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typography by brent couchman

typography by brent couchman

typography by brent couchman   typography by brent couchman

this week, i have been oohing and ahhing over this sunny san francisco based illustrator, brent couchman. though talented across the board, i’m especially loving his pieces that have a vintage-home-grown kind of feel. i just want to grab my sketchbook and start drawing letters, don’t you?

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a little pick me up

May 15, 2012

inspirational quotes (9)

inspirational quotes (10)

inspirational quotes (2)

inspirational quotes (4)

inspirational quotes (5)

inspirational quotes (6)

inspirational quotes (7)

inspirational quotes (8)

just in case you needed a little (or a lot of) inspiration. head on over the the magnificent shop, promo pocket to view these and many more!

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tea for creatives

this week i had the absolute privilege of trying the new tea for creatives: possibiliteas. started by a creative professional and tea enthusiast, regina brooks found that her custom blends of fine tea, florals and herbs made her feel more centered and had a positive effect on creative output. and guess what- they did for me, too!

possibiliteas (6)

for now, they come in three mind-focusing blends: creativitea, productivitea and claritea.

creativitea is made of chamomile, which calms the body and centers the mind and a mixture of lavender and lemon grass which help bring about more focus and insight.

claritea is a honey-gold brew of china green tea which helps you focus, brahmi that helps mental acuity and rosemary, which stimulates memory, balance and mental alertness.

productivitea (my favorite) is a blend of stimulating formosa oolong and nilgiri black teas. rooibos from south africa and organic chocolate from central america which helps fortify and energize.

possibiliteas (1)

possibiliteas (2)

the sole purpose of possibiliteas? to help enhance creative’s ability to put their imagination to work. a cup of possibiliteas can help bring your dreaming, planning and making all together!

possibiliteas (4)

possibiliteas (5)

i’ve been having a cup nearly every day, and i have enjoyed so much sitting down with a cup while i sketch or write! in addition to tasting incredibly-amazingly delicious, it really does seem to help my imagination flow!

possibiliteas (3)

visit possibiliteas and check out their blog, twitter and facebook pages while you’re at it. i think you’ll fall in love with their mission (and their teas!).

p.s. my sweet glass tea vessel came from one vessel!

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inspired by YOU

May 10, 2012

inspiration from you

i just can’t express to you the appreciation and gratitude i feel for each of you who read my things i’m afraid to tell you post earlier this week. your comments made my day.. no, my week.. no, my year!

many of you say that i inspire you, but the truth is that you inspire me. above are just a few of the comments (or excerpts from comments) from you all this week that i found incredibly inspiring. i swear i have the best readers in all the blogosphere!

i loved putting this together so much, i might just have to make this a regular column as well. thank you!

love, bonnie

design inspired by the latest vegnews magazine.

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be nice to yourself

May 4, 2012

be nice to yourself

be nice to yourself by emily mcdowell. available for purchase here.

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painted table legs

April 26, 2012

painted table legs

the moment i saw these painted table legs over at morning by folly, i started thinking about all the lovely ways this idea could be implemented. i just love the pop of color it gave her simple bed and couch! i’m always thrifting and picking up vintage odd and ends, and i think this would be especially darling on the 4 legs of a vintage chair. what do you think?

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thimble blossoms

thimble blossoms

thimble blossoms

thimble blossoms

thimble blossoms

i am simply swooning over these patterns (& fabrics!) from thimble blossoms. aren’t they so sweet? they remind me of rustic cottages, warm breezes and sunny homesteads. visit thimble blossoms to browse their patterns and beautiful collections of fabric!

1) hopscotch pattern
2) swoon pattern
3) just swell pattern
4) in a jiffy pattern
5) piece of cake pattern

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national craft month national craft month

can you believe it’s already week 4.. march is almost over! where does the time go? a big thanks (and a hug!) to all those who submitted favorite items last week! the roundup turned out great and i was so happy to hear your stories about the handmade items you own.

this week is all about you! who are you? what is your craft? how did you get started and why do you love it? here’s your chance to share a snippet of your passion with us, a great story or a funny event!

what is your craft and why do you love it?

after reading the submission guidelines below, please send in your entry. i will choose 10 bios and post a round up of them on friday in hopes of inspiring everyone’s creative mojo. are you ready? here’s an outline for the month:

submit a link to your all time favorite DIY project/tutorial.

submit a photo or a link to a favorite handmade item that you yourself have made.

submit a photo or a link to a favorite handmade item that you own.

submit a snippet about your craft and why you love it.

national craft month

WEEK 4 GUIDELINES- please read!

please submit the following by e-mailing me:

– 1 picture of either yourself or your craft.

– 1 to 2 short paragraphs about you and/or your craft. please do not exceed 100 words.

– in your e-mail, include your name and a link to your shop, blog or website (if you have one).

– title your e-mail ‘national craft month week 4′.

submissions are due each thursday by midnight, pst.

please follow the entry guidelines! happy national craft month! love, bonnie

national craft month

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