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giving back with epantry

December 3, 2014

giving back with epantry (1)

you guys know how much i love ePantry, right? ever since i wrote this post back in march, i’ve been receiving regular shipments of eco-friendly cleaners to my home and have enjoyed using them so much!

so, what is ePantry? it’s a fresh new service that makes purchasing eco-friendly household products super convenient. in just three minutes, they create a customized, yet highly flexible, schedule for all your household products — with speedy delivery to your door for cheaper than the grocery store. based on your household needs, ePantry recommends the right amount of sustainable household products to keep you from ever running low. if you want to read more about why i love them, check out this post.

giving back with epantry (2)

when ePantry reached out to me with a special opportunity to give back to the community, i immediately said yes. this company’s mission and heart just keeps impressing me!

for each new reader that signs up for ePantry from today and until friday (12/5):

1) ePantry will automatic donate $15 to the charity of our choice, world vision.

world vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. they work in nearly 100 countries, serving all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. it’s an organization that david and i have personally invested in and believe in wholeheartedly. thank you for joining us in our support, ePantry!

2) you’ll get free shipping on your first order.


3) $10 off your 1st order (!!).


4) a free mrs. meyer’s dish soap in your first order (choose your scent at checkout).

i chose this product as your freebie because it’s our absolute favorite. it smells so good it almost makes doing the dishes fun!

ePantry’s generosity never ceases to amaze me. this is such a meaningful opportunity and i’m so grateful to be a part of it. head on over to ePantry now to help us give back!

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horsefeathers holiday showcase

November 14, 2012

horsefeathers holiday showcase

i have a special love for mother daughter teams. the unique bond that brings them together and the unmatched result of creativity is so inspiring! the two talented ladies behind HorseFeathers is chelsea farmer and her mom, tammy asher. together, they make eco friendly jewelry that is both inspiring and beautiful. inspired by rural landscape and small town living, the gals of HorseFeathers love to put a little country in every outfit and home!

*EXCLUSIVE discount for GHTR readers! Enter code ‘ROOST’ during checkout to receive 20% off your order. thanks, chelsea!

HorseFeathers: etsy | blog | website | facebook | twitter

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earth day is coming!

April 17, 2012

earth day sunday, aprill 22 is earth day, one of my favorite reasons to celebrate! this year, consider doing something to make our earth a more beautiful place. maybe plant a seed, clean up a road or install more energy efficient appliances! check out to learn more about what you can do to help mobilize the earth!

one: a wearable planter – $30
two: organic shopping bag – $33
three: eco-friendly travel mug – $45
four: organic vegetables sign – $34.95
five: mineral eye shadow – $12
six: small dog bed – $68
seven: organic tote with lace – $26
eight: 3 hanging planters – $120
nine: the earth is alive – $15

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happy {almost} earth day!

April 21, 2011

earth day

did you know that tomorrow is earth day? it might be my most favorite holiday! in honor of our mother earth, i put together a little collection of eco-friendly handmade goodies.

clockwise: organic orange chocolate chip cookies (yes, please!), organic french macaroons, organic green tea, recycled cloud earrings, recycled half diamond pillow, bamboo sweet tea ruffles dress

in other noteworthy earth day news:

– plan an earth day party
– shop eco friendly goodies
– read about earth’s embrace
– check out this print: everyday is earth day!

do you have plans for earth day? xox

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sponsor welcome- natural kids

December 21, 2010

natural kids on etsy

{rooster pull toy, felted wool owl toy, montessori baby toys, owl friends peg rack}

with questionable materials being used in so many toys today, many moms are choosing to go all au naturel. if your looking to make the switch, NaturalKids etsy street team is here to help! they are a group of sellers dedicated to creating natural products for children, and they make everything from toys to utensils to clothing (and more)!  they work with natural materials from the earth, such as wool, cotton, silk and wood. visit the NaturalKids etsy street team site to learn more about their mission, or start browsing their selection on etsy!

interested in advertising on going home to roost? click here to learn more!

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bebe + alice

September 21, 2010

bebe + alice

named after her grandmothers, bebe and alice is an eco conscious company who knows that grandmother’s slow and simple ways are always best.  with paper goods, accessories, blouses and bags, each are made using eco friendly materials with a design that winks at the past and nods to the future.  visit her adorable website and blog to find out more!

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affordable and adorable greeting cards

there’s just something about this aesthetic that so perfectly explains the style i’ve been obsessed with lately.  isn’t it beautiful?  my little buffalo makes handmade, eco friendly greeting cards, calling cards, save the dates, and art prints that are simply stunning.  i’ve so enjoyed browsing her little shop and blog, i’ve admittedly caught myself smiling at the computer screen more than once!

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Didn’t Caroline’s post just make you itch to get out in the garden or onto your balcony and plant something?  We put in our veg patch last week and every day (ok, about 5 times a day) I’m out there staring at the soil waiting for things to sprout!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t always use up all the seeds that come in a packet.  After all, who needs 200 heads of lettuce?  Some I’ll be keeping to sow later in the season, some I’d like to pass along to gardening friends.  Since I have a project up my sleeve that will use the seed packets to document the garden season I needed a way to save the extra seeds and it needed to be pretty!  So I came up with some seed envelopes.  Hope you like them!  Click here to download the pdf.



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