project here.

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{welcome to our nest by freshline}

hello darlings!  welcome to our new cozy home! go grab yourself a cup of tea and make yourself at home.  if you’re viewing this in a reader, you might want to hop on over to the site so that you can see the new design! the amazing jo klima of the darling tree designed the new look, and has done a brilliant job of turning my dreams into reality! i hope you’ll have fun finding your way around the new format.  there are just a few things i would like to point you towards.  1st, all of the gardening, simple living, etsy shop help, and diy projects are now visually archived so that you can find them easily, anytime you like!  to view them, just head up to the nav bar and click through the icons on the right.  2nd, you’ll find the search, categories and archives over on the right beside my welcome.  and 3rd, the blogroll, friends and share links are now located under lovely links at the top.  enjoy browsing, let me know if you have any questions, and let me know what you think of the new look!

oh yes, and the giveaway winner is….  #56- courtney pearce!  congratulations!

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