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holiday showcase

September 26, 2014

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holiday showcase advertising

hello lovelies! it’s time for the holiday showcase (can you believe it’s already time to start thinking about the holidays?!). if you glance over in the right hand sidebar, you’ll see a place with the holiday showcase emblem in it. below i’ll be opening up 10 spots for anyone who would like to showcase their shop, blog or website for the holiday season!

in addition to having your ad in this prime real estate spot, you’ll also be featured on going home to roost as well as be included in one of the gift guides during the months that you’re advertising.

why only 10 spots? i’ve reduced the number of spots available in the holiday showcase this season to give those of you who participate better placement on the website. with fewer ads to clutter the space, you’ll get more ‘bang for your buck’.

these 10 spots will also be juried in the order they were received to ensure that only the most relevant products or businesses will be included for GHTR readers. applicants will be chosen according to the quality and uniqueness of their work. apply today by e-mailing me a short description of your work, your website link(s) and 3 small images of your work (if applicable).

*spots are available for a 3 month block only (october, november and december). roost tribe members get 20% off the original pricing, making this deal even sweeter!

** to see all of going home to roost’s advertising options, click here.

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jesus dyed for you

April 18, 2014

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jesus dyed for you!

i agree with amanda, from wit and whistle. i think it probably makes Jesus sad on Easter if we put more emphasis on colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies than on remembering the sacrifice he made for us. i think jesus has a pretty good sense of humor though, and i like to think about him giggling over this card (just me?). i hope you all enjoy this long weekend and as you dye easter eggs and eat lots of sweets, remember what jesus did for us as well. ♥

see you on monday! xo

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the winter issue of darling

November 27, 2013

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winter issue of darling magazine

if you haven’t experienced the breathtaking beauty of darling magazine yet, i hope today will prompt you to explore it. their winter issue is now available and celebrates the beauty of simplicity through 168 pages of heartfelt articles and stunning photography perfect for this cozy season. each issue is truly a work of art and would be beautiful displayed on a coffee table or bookshelf year round (see mine here).

each issue celebrates the art of being a women by encouraging us to be the healthiest version of ourselves, to live in more respect with our soul and body and to live a life connected to God. if you’re looking for a gift to inspire the women in your life, i believe darling’s winter issue would be perfect (but better hurry, their issues tend to sell out quickly!).

iceberg photograph: ben sasso // //@bensasso

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easter greetings!

March 26, 2013

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handmade easter cards

jesus dyed for you | floral easter egg | spring rabbit

easter is just around the corner! it’s one of my favorite times of year as i joyfully welcome the beginning of spring, warmer weather and sprouting buds. we’re especially excited for it this year, as we’re hosting a little gender reveal easter egg hunt at our house (we found out what we’re having yesterday!!!). i’ll be sure to post the results next week. :) i also love giving sweet (or humorous) easter cards to our families, and above are a few favorites i’ve spotted thus far.

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decorating easter eggs

March 14, 2013

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easter egg diy's

since we never had eggs in the house (and i feel too guilty buying them for just their shells), i’ve decided to pass on decorating eggshells this year. it’s such a fun tradition though, i couldn’t help but share with you some of the beauties i’ve spotted! i am especially loving the ones with gold accents. it’s times like these where i really miss my hens, they were so fun to take care of! i don’t miss eating eggs though.. so i guess that’s that..

are you decorating eggshells this year? what is your diy style of choice?

1 | painterly pastel eggs 2 | happy spring 3 | diy pantone eggs 4 | golden marbled easter eggs 5 | gold leaf easter eggs 6 | everyday decorating easter eggs 7 | golden marbled easter eggs

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holiday showcase: sahnda marie

November 27, 2012

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sahnda marie holiday showcase

bright colors, designer fabrics and exquisite handbags are what you’ll find in sahnda marie’s etsy shop. with pretty patterns peeping out from around ever corner, browsing her shop is just dreamy. i especially adore her wristlets- they are the perfect size to grab and go (i even have one myself!).

*EXCLUSIVE discount for GHTR readers! Enter code ‘GHTR15’ during checkout to receive 15% off your order. thanks, sahnda!

sahnda marie: etsy | blog | facebook | twitter

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chalk art for christmas

November 14, 2012

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chalk art for christmas (1)

chalk art for christmas (2)

chalk art for christmas (3)

chalk art for christmas (4)

today i’ve been oohing and ahhing over valerie’s chalk art at lily & val. valerie first hand draws in chalk, then meticulously paints over them using a technique that preserves the realistic look of chalk with the durability of acrylic paint. the result looks like an authentic chalk masterpiece, but won’t ever rub off! i think these would make great christmas gifts, or add the perfect touch to your holiday decor. visit her shop  or website for originals, digital and prints.

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i have a special appreciation for anything vintage or repurposed. add handmade on to the top of that and i’m pretty much in love! that’s exactly what jessica is doing at jessicaNdesigns with her beautiful hand stamped vintage silverware, each adorned with a sweet sentiment. perfect for making a wedding reception, coffee date or dinner party truly unforgettable. visit jessicaNdesigns to see more, and also view her hand stamped jewelry and holiday collection!

*EXCLUSIVE discount for GHTR readers! Enter code ‘ROOST’ during checkout to receive 15% off your order. expires 11/14/12. thanks, jessica!

jessicaNdesigns: etsy | blog | facebook | twitter

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