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lettering love

September 11, 2012

lettering love

i’m just about as obsessed with hand lettering as a person can be, so i’m particularly excited about besotted brand’s upcoming week of lettering love. all week, miss b. will be posting about the pens she’s been using, books, resources, lettering artists, favorite calligraphy/hand lettering fonts and even some downloads!  you can check it out right here and be sure to follow along this week!

speaking of lettering love, here are some of my favorite sites and sources for hand lettering:

tutorials & e-courses:

chalkboard tutorial
learn modern calligraphy
modern calligraphy photoshop brushes
create fake calligraphy


lisa congdon
i still love you
mary kate mcdevitt
365 days of hand lettering

pinterest boards:

hand lettering calligraphy
my hand lettering board
hand lettering by laurel goodroe

do you have something to add? share it with us in the comments section and i’ll keep this resource list updated!

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start making

August 15, 2012

stop wondering start making

stop wondering start making (via lovely clusters)

for me, it’s easy to wonder too much. i’ve been wondering a lot lately. today, i’m going to take some of my own advice, get off of here and start making. i encourage you to do the same. see you tommorrow!! love, bonnie

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jill de haan's floral alphabet

full of whimsical flowers and intricate details, jill de haan’s floral alphabet is super dreamy. with ferns peeking out from around every corner, the letters seem to live in a botanical paradise! if you heart is-a-fluttering, you’ll be sure to love the rest of jill’s portfolio as well.

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allison colpoys

after recently reading this interview over on the design files, i immediately fell in love with allison colpoys, a fabulous book designer for penguin. her fresh and artful style makes me long to flip through the pages of any one of these books. in her interview, she discusses her daily routine, the process of designing a book for penguin, some of her inspirations and much, much more. i especially love the handrawn and woodsy feel to alaska, what’s your favorite?

all images: the design files

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modern quilts

July 9, 2012

you’ve probably noticed that quilting isn’t just for your grandmother any more, but have you noticed all the new modern designs that are becoming available? they are full of modern motifs, geometric elements and of course, bright colors! if these quilts get your creative juices flowing, below you’ll find several resources that will simply put you over the top.


1: quilts from the house of tula pink
2: quilting modern
3: denyse schmidt modern quilts traditional inspiration
4: sunday morning quilts
5: the practical guide to patchwork
6: quilts made modern

modern quilts

above quilts:

1: electric slide quilt by thomas knauer
2: herringbone by elizabeth ancel
3: quilt by cluck cluck sew
4: patchwork prism quilt by in color order
5: TNT quilt by melissa richie
6: songs quilt by the joy cottage
7: spiderweb quilt sis boom by 100 billion stars

more modern quilt links:

the modern quilt gild
quilt con
modern quilts unlimited

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when i stumbled across oana befort’s work and blog, my heart strings felt a big ‘ol tug. sometimes you can just tell when someone has a similar spirit, it’s like they see beauty in the same way that you do. i always love it when artists give a sneak peek into their sketchbooks, and i enjoyed oana’s so much that i thought you might as well!

oana befort's sketchbook (7)

oana befort's sketchbook (5)

oana befort's sketchbook

oana befort's sketchbook (6)

oana befort's sketchbook (1)

oana befort's sketchbook (2)

oana befort's sketchbook (3)

oana befort's sketchbook (4)

take some time to visit oana’s website and blog for more stunning work, and connect with her on twitter and facebook, too!

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i’m not sure what i love more: scott albrecht’s hand drawn typography or the messages that are written in it. scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (1) scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (2) scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (3) scott albrecht's hand drawn typography (4) it’s just the way we progress.

visit scott albrecht’s site to see more!

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watercolor washi tape cards

i think these watercolor washi tape cards would be a cute, easy and kid friendly project to do. with only a few supplies it would make for a quick project with really pretty results! head on over to momtastic to see more pics and get the full tutorial with step by step instructions.

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